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PressTV: John McCain calls for expulsion of Turkey’s ambassador to US

  US Senator John McCain (file photo) Senator John McCain has urged the expulsion of Turkey’s ambassador to the US following a violent confrontation between Turkish President Recep...

The Strange Case of Tulsi Gabbard and other Tales of Terror

Jim W. Dean - This is another classic dot connecting piece by Gordon. He has the ability to do material like this due to his photographic memory, with total recall and anything he has ever read or heard.

McCain to Trump: Retract wiretap claim or provide evidence

Jim W. Dean - McCain throws down the gauntlet to Trump and his brilliant White House team to put up or shut up on their charge that the Obama administration legally or illegally wiretapped Trump and his campaign.

McCain Illegally in Syria Again, Will He Meet Baghdadi Again?

Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) made a secret trip to a Kurdish-held region in northern Syria last weekend to speak with US military officials, rebel...

Trump Presidency Stillbirth: McCain, Intel Chiefs Say “Trump Owned” (updated)

There is no way out of this one, hold on for a more than bumpy ride.

For an Islamic Liberation Theology

The Prophet Mohamed ( pbuh) must be seen as a liberator that brought about a “just society”, with so many social changes that must be seen then and now as totally revolutionary.

Did McCain and Obama BOTH admit 2016 election is rigged?

In a stunning bipartisan admission, President Barrack Obama and Sen. John McCain reportedly have revealed that the outcome of the upcoming presidential election has been essentially decided in advance...

McCain Stands Down: Congress Reaches Compromise on Russian Rockets

The Senate war over Russian rocket engines appears to be over, as lawmakers have agreed that an all-out boycott benefits no one.

John McCain: F-35 program has been a ‘scandal’

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter’s record on cost, schedule and performance has been a scandal and a tragedy, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee told senior Pentagon officials Tuesday during a withering critique of the most expensive weapons program in U.S. military history.

Russia Sanctions McCain for Terrorist Contacts and Support

Jim W. Dean - The US continues the "Puff the Magic Dragon" silliness by imposing sanctions on Russian individuals who under Russian law cannot have assets in the US and who have no intention of traveling here anyway, so it is just a cheap theater stunt for the American people.

NEO – Where is McCain’s phantom Arab Army to invade Western...

The actions of erstwhile madmen seem to be dragging the United States back into a Mid East war, reminiscent of 2011.

NEO – How John McCain Crippled Obama’s War on ISIS

Gordon Duff _ McCain and key right wing extremists, working in concert with Turkish, Israeli and Saudi intelligence, have placed a “political shield” over terrorist targets in Iraq and Syria

Nutjobs McCain and Graham: Let’s Attack Russia in Syria

Saber-rattling seems to be in John McCain and Lindsey Graham's blood if what they consider to be a "coherent strategy" needed to destroy Daesh in Syria is in fact aimed at dragging the US into a conflict with Russia, Daniel Larison wrote for the American Conservative.

McCain and Graham: 100,000 Troops Needed in Iraq to Defeat...

The US is to send some 10,000 troops to Iraq to provide support for a 90,000-strong force from the Gulf states, a leading Iraqi...

ISIS Leader, McCain Confidant, Baghdadi Moves to Libya

The leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) Takfiri terrorist group, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has moved from Turkey to Libya to escape the hunt operation of the Baghdad Intelligence Sharing Center after he was traced down and allegedly targeted a number of times in Iraq and the Syria, sources said on Tuesday.

McCain Associate, Al-Nusra’s Saudi Commander Begs Terrorist Groups to Rush to...

A top Saudi commander of the US backed Al-Nusra Front - Al-Qaeda's official branch in Syria - urged all militant groups across Syria to leave their positions for Aleppo, warning that the strategic territory near the border with Turkey will soon be completely lost if thousands of fresh forces do not join them in coming days.

Has the Pentagon gone rogue?

Is there a major faction inside the Pentagon that is no longer under control of the President?

“Hanoi John” McCain: Pentagon Hates Obama

Last month, President Obama announced he would deploy military "advisers" into Syria. But according to a number of US lawmakers, the timing of that...

Ukrainian Wikileaks: McCain and Saakashvili are plotting to shoot down American...

Foreword by Gordon Duff This was received from friends in Russia.  It had been published on the FortRuss website and has not been verified. I have...

CIA Moves Wounded ISIS Head to Turkish Hospital After Iraq Air...

Editor's note:  Sources within the CIA say that Baghdadi is awaiting approval from his Turkish doctors to be transferred to Bethesda Naval Medial Center...

Russian Media Takes Sides in Duff – McCain Confrontation Over Syria

Motor City "G" and Hanoi "J" go head to head in Russian media..

NEO – Where Will the Stinger Missiles McCain Gave al Qaeda...

Gordon Duff - Since 2001, there has been no movement, no publication, nothing left to challenge the official narrative, not unless it was pre-engineered to be self-discrediting or worse, almost nothing at least.

Staged ISIS Beheading Video Hacked from McCain Staffer

The article and video were retrieved from the French language edition of Sputnik News, an official press organization of the Russian government.

RT: Castro Says McCain, Israel Behind ISIS

Is this why Obama recognized Cuba?

Hungary fuming after McCain calls Orban Neo-fascist dictator – RT

- Hungary’s Foreign Ministry has summoned the US envoy after US Senator John McCain called Prime Minister Viktor Orban a “neo-fascist dictator.”

Obama Gives Republicans (and Israel) the Finger

"This F***s Up Everything"   By Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall   There's an article on the Fox News site this morning entitled "Source Says Reported Letter from...

NEO – True Heroes Behind the Kiev Ceasefire

- Jim W. Dean..."We need to make America's state sponsored terrorism a fall campaign issue on the Dems and Repubs doing the AIPAC Zombie walk on Ukraine."

Israeli hoax on Gen. Dempsey unmasked

"In truth, the calls for ‘kinetic strikes’ on Syria came from Senator John McCain of Arizona, a member of the Israeli lobby who met with Al Qaeda leaders in the Arab country in late May, 2013.”

Uncle Gordy and Jeffy on Government Crimes (Video)

Veterans Today editors Gordon Duff and Jeff Rense in 18 carefully selected minutes of clarity from a caffeine ridden "late night" rant session.

PressTV: Syria Army destroys trucks smuggling oil into Turkey

Syrian troops have destroyed several trucks smuggling crude oil into neighboring Turkey, state media say.