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NEO – What Happens Now with Syria?

The Syria withdrawal story has taken almost daily twists and turns, even with Bolton and Trump seeming to be going in separate directions.

Trump and Bolton play good and bad cop game on Syria

Jim W. Dean - The free and democratic US now insists, without any input from Syria, that it will decide Syria's foreign policy with the Turks on the Kurds,

Kurdish fighters withdraw from Manbij: Syria

Jim W. Dean - The YPG has been wasting troops in Manbij, when they could have been put to better use clearing ISIS out of eastern Deir Ezzor province faster.

Iraq to play bigger role in Syria to fight Daesh: PM

... from Press TV, Tehran - First published ... January 01, 2018 - The Iraqi prime minister has hinted that his country would play a...

Erdogan reneges on staying out of Kurdish Syria if SAA takes...

Jim W. Dean - We still do not have the details on the deal Trump made with Erdogan, and we cannot be sure that one or the other, or both, will not break it.

Militants leaving last strongholds in Syria’s Homs, Hama

What makes this Northern Homs clearing story special is that it opens Highway 5, the main route to Aleppo, giving the SAA more flexible and faster internal lines for shifting forces around in future combat in the Idlib area.

Victories and Diplomacy of Turkey, What to expect next

Despite declaring Crimea's sovereignty referendum to be illegitimate, Ankara seeks to maintain at least neutral relations with Moscow and to further the economic cooperation with it, as Turkey's TurkStream pipeline is strategically important to allow control of natural gas transport into southern Europe.

NEO – Teetering on the Edge of Nuclear War

Gordon Duff - As this is written, the US, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, is bringing carrier battle groups into both the Red Sea and Mediterranean to attack both Syrian and Russian Forces inside Syria.

Syria facing ‘new wave’ of US intervention, Iran’s Zarif says

Jim W. Dean - Zarif hit the nail on the head with his assertion that the US' hoax of being in Syria to eliminate Daesh in the Kurdish areas of Syria was merely a Plan B for Balkanizing Syria.

Turkey wins showdown with US over Syrian Kurds

... by  Press TV, Tehran - First published ... January, 27, 2018 - Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu says US military forces need to immediately withdraw...

Former SDF spokesman rats out U.S. using SDF front org to...

Jim W. Dean - This is a wonderful story about a top SDF source spilling the beans on how the US used the SDF as a front to pass weapons through to "other combatants", with no bookkeeping bread crumb trail for aiding and abetting proxy terrorism.

Syrian Kurds ‘Determined to Retaliate Against Turkish Invasion of Afrin’

Amid the military buildup on the Syrian-Turkish border near Kurdish-controlled Afrin, Foza Yusuf, executive council co-chair of the self-proclaimed Democratic Federation of Northern Syria...

Presidents of Iran, Russia, Turkey hold Syria talks in Sochi

Jim W. Dean - The post ISIS-defeat shadow-boxing continues to crank up with the latest Sochi meeting of the Syrian guarantors' ceasefire, absent the US of course, due to its blatant undermining of all those it had previously been a part of.

Y2K continues to affect America

How do the creation of Department of Homeland Security in 2000 relate to the war economy and the attempt to bankrupt the United States at behest of corporate?

US representatives question State Dept policy in Iraq favoring Iran over...

US Congressional representatives and others gather in front of the Capitol to support Kurds in Iraq. WASHINGTON, D.C. - Several US congressmen including war veterans...

Kurds’ Retreat from Kirkuk Foils Barzani’s Plot against Region: Iranian Official

A member of Iran’s Expediency Council said the Kurdish Peshmerga forces’ withdrawal from the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk put an end to a dangerous plot hatched against regional security.

Israel Giving the Kurds an Air Force to Fight Baghdad (updated)

By Gordon Duff and Nahed al Husaini Minutes ago, 30 Hezbollah fighters were killed inside Syria.  The US claims none of its planes were involved.   Up...

NEO: A Scorching Hot Cold War

Jim W. Dean - I chose this title and the subject matter to get onto the table that it might be time to take a new look at our using the term "New Cold War", because it is anything but that.

Turkey agrees to ‘only deal with Baghdad’ over oil exports

Jim W. Dean - As I watched the Kurdish people dance in the streets with joy, I was astounded to see the unconcern over losing their oil export revenue or control of their airspace and borders, even for imports.

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