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Two Israeli officers involved in Lebanon car bomb attack against Hamas...

Jim W. Dean - We will now get to watch once again what kind of condemnation gets dumped on our "always loving to play the victim allies", the Israelis.

Israeli Military Capabilities, Scenarios for the Third Lebanon War

...from SouthFront The Current State of Affairs At present time, Israel’s top political leadership is in the state of outright hysteria regarding Lebanese Hezbollah.  Senior Israeli officials...

NEO – Hariri backtracks, Prince Salman goes quiet, and Lebanon takes...

Jim W. Dean - Since returning to Lebanon, Saad Hariri has been walking a geopolitical tightrope between Saudi Arabia and his coalition government, while playing the drama queen at the same time.

Is Hariri’s change of heart real, or is he a Saudi...

Jim W. Dean - The Saudis will want to see Hariri produce some Lebanese concessions, but any made could be a slippery slope for the other parties in Lebanon. Once you start, that card can be played against you over and over.

NEO – Saudi Arabia and Israel replace Syria with Lebanon as...

Jim W. Dean - The biggest Arab and Muslim hater of all time, Avigdor Lieberman, and Israeli's military affairs minister, want to form an anti-Iran coalition with Arab-Muslim countries

NEO – Is Iran Facing Greater Regional War?

Jim W. Dean - Hariri's announcing his resignation in Saudi Arabia was waving a flag to the world showing he was their puppet. If his party accepts him back in Lebanon, then the stink will be all over them, too, and the coalition members will also be humiliated.

Breaking: A New War in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Beyond on...

Gordon Duff - Harari's resignation, ordered by Saudi Arabia and, by our estimation Israel as well, signals a new phase of wars as the "ISIS experiment" draws to a close.

Hariri dismisses claims Iran building ‘missile factories’ in Lebanon

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri has rejected claims by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Iran is establishing plants in Lebanon to build missiles, saying the Tel Aviv regime is carrying out “deception campaigns.”

20 terrorists killed, one-third of border area liberated by Lebanese army

The Lebanese people have no desire to let ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) continue the long history of Zionist incursions into their country.

US Special Forces operating in Lebanon ‘close to Hizballah’

US Special Forces are operating in Lebanon ahead of an imminent battle with Islamic State group militants holed up near the north-eastern border with Syria, the US department of defence has confirmed.

Israel Watches Anxiously as Iran Expands Military Influence in Syria, Lebanon

A missile factory currently being built by Iran in Lebanon will be 50 meters below the ground and fortified against Israeli airstrikes, according to a report by the French media outlet Intelligence Online.

Europe in the Crosshairs: Islamic State’s Revenge for Betrayal in Syria

Since the beginning of the Syrian civil war in August 2011 to June 2014, when the Islamic State overran Mosul and Anbar in Iraq, an informal pact existed between the Western powers, their regional allies and the Sunni Arab militants of the Middle East against the Shi’a Iranian axis comprised of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Iran’s proxy in Lebanon, Hezbollah.

Breaking: Israeli Teams in Lebanon to Murder Nasrallah, Spiritual Head of...

Signal intercepts have been received from combined Saudi-Israeli assassination squads moving into Lebanon. Their target is Hassan Nasrallah, leader of the Lebanese political party, Hezbollah.

Lebanon: Jordan Warns of Israeli Strike as Internal Political Destabilization Continues

The Jordanian newspaper Assabeel “reported the London-based Al-Hayat newspaper saying that Jordan warned Lebanon about the expected Israeli strike on the margins of the Arab League Summit which took place at the end of March,” according to the Middle Eastern Monitor.

Israel Demonising Lebanon & Hezbollah as Prelude to War?

This is just the latest in a series of fraudulent news stories emanating from Israel with the intent of demonising both the nation of Lebanon and the Hezbollah movement that is based there.

Israel preparing to utterly destroy Lebanon?

As we see from the thoroughly disgusting threats and rhetoric from an Israeli minister, the attack on Lebanon will make no distinction between civilian and military targets, everything will be destroyed as the Israelis attempt to utterly destroy the Lebanese nation

Netanyahu to launch Invasion of Lebanon with Trump’s backing?

We have been expecting Netanyahu to launch a third war with Lebanon for a few months now. As the Turkish and Israeli proxy forces known as ISIS/Daesh near defeat in Syria, we are seeing clear signs that the war, rather than drawing to a close, is heating up again, but this time with a revised cast of players.

War in Lebanon Coming to a Theatre Near You

Two weeks ago Israel informed the US and Britain, other nations as well, that Turkey, even though it was a NATO member, has to be disarmed. Turkey is out of ammunition, something Erdogan's enemies in the army and defense organizations saw to.

Will Next Heavily Anticipated Lebanon-Israel War Begin Under Trump?

It is far too early to accurately predict what future holds for Lebanon but it appears we are headed to a 'second Hezbollah-Israel war' led by Trump

Press TV Debate: Duff on Lebanon, Hezbollah and Aoun’s Presidency...

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x50akv4_on-the-news-line-us-russia-tension-yemen-partitioning-lebanon-s-new-president_news Lebanon has a new president. The political development puts an end to over two years of power vacuum in the country. On Monday, lawmakers...

Sunday Roadtrip, VT in Lebanon Video EXtravaGanZa

Gordon Duff goes into his video closet to dig out some road trip footage. This is all raw unedited footage.

Lebanon, Refugee tolerance for now, but for how long ?

WORLD NEWS TOMORROW - With 1 on 4 people in Lebanon being a refugee, this country currently surrounded by war and destruction has two...

Al-Qaradawi: Rulers of UAE and ISIS leaders are two sides of...

Al-Qaradawi has exposed that the princes of the UAE and the leaders of ISIS are from one species and they are two sides of the same coin in his official website.

After Syria, Russia to provide military help to Lebanon?

Lebanon asked Russia to help the armed forces of the country to combat terrorism. The Lebanese army shows daily resistance to the onslaught of Islamic State and Jabhat en-Nusra terrorists (the organization are banned in Russia), Minister of Finance of the Republic of Lebanon, Ali Khalil, said during a meeting with Chairman of the Federation Council's Committee for International Affairs, Konstantin Kosachev.

Lebanon mulls Iran’s military aid offer

Jim W. Dean - The Israelis and Saudis are natural partners, as their modus operandi are exploitation and compromising those around them. For the Zios it a superiority complex issue, while for the Saudis an inferiority complex.

Lebanon needs Hezbollah to defend borders: Michel Aoun

Jim W. Dean - Lebanese officials rarely get much face time in Western media, as its handlers prefer that readers don't have much background information because it make them easier to manipulate.

Russia Bombing Terrorists in Lebanon

Jim W. Dean - There is no mention below of Russia having gained permission from the Lebanese government for these strikes...and could be a beginning challenge to Israel's air supremacy over Lebanon.

Direct Intelligence from Syria and Lebanon

Gordon Duff - ISIS chief, al Baghdadi, was removed from his position 4 months ago because the CIA is putting command of ISIS in the hands of Chechen and Russian jihadists who are both trusted and better trained.

Lebanon in danger, Turkey risking a civil war, Syria already in...

Bou Said - Those who do not want to realize the seriousness of the Russian and US debate on overall political settlement and countering terrorism , they will be out of the equation.

An Outsider’s Inside View of the Group That Zionists Loathe and...

In this book we find the stories of Hezbollah fighters, its health care workers and other support personnel, as well as average, ordinary people in southern Lebanon, some of whom have lived through repeated Israeli onslaughts upon their country.

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