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India shows it is not a US puppet on Venezuela

Jim W. Dean - India seems to be joining Iran now to demonstrate that it also has a huge number of barter trade options, due to its diversified economy.

Spanish embassy protecting Guaido handler of US led Maduro coup

Jim W. Dean - I would suggest that the timing of this story might be a reminder of Trump's pitiful foray into the South American regime change business, although he did well looting Venezuela's long time bank accounts and assets in the US,

US mercenary says group plotted to seize Venezuela’s presidential palace

Ephraim Mattos, a former Navy Seal who knows Denman, said the former special forces soldier appeared to signal he was speaking.

Maduro kidnapping plot leads back to Trump and puppet Juan Guaido

Kidnapping Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and bringing him to the US was the objective of a failed incursion into the country, one of the two captured US mercenaries said in an interrogation tape released by state TV.