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Sexually Transmitted Infections: On the Rise in the Military

There appears to be an increase in high-risk behaviors among service members By Military Health System Communication Office  The rates of certain types of sexually transmitted...

Using Game of Thrones to Explain Modern Military Strategy

Winning Westeros makes understanding military history and strategy accessible and fun. These incisive and creative essays help readers think clearly about diplomacy, conflict, warfare, and the range of complex competitions that influence our security and prosperity today.

Iran and the Great Satan

Military historian Andrew J. Bacevich: “The most urgent priority is to staunch the hemorrhaging of American power.”

NEO: The War Against America’s Only Anti-War Candidate

(Major) Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, a Democrat is someone who truly stands against hypocrisy and fakery of every kind. She is running for President of the United States. Unlike the past 3 presidents, Tulsi is military; a decorated combat veteran.

We’re All C.I.A. Assets! What can be done; a personal story

In view of current New Cold War plans to mount a full scale global war against China and Russia, Americans need to look back and reconsider the turning points that brought our country to this crossroads. How did we as Americans come from being so much against war in Vietnam in the 1960s into preparing for a world war against just about everyone on the planet today? The CIA sabotaged the anti-war movement through its music.

The Khashoggi Gambit

Overthrowing secular regimes and replacing them with Muslim fanatics put Khashoggi squarely in the vanguard of Neoconservative foreign policy and his death at the hands of a Saudi death squad is a blow to their entire agenda. But it should be remembered that their agenda gained prominence in the first place as a result of a not so dissimilar atrocity leveled against an American Ambassador in 1979.

Speaking Truth to Empire talks Military Industrial Complex

Dan Yaseen interviews Joan Roelofs; Professor Emerita of Political Science, Keene State College, New Hampshire.

Military and Veteran Discounts – Which are Those Military-Friendly Stores and...

Many companies across the US choose to show their respect to the military by offering substantial discounts for their products and services to this particular category

The Grand Illusion of Imperial Power: Part 2

No one has ever suggested a privatized intelligence agency was involved in the death of Ambassador Dubs. But the Safari Club's anti-Communist agenda came to the White House with Brzezinski in 1977, had been active in Afghanistan for years. If ever there was an opportunity for their 1,500-strong black network of assassins to act on Brzezinski's agenda to lure the Soviets into their own Vietnam, it was at room 117 of the Kabul Hotel on February 14, 1979.

NEOCONS Part 2: America’s “Soviet problem” is old “Russia problem” European...

The Sordid History of British Manipulation of American Democracy Series: Read it and weep!

War Memorials on a Road Less Traveled

Explore the military history in South Africa

Donald Duck Redux: USS Gerald Ford, Dead in the Water

A manufacturing error on the US Navy’s newest multi-billion dollar aircraft carrier forced the ship to end shakedown testing and head back to port.

NEO: Privatization and Militarization of Deep State

We have published a lot of material on VT over the years, but never what you are about to read, about the real use of chemical weapons that has remained hidden while fake attacks are now used to start wars.

Bob Kraus: Killing Off America’s Military Women

Was there a cover up?

Moscow: US Deploying Hardware to Al-Tanf, Boosting Military Presence in Syria

From Sputnik News - Russia:  Moscow: US Deploying Hardware to Al-Tanf, Boosting Military Presence in Syria Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has commented on the...

Into the Vast Unknown: My Recipe for Separating from the Military

Best way military members prepare for separation? Christopher Dejesus from NASA Johnson Space Center speaks out and explains the best choice

Syrian War Report – March 20, 2018: U.S. Building Military Garrison...

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Breaking: ‘Silenced’? Ukrainian Military Pilot Accused of Attack on Boeing...

The pilot's death, preliminarily ruled a suicide, has reopened.

Billy Graham’s Body in Capitol Rotunda Violates Separation of Church &...

Trump empowering Bible promoting theocrats to smash Jeffersonian wall of separation of church and state in order to turn the US into a Bible-based theocracy.

Afghanistan War Report – February 22, 2018: ISIS Reportedly Shells US...

...from SouthFront On February 20, the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq reported that ISIS members had shelled a US military base in the Afghan city of...

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