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NEO – Geopolitical tectonic plates are shifting

Jim W. Dean - I got the idea for the title from comments in General Mattis’ new book, No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy. He holds the position as the most respected person in the Trump administration so far.

$15 billion French credit line for Iran is twisting in the...

Jim W. Dean - The meetings between Trump and Macron before this new deal evolved would indicate that Macron only went ahead with the offer to Iran due to Trump's OK.

Macron plays Russian card to place France at center stage

Macron saw a leadership vacuum and stepped up.

Informed Source: Iran told Macron missiles not up for negotiations

Iran has rejected France’s proposal for talks on regional issues and Iran’s regional presence.

Macron bemoans ‘failure’ of EU leadership all-night summit, Merkel urges patience

Jim W. Dean - Europeans always get the job done, as life moves on and a continent is waiting for leadership to take it to a better place.

Notre Dame False Flag Event – Satanist Macron Burns Heart of...

Notre Dame False Flag Event Did Satanist Macron Burn the Heart of Humanity to Save Himself and the Deep State? TEHRAN - Robert David Steele, a...

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