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Professor Stephen Cohen: Vladimir Putin is potentially America’s most valuable national...

Obama has less than a month in the White House. Perhaps he needs to wake up when it comes to Russia.

Washington Post: Inequality is a central factor of Middle East terrorism!

Sometimes you just have to shake your head in disbelief when you read what is passing for scholarship and genuine reporting today.

The Order of Things—A Dialogue on Modernity and Michel Foucault (Part...

"For all denunciation implies a moral doctrine of some kind."

Vladimir Putin morally and intellectually humiliates Satanist Masha Gessen again

Jewish writer Masha Gessen wants to be a Tasmanian devil when it comes to attacking Vladimir Putin.

Washington Post: Russia Rises, New World Order Falls

Russia is moving forward and there is not a damn thing the US can do about that.

Cornel West to Netanyahu and Obama: put your orange suits on,...

Cornel West: "Benjamin Netanyahu is a war criminal, not because he’s Jewish, but because he has chosen to promote occupation and annihilation.”

Our Divine Connection

Free will is the power of choosing the positive or the negative – good or evil.

John Boehner: Ted Cruz is “Lucifer in the flesh” and a...

If Americans are really concerned about preserving what the Founding Fathers envisioned, then they need to hound the Neocons publicly. We need to start with traitors like Cruz.

Fareed Zakaria: Saudi Arabia Is “The Devil We Know”

One needn’t be an expert to realize that the Neoconservatives and Israel have been supporting Saudi Arabia for years.

ISIS swarms Europe: Who’s REALLY behind clash of civilizations?

The neoconservatives actually want this kind of terrorism in order to keep the population rushing to the government for protection.

Gwyneth Todd Against the New World Order—A Dialogue (Part I)

Gwenyth Todd: "Why does the US keep up this outlandishly stupid effort to restore a US puppet regime in Iran? Quite simply because of the influence of pro-Zionist lobbies like AIPAC on the US system."

NEO – The New Year Brings More Geopolitical Madness

Jim W. Dean - May we continue to get wiser, stronger, and collect a few more scalps this year via our own regime change program, including entities like NATO which needs to be turned inside out and put under the spotlight.

Inner Logic of Pentagon: U. S. Sees Russia as Enemy—But Russia...

If officials at the Pentagon really mean what they say, why can’t they abide by international law? Why are they willing to destroy democratic countries like Syria, where Assad won the presidential election by a landslide?

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