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Venezuela government-opposition talks fail in Norway

The end of the Norway-mediated talks in Oslo was announced without an agreement on Wednesday.

Iran welcomes Venezuela peace talks in Norway

...by Press TV, Tehran -  First published ... May 18, 2019 - Iran has welcomed high-level talks between Venezuela's government and the opposition in Norway, expressing...

US doubles down on taking Venezuela after Guaido coup flop

The US blockade is murdering innocent civilians by blocking all medical supplies coming in, a crime against humanity that the Trump team just scoffs at.

NEO – Would the US destroy Venezuela to punish Russia and...

Jim W. Dean - The good news is both Columbia and Brazil have stated that their countries will not be used as a staging ground for a military intervention in Venezuela.

EU rejects military intervention in Venezuela, calls for peaceful solution

...from Press TV, Tehran - First published ... February 25, 2019 - The European Union has rejected use of force and military intervention in Venezuela, calling...

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