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Merrick Garland says DOJ may prosecute Trump for Jan. 6: ‘We...

Raw Story: Attorney general Merrick Garland pledged that the Department of Justice would not shy away from Jan. 6 evidence that implicates disgraced former president Donald Trump or his inner circle.

WaPo – Opinion: Merrick Garland is right to be wary of...

Jim W. Dean - Guessing what Garland is going to do is a waste of time, and trying to goad him into telling us is also, as why would he want to clue in the other side what his grand plan is.

US spy couple sells Virginia class nuclear sub intel to FBI...

The couple are accused of selling nuclear secrets, including on a SD card concealed in a peanut butter sandwich.

Justice Dept. – Trumper attacks on school boards is a bridge...

Jim W. Dean - The Insurrection is still in progress, but just by different means and in many places.

Blockbuster: Trump just got caught, Maddow video analysis-Barr may face jail...

Listen to all of it: Raw Story: Tuesday, federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson issued a scathing order about Attorney General Bill Barr falsifying documents to...

NEO – Trump Reemerges as Prosecutors circle his Fading Empire

Despite Trump's problems, he is still recognized as the major power in the Republican party, where anyone not in his favor would stand little chance of being elected in 2022 and 2024.

Some Pardon’s to be Overturned? Biden introduces Merrick Garland as attorney...

All pardons where Trump is a possible coconspirator are facing erasure. Joe Biden formally selected Merrick Garland to be his attorney general on Thursday, tasking the long-serving jurist with the responsibility of restoring “the honor, the integrity, the independence” of a beleaguered justice department.