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Military Source: Most Salafis Fighting in Syria Come from Afghanistan

Most Salafi rebels fighting in Syria are Afghan nationals infiltrating Syria via the borders with Iraq, a senior Syrian military source revealed on Saturday.

Military Humor, Ukraine’s New Weaponry

In recent years the Ukrainian military-industrial complex has cranked out a number of bizarre-looking contraptions in an apparent attempt to turn the tide of the ongoing conflict in the country’s southeastern regions.

International Military Review – Syria, May 2, 2016

The Free Syrian Army militant group has refused to recognize partial ceasefires and stated that if the UN-backed truce is not implemented in full, the militant group can claim a right to withdraw from the Geneva talks and respond to attacks.

SouthFront: Military Situation in Donbass, April 22, 2016

...from SouthFront While the situation at the contact line between Ukraine and the Lugansk People’s Republic is quiet, militia units of the Donetsk People’s Republic...

Russian military in Syria fired at Israeli air force aircraft twice,...

Russian military forces deployed to Syria reportedly fired upon Israeli aircraft on at least two occasions over the past six months leading to the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seeking to enhance coordination mechanisms.

Russian Aerospace Forces, Syrian military preparing Aleppo liberation operation

© Sergei Bobylev/TASS archive DAMASCUS, April 10. /TASS/. The Russian Aerospace Forces and Syria’s military are preparing a joint operation aimed at the liberation of the...

ISIS vehicles hunted & destroyed by Russian Mi-28 helicopters in Syrian...

Video published by Rokossovskiy Konstantin. © YouTube / YouTube Newly-released videos depict the hunt of Russian Mil Mi-28NE Night Hunter helicopters after vehicles of Islamic...

New British Empire? UK to re-establish military bases east of Suez

The Albion Class assault Ship HMS Bulwark of the British Royal Navy advances in the northbound lane of the Suez Canal, close to the...

Syrian Army Starts Reconstruction of Palmyra Military Airport

The Syrian army's engineering units started repairing and reconstructing Palmyra (Tadmur) military airport in a bid to pave the way for it to resume its routine activities and operations.

SouthFront: Military situation in Eastern Ukraine, Mar. 31, 2016

...from SouthFront The situation at the Donbass contact line remains tense. The sides use infantry fighting vehicles, grenade launchers of different types and small arms....

Pentagon hypes the Russian bear threat once again

Jim W. Dean - This is a hyped story, sending one armored brigade back to Europe to defend against a Russian army that is never coming. It is all part of the new Russian bogeyman con.

US Pulls Military Dependents Out of Turkey

The Pentagon has ordered dependents of US military personnel in Turkey to leave the country, as Washington issued a new travel advisory for Americans traveling there.

SouthFront: Military Situation in Donbass, Mar.18, 2016

...from SouthFront In Donbass, the situation on the contact line between the Ukrainian Armed Forces and militias of the people’s republics is deteriorating while the...

Military Analysis: Post-Coup Libya

Since Roman times Sahara has been a popular route for smuggling various types of goods, with Libya being a key corridor for transit of such illicit goods.

Erdogan’s Conundrum: What Could Trigger Military Coup in Turkey

The current state of affairs in Turkey is triggering concern. Ankara is facing the dangerous combination of deepening political polarization in the society, a...

Military Analysis: Indian Navy

Written and produced by SF Team: Andrey Karlovich, Brian Kalman, Edwin Watson The Indian Navy (IN), with its service history originating in 1830 currently stands as the 5th...

Analysis: Withdrawal of Russian Military from Syria

Russian president Vladimir Putin ordered on Mar.14 the partial withdrawal of the Russian military from Syria, starting from March 15.

Fraught with defeat and shame in Yemen, the Saudi regime employs...

Saudi government is obliged to compensate each dead Academi mercenary family with $ 300.000, but only $35,000 is being paid for local Yemeni mercenaries and $ 150,000 for any foreign fighters.

International Military Review – Syria–Iraq, Mar. 14, 2016

..from SouthFront Last weekend, the Russian Air Force continued to carry out air raids against ISIS concentration centers near the city of Palmyra in the...

Iran: Military and Technical Cooperation After Sanctions

Iran has one of the Middle East’s largest militarys. While its military is strong enough to prevent any plans of an intervention in the republic, the conditions of the Iranian military equipment and used technologies aren’t the best.

Saudi Air Force Deploys to Support Turkey’s Military Intervention in Syria

Following the announcement by the Saudi Defense Ministry on Saturday February 14th that the kingdom intended to commit both air and ground forces to the fight against ISIS in Syria, the first four Royal Saudi Airforce F-15S strike fighters arrived at Incirlik air base on Friday February 26th.

International Military Review – Syria, March 3, 2016

If you’re able, and if you like our content and approach, please support the project. Our work wouldn’t be possible without your help: PayPal:...

International Military Review, March 2, 2016

If you’re able, and if you like our content and approach, please support the project. Our work wouldn’t be possible without your help: PayPal:...

Armenia and Russia: a formidable military alliance

Jim W. Dean - We have an ex-State Dept. shill here having a Cold War flashback trying to sell us on how Russia having some rear area forces in Armenia is a "dagger pointed at the heart of NATO", one of the most ridiculous statements I have read in some time.

Breaking: Russian Military Intervention in Syria

...from  SouthFront ____________ When asked about Russian operations in Syria, most people would immediately mention the Russian fighter-bombers, attack aircraft, combat helicopters, and cruise missile volleys....

Military Analysis: Saudi Arabia Deploys Combat Aircraft to Turkey

It's clear that the recently adopted ceasefire threatens the Turkish and Saudi interests in Syria significantly.

UCLA launches walk-in counseling service for military veterans

UCLA staff and faculty members who are military veterans will be able to receive walk-in counseling under a pilot program the Staff and Faculty Counseling Center launched early February.

Breaking: Turkey Beaten Before It Begins, Russia Outlines the Upcoming...

Gordon Duff - We want to thank South Front for this amazing video, perfectly timed. The Syrian government has notified us that they believe that Turkey intendeds to send an armored force into Syria on Monday.

Operation Sophia – Classified data on EU military op against refugee...

Jim W. Dean - Governments have a duty to take care of their own people first, especially in times of economic stress. It is always cheaper, and fairer to the taxpayers or debt funders to help third world people out via development programs in their own countries.

Military Analysis: Turkish Armed Forces

SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence is continuing to study the Trukish military capabilities. Our previous paper was dedicated to the Turkish 2nd Army positioned along the...

Military Exploits School Testing Opt Out Campaign

Thousands of New Jersey high school seniors may be taking the military’s enlistment exam to fulfill a graduation requirement because they opted out of the controversial PARCC tests when they were juniors.

SouthFront: Turkey’s Military Intervention to Syria

During the video production, Southfront: Analysis & Intelligence also recieved information that at least one Saudi motorized brigade equipped with about 90 armoured vehicles were moved to Iraqi border.

Saudis provide cover for Turkey to start military operation in Syria

Tamara ZAMYATINA Author profile MOSCOW/TASS/. Danger exists that Saudi Arabia and Turkey will provide support to armed groupings fighting against the government troops of Syrian President...

Military Analysis: Republic of China Armed Forces

Despite the fact the official U.S. strategy towards China ignoring Taiwan issue, the island may easily become a flash point of the ongoing confrontation....

Sputnik: Turkey Planning Military Invasion in Syria – Russian Defense Ministry

What is happening on the Turkish-Syrian border gives grounds to think that Turkey is preparing a military invasion in Syria, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said.

SouthFront: U.S. UAV’s, UGV’s, Autonomous Weapon Systems and Military Robotics

Ever since the second World War and especially during the Cold War era the idea of engineering an autonomous weapon system, also known as military robot, has taken deep roots throughout military circles all across the globe.

Drone strike kills ISIS military commander southwest of Kirkuk

Nineveh Operations Command announced on Monday the killing of the so-called ISIS Wali of the area of Tal-Afar in an aerial bombing by the international coalition west of Mosul.

US military commander in Iraq and Syria rejects GOP pledges to...

The US military commander in charge of the Iraq-Syria war has tacitly rebuked pledges by leading Republican presidential contenders to carpet-bomb the Islamic State.

Military Analysis: Russian Attack Helicopters Come of Age

Written by Brian Kalman exclusively for SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence. Brian Kalman is a management professional in the marine transportation industry. He was an officer in...

SouthFront: China Launches New Wave of Military Reforms

...from SouthFront Over the past several decades, China has risen to become a prominent player on the world stage with global operations and interests far...

Military Analysis: Russian Black Sea Fleet

Igor Pejic graduated Political Science Foreign Affairs Department at the Faculty of Political Science and now he is a postgraduate student on the MA Terrorism, Security and Organised Crime at the University of Belgrade, Serbia.

Private Military Companies in Iraq: Falcon Security

...from SouthFront The war-torn Middle East has become a ground for activity of a diverse range of entities linked with government, corporations and special services...

US Ambassador to Iraq, Military Chief Meet With Iraqi PM in...

Jim W. Dean - We will certainly be digging around to learn if there is a policy shift in play or is the US just trying to keep a lid on the current Iraq situation to not leave the back door open for the Russians, if not right now then later when Syria winds down

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