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Pravda: North Korea, Nuclear war to start on the Day of...

North Korea may have the ability to launch missiles with warheads filled with nerve gas, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Thursday, April...

Intel Drop: Trump Blunders in Korea and Syria are Not Survivable

Gordon Duff - I hate writing this. I just finished explaining Kevin's piece on Korea and just finished talking with Jimmie. I am not allowed to mention who I talked with last night but the NSA can check their recordings.

U.S. Representative Maxine Walters: Russia is invading Korea!

Whenever politicians deny the moral and political order, they will end up positing crazy assertions that could probably stun even a toddler.

North Korea Reportedly Arming Elite Soldiers With ‘Nuclear Backpacks’

  Editor's  note:  Colonel Jim Hanke, VT editor, is the only man to have done 3 parachute jumps carrying one of these things. After conducting a...

‘Irreparable Consequences’: China, Russia Angry About THAAD in South Korea

The United States and South Korea are obsessed with containing North Korea, but Washington’s aggressive expansion of anti-missile systems in the Asian peninsula, as...

Russian Missiles on Kurils in Response to THAAD in S Korea

Russia may deploy additional missile systems to the Far East, including on the Kuril Islands, in response to the plans of the United States to deploy missile defense complexes in South Korea, Leonid Ivashov, president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, told RIA Novosti.

North Korea: Real Goals amid the Nuclear Program

On Mar.26, North Korea released a propaganda video that depicts a nuclear strike on the USA. The propaganda move comes amid the latest series of North Korean missile tests and South Korea’s reports that Pyongyang is ready to carry out its fifth nuclear weapons test detonation.

NEO – On the Comfort Women Issue

Vladimir Terekhov - The Seoul agreement may serve as opening of the “Pandora’s box” for Tokyo.

SouthFront: North Korea Hydrogen Bomb Test

On January 6, North Korea successfully tested a miniaturized hydrogen nuclear device, according to the state broadcaster, KCTV.

VT Nuclear Education: North Korea Fission-Fusion (Hydrogen bomb) Device Claim...

One of two things happened, either North Korea exploded an atom bomb, fission only, and lied about it or they exploded a small and highly advanced tactical fission-fusion (Teller type) device, which means something entirely different, something far more threatening than is being discussed may have transpired.

North Korea Confirms Successful Testing of Hydrogen Bomb

North Korea announced a successful test of a hydrogen bomb in a special statement broadcasted by the country's central TV and South Korean TV channels.

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