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North Korea has been a mystery to many. But why?

Jim W. Dean - I am suspicious that Tillerson and Mattis are playing the good-cop, bad-cop routine with North Korea's Kim, to create an opening for NK to reach out to Tillerson as his best play to get a deal in the works, but what that could be is beyond me.

Trump to ‘decertify’ Iran deal, but asks Congress not to reimpose...

Jim W. Dean - We have stage two of the JCPOA deal leaks rolling out, with this new story that Trump will decertify the agreement and kick it into Congress to decide on renewing sanctions.

RT – Taliban rains on Kabul security with Airport attack

Jim W. Dean - The Taliban lost no time in raining on the new US Afghanistan initiative's parade by showing they could not only strike the airport during an unannounced VIP visit just a few hours after the visitor arrived, but get close enough to use 29 rounds of RPGs.

Could the Afghan war go on forever?

Jim W. Dean - The Afghan war will go on because whatever losses are inflicted on the Taliban, they can easily replace them...maybe forever. 

Mattis breaks with Trump on diplomacy with North Korea

Defense Secretary James Mattis broke with his boss Wednesday, saying diplomatic efforts to resolve a simmering crisis on the Korean Peninsula are still viable.

Mattis: Civilian deaths inevitable in war against Daesh

Jim W. Dean - I was surprised how many idiots there were in the PressTV comments on this, that I was anti-Syrian for trying to cover up the civilian killings, like anyone could really do that. I did not know I had such power.

General Mattis’ “Destroy ISIS” plan does not include destroying its Western...

Jim W. Dean - This is our first posting by Sophie Mangal, a young University of North Carolina media and journalism grad who has already managed to get out into the field, even to Syria no less.

PressTV: US keeps stealing Iraq’s oil despite Mattis comments: Analyst

Despite remarks by Defense Secretary James Mattis, US presence in Iraq is aimed at “stealing oil,” an analyst says. Gordon Duff, senior editor at Veterans...

US ‘not in a position right now to collaborate’ with Russia...

Jim W. Dean - The word-dancing begins with the Russian engagement, where the Trump has to play tough to hold Congressional hawks in line, while going through the process of finding safe steps to take.

US defense secretary to Europe: US committed to NATO

Jim W. Dean - Trump bails out during his first week in office on his first foreign policy plank by having General Mattis reassure Germany and France not to worry about any major NATO changes. This act puts all of Trump's other foreign policy statements "in play".

Mattis Dumps Trump on Israeli Capitol

President-elect Donald Trump’s choice to head the Pentagon said Thursday that the United States should continue treating Tel Aviv as Israel’s capital, breaking with Republican members of Congress and intimations the incoming president could fulfill his campaign pledge to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.

General Mattis promises to “restrain” Iran if approved

Jim W. Dean - If we can have arms control reductions and treaties, we can have the same for state sponsored terrorism, regime change and election rigging, if we want to.

Mad Dog on the Prowl: the Blood-soaked Career of General James...

By Gary G. Kohls, MD “It is clear that Trump's secretary of defense selection of Mattis, an unprosecuted war criminal, is yet another egregious act...