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The Coming Shift to Cosmic Fascism (Part II)

How did Super Fascism emerge in the first place in America?

Aberfan – disaster or attack?

Whether because they sensed the presence of danger or not, a large number of children did not want to go to Pantglas Junior School in Wales that morning.

New Evidence in JFK Assassination

A Farewell to Justice is an exhaustive review of the only arrest and trial stemming from the 1963 murder of President John F Kennedy.

The Mistake the Killers of J.F.K. Made

President John F. Kennedy was the last president to stand up to the Jewish state of Israel regarding their nuclear weapons. This speaks volumes. It seems politicians got the message loud and clear after President Kennedy was assassinated.

Lee Harvey Oswald: Career CIA Operative

Lee Harvey Oswald worked for the CIA (and FBI and Army and most likely Naval Intelligence) from the late fifties when the CIA recruited him from the Marine Corps until his murder on November 24, 1963 by Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby.

The Brothers Tsarnaev: The Lee Harvey Oswalds of the Boston bombings?

The Tsarnaev-Oswald parallels are so striking, it's almost like a diabolical inside joke - at our expense.

Who killed Hugo Chavez – and why?

They've been slaughtering Latin American leaders, and killing people with cancer weapons, since the 1960s.