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Israeli Left: Recap from a Wonderful Week in Israel

From Gush Shalom: Israeli soldiers raided Nablus and extra-judicially executed three Palestinians. The Knesset approved a law that prevents Arab citizens of Israel from marrying whomever they wish and living in this country With their chosen spouse.

Israeli election ends in standoff again, a deeply divided country like...

Jim W. Dean - So get you bag of popcorn to sit back and watch the show, as it will be a thriller.

NEO – Israeli Elections are a week away – Will anything...

Bibi goes into this third election on March 23rd with the country's faction seeming to be frozen in stone, a sign of a very stubborn people who refuse to compromise. And we have a pending irony that a Muslim party could end up as the kingmaker.

Qatar makes peace between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, for now

Last week the ultra-Orthodox joined in with the anti-Netanyahu protests in front of his house, and were welcomed by the younger secular crowd.