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Top Secret Khazarian Mafia Human Disposal Operations (Part II)

ISIS is just another top secret KM human disposal operation, with associated multi-faceted secondary goals.

Top Secret Khazarian Mafia Disposal Operations for American Soldiers

The American people, and especially American Soldiers, were never supposed to find out about these top-secret Khazarian Mafia operations to dispose of US Soldiers after they are no longer needed for cannon-fodder to fight KM foreign wars for profit.

Scott Bennett – a Patriot Truthwarrior

Scott Bennett, a stand-up American Patriot and Hero in a high Intel position who takes his Oath to Defend America and the US Constitution seriously.

Hanging on to what They’ve Got

Attaining power is one thing, holding on to it is a whole other matter.

Unfathomable Hypocrisy of the USG and its Network News

Network news is actually major mind-kontrol deployed to broadcast the Big Lies, false-narratives and propaganda of the USG and the Establishment Hierarchy that controls it.

Khazarian Mafia’s system of Cartels

It is high time Americans gain an understanding of how America is organized and controlled by a system of Khazarian Mafia Cartels. Unless the Establishment Hierarchy's system of these interlocked Cartels that control almost every single part of our lives is fully exposed and checkmated, we are doomed to self-destruct as a nation.

Ted Cruz Wrong About Hiring Hooker and Having Sex in Closet?

I honestly had a good laugh when the Daily Mail—the Daily Mail!—was pressuring Cruz to answer the question whether he has been faithful to his wife.

The Secret Law of Opposites

There is a secret Establishment Empire that is a Hierarchy of Evil based on the Law of Opposites.

Have you become a stranger in your own land ?

Have you learned enough Truth to wake up from the Establishment entrained spell cast upon American Society, and is this making you a stranger in your own land?

The Khazarian Mafia, Ted Cruz, and Alex Jones Are in Cahoots

Will Ted Cruz and Alex Jones ever rise to the challenge? Will they even suggest that Israel is an enemy of the United States and therefore should be morally and politically challenged?

Close Encounter with the Khazarian Mafia in Hollywood—Interview with Director Merlin...

"To do business in Hollywood, one must play by unwritten and unspoken rules, but the rules nonetheless. The first and foremost rule is to always support the Zionist agenda."


Inside the Beltway, America's government is infested with traitorous vermin.

A Complete Disconnect

...is what currently exists between the American People and their own government.

Putin’s Truth, the ultimate secret weapon against the Khazarian Mafia?

Has Putin and the Russian Federation deployed an incredibly effective, newly discovered ultimate weapon of covert war against its gravest enemy of old, the Khazarian Mafia?

Big Squeeze now on Khazarian Mafia

Many nations have now ganged up on the Khazarian Mafia and it is being deconstructed on many fronts. How much real power does it have left and for how long?

Putin’s Dilemma

Is it time to cut the head off the Khazarian Mafia Snake?

Secret USG Trade and Diplomatic Agreements you are not allowed to...

NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, and WTO and the new proposed TPP and TTIP have clauses that are classified Top Secret under national Security.

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