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Three US House committees subpoena Pompeo for documents over dealings with...

Trump made a big mistake by piling on all of his heavy hitters, as they all are subject to UkraineGate subpoenas, something a wiser president would have used one person for.

Is Trump or Adderall running the country?

Jim W. Dean - I am not being disrespectful to the presidency by using this title. Trump has worked hard to earn it.

NEO – Georgia, Not what’s on the surface but the real...

Déjà vu - Could Joe Biden be ready to use Georgia for his “doomed” presidential campaign, in much in the same vein as John McCain in August 2008?

Will Joe Biden’s “Greedy Tracks” in Ukraine derail presidential bid?

It is interesting that the Washington Post is weighing in on some allegations, and why the alleged Joe Biden ‘Ukraine conspiracy’ doesn’t hold up.

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