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Trump Hack Found in Michigan, Crooked Judge Halts Recount with Discovery...

A federal judge in Michigan has ordered the halt of a statewide recount effort inspired by former Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein. The judge determined that the recount was unwarranted, despite the inconsistencies it uncovered.

Jill Stein files for recount in Michigan, Does Russia Regret “Hacking...

© Greg Nash BY REBECCA SAVRANSKY Green Party nominee Jill Stein has officially filed a request for a presidential recount in Michigan. “The people of Michigan and...

Report: U.S., Michigan face dire consequences if Soo Locks fail

(Photo: Eric Seals, Eric Seals/Detroit Free Press) WASHINGTON — A U.S. Department of Homeland Security report indicates a 6-month shutdown of the Poe Lock in...

American Monsters: Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Still at Large

Michigan governor Rick Snyder has released thousands of emails over the past few weeks in response to urgent calls for answers on Flint’s water crisis.

Flint Michigan, poisoned water and other tales

Those kept in the jail — including pregnant women — were forced to drink and bathe in the contaminated water, as well as eat food cooked with it. They were not provided bottled water until January 23.

Flint, Michigan: A Neocon Chemical Attack on America’s Poor?

Gordon Duff - Industrial workers, according to Reagan, were a threat to America's security, their love of unions, of social justice and their desire to improve their lot. Attempts by those of "non-inherited wealth" to gain social mobility was seen as a "share the wealth" threat.

Michigan Governor Snyder Goes Conspiracy Bonkers over Refugees

Ismael Basha, one of the backers of the Pontiac project, said of Syrian refugees that they ‘are the ones paying the price’ for...

The USS Michigan – the First Iron Ship of Her Age

The story of the U.S.S. Michigan begins in Erie, Pennsylvania. On her launch day, December 5, 1843, the Navy gunboat U.S.S. Michigan became stuck...