US Marines Invade Syria, No, they aren’t helping anyone but ISIS...

Gordon Duff - Hundreds of US Marines invade Syria, and "invade" is the term, as nobody invited them and nobody believes they are going to do anything against ISIS, unless they "go rogue" and murder their own commanders like was done in Vietnam.

311th Anniversary: Russian Marines Day!

Editor's note:  Excuse the language challenge. Gene was having one of those days. Marines Day is celebrated in Russia annually on November 27. This is one of...

Syrian War Report – September 8, 2016: 1,000 More Syrian Marines...

...from SouthFront Since September 7, the Russian Aerospace Forces have delivered about 50 air strikes on terrorist targets in the Idlib and Aleppo countrysides, with...

Marines Test Super-Cobra in Libya

  Under new commander Marine Gen. Thomas Waldhauser, AFRICOM has deployed the lethal helicopter in the Libyan theater to deplete and degrade violent extremists. © AFP 2016/...

Why VT Doesn’t Stand with Rolling Thunder

Donald Trump is racing to Washington to meet the Rolling Thunder Vietnam Veterans biking organization that supposedly rides each Memorial Day to remind congress of the hundreds of prisoners of war abandoned by Nixon and Kissinger.

US Marines brutally ambushed and defeated by Norwegian kids

With all the heavy material we deal with at VT, it is important to maintain a sense of humour.

New Scandal for US: Republicans Asked Tehran to Keep US Prisoners...

Iran's top security official Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani disclosed on Thursday that the US Republicans had demanded Tehran to suspend the January prisoners' swap deal with Washington until the presidential elections in the US.

Murder and Narcotrafficking in the Marines

Colonel James E. Sabow was murdered to keep him from blowing the whistle on the illegal narcotrafficking of cocaine into the US. Testimony from a...

Military Terror Hits US Cities As Veterans Banned From Owning Guns?

VA asked disabled veteran if he owned any guns during a medical appointment.

Camp Lejeune Disability Claims Denied

VA denies most of the Camp Lejeune water contamination disability claims, citing lack of a creditable medical opinion and medical evidence.


Amazon book by Robert O’Dowd and Tim King, two Marine veterans, reports on narcotrafficking, toxic exposure and murder in the Marine Corps. Kindle version FREE from 9/24 to 9/28.

Volunteers to Fight McCain’s Al Qaeda Army in Syria

For a similar offer, veterans from other nations might be willing to join such an effort, much as volunteers went to Spain during their civil war to fight the fascists.

“Disarmed Marines” at Inauguration Debunked

Someone is trying to buy a war and look who is helping. Google "Marines, Rifles, Inauguration" and get the list of dupes, idiots and traitors.

Young Marine of the Year Winner Announced

The Young Marines youth organization has named six division winners in the “Young Marine of the Year” award. They are....