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NATO fighting in Donbass – Documents of Polish Colonel found in...

Jim W. Dean - Somehow some resistance to this madness has to surface or we are all going to pay for the looming disaster.

Putin’s Announcement on Donbas Recognition (Live)

Among the members of the council calling for the Kremlin to back the recognition of the rebel-held territories was Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu.

NEO – Russia Strategy: In Order to Exist, Not to Prevail

Phil Butler - Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the modernization of Russia’s navy.

NEO – Russia Closes Syrian Skies for Israel

Vassily Nebenzia, speaking at the UN Security Council, has repeatedly stated that Russia condemns the airstrikes that Israel is carrying out in Syria.

NEO – With an Eye on China, the US un-sanctions Nord...

When the US president Joe Biden recently waived sanctions on the company overseeing the Nord Stream 2 project, it came as a surprise to many.

VT Moscow and Sputnik: Boris Johnson Pulled “Novichok” Out of...

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov has said that Russia has never had a nerve agent called "Novichok," saying that those who say otherwise do not have full information on the issue.

Intel Drop, Word from Syria of Poisonous Treason, given at risk

Americans are being held inside Syria. We have reason to believe that Syria captured Americans in East Ghouta and elsewhere. What I am telling you now is confirmed. We have a list of 12 dead Russian officers killed by UK/US special operations.

Moscow Preliminarily Confirms Death of 5 Russians in Coalition’s Strike in...

Jim W. Dean - Russia had been quiet about the private military contractor (PMCs) dead and wounded, much for the same reason as everybody else. They are not officially part of the Russian command, sort of.

Moscow Threatens Israel Over Pro-ISIS Syria Attacks

"Moscow is deeply concerned with the latest developments and attacks on Syria."

Moscow scrambles fighter jet after detecting US spy plane approaching Russian...

A Sukhoi Su-30 fighter jet © Sputnik Editor's note:  Since VT is continually accused by the fake blogosphere of being paid by Russia, we might...

NEO – Moscow Outmaneuvers Washington’s Kurdistan Project

Jim W. Dean - Brother Engdahl brings us a good wrapup on the Barzani-Israeli independent Kurdistan caper that never had a snowball's chance in hell.

Why are Washington’s clients getting cozy to Moscow?

By Nauman Sadiq for VT Turkey, which has the second largest army in NATO, has been cooperating with Russia in Syria against Washington’s interests since...

Qatar turns its back on the US as it looks to...

The Qatari defence minister confirmed the interest in buying S-400 missiles from Russia, the same missiles recently sold to its allies, Iran and Turkey.

Moscow says US sliding into Cold War

The Russian foreign ministry says the US is “sliding deeper” into a Cold War paradigm that is “totally detached from reality,” while warning Washington to “stop demonizing Russia and it foreign policy."

Russia Press review: Senate puts envoy to Moscow on hold and...

The US Senate has deliberately put off the hearing on the appointment of former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman as new Ambassador to Russia, some Russian diplomatic sources told Izvestia.

Moscow Calls Reports of Russia’s Alleged Arms Supplies to Taliban ‘Groundless’

The Russian Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday that the claims that Russia is allegedly supplying weapons to the Taliban movement (banned in Russia) in...

Moscow welcomes US readiness to cooperate on Syria, but awaits ‘no-fly...

Jim W. Dean - This Tillerson statement is a hoot, that Russia has a "special responsibility" to aid the peace process in Syria, when he knows if the Russians had not come in, the jihadis would have won, and we would have a mess 50 times bigger than Libya.

Moscow insists chemical weapons were not used in Syria’s Idlib

Russia insists that chemical weapons were not used in Khan Sheikhoun in Syria’s Idlib province, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said on Thursday.

US ABM shield in Europe may lead to sudden nuclear attack...

The US’ ABM sites in Europe and on warships patrolling Russia’s borders are creating the potential for America to launch an overwhelming surprise nuclear...

Moscow Urges US to Respond to WikiLeaks CIA Hacking Accusations

Jim W. Dean - The CIA has come out early saying they will push for full prosecution of the material the Wikileaks has put out is confirmed to be true. That was quite cagey language, and maybe a slip up on the CIA's part.

Trump Fail: ‘Vicious circle’: Moscow warns NATO Black Sea buildup &...

  Moscow will take “all necessary measures” to protect its national interests in the Black Sea, Russia’s envoy to NATO has said, warning the alliance...

Tass Press review: Mass arrests in Turkey and wedge between Moscow...

Vedomosti: Washington looking to drive wedge between Moscow and Tehran Russia and Iran have a common objective in Syria, and all assertions about the possibility...

‘White House sanctioning own children now?’ Moscow blasts CNN’s ‘false’ US...

Jim W. Dean - Putin hits another home run, leaving the Obama White house crew cut off at the knees, by their own hand. As for CNN, it is no longer even an embarrassment. It is beyond that.

Report: US Focuses on Raqqa after Damascus, Moscow Gain Upper Hand...

The US has shifted focus on Raqq after the Syrian army and its Russian allies' recent victories in Aleppo, and Jeish al-Fatah's heavy defeats in their 'Great Epic Operation' to lift army's siege on militants in Eastern part of Aleppo city.

Russia, US to discuss possible steps for Syria crisis settlement in...

Besides Lavrov and Kerry, the chief diplomats from Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Iran will also take part in the talks.

Moscow warns US against striking Syria to avoid ‘unpleasant surprises

Moscow has warned the West against striking any missile or aviation blows on the territories controlled by the Syrian government. Russia will see such actions as a threat to Russian military men in Syria, Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said Thursday

Direct aggression by US against Damascus to cause ‘tectonic shift’ in...

If the US launches a military campaign to oust the Syrian government, it would further fracture the country and have tremendous negative long-term consequence for the entire region, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova warned.

Moscow Makes Public Full Text of Russia-US Deal on Syria

Jim W. Dean - Finally we have the release of the full ceasefire agreement, which generally tells us what we already knew, that the US fumbled the deal because its jihadis felt the Gulf States and Turks would keep supplying them to fight Assad.

Pravda: Moscow gathers ‘fifth column’ for Washington

Leaders of movements and parties which stand for independence of their regions will gather in Moscow at a conference 'The dialogue of nations'.

Moscow and Tehran Reportedly Plan to Prepare Hamadan Base for Russian...

Jim W. Dean - The Iranian Hamadan air base, as VT had editorialized after its first use, will continue to be a game changer, not only for the current counter terrorism war efforts in Syria, but in future places.

NEO: Saudi Arabia is Setting a Trap for Moscow Yet Again

Apparently, Washington has decided to crush Russia along with Iran and Syria, without waiting for the arrival of Hillary Clinton as the head of state.

New Russian Bomber to Be Able to Launch Nuclear Attacks From...

The Russian Strategic Missile Forces Academy is developing a hypersonic strategic bomber capable of striking with nuclear warheads from outer space, Lt. Col. Aleksei Solodovnikov told RIA Novosti on Wednesday

Kerry heading to Moscow for 4th visit in a year

US Secretary of State John Kerry will travel to Moscow with a visit this week, officials of the two countries confirmed on Monday. It...

Tass: Moscow denies Washington Post report on alleged attack on US...

Moscow notes increased pressure on Russian diplomats in US — diplomat MOSCOW, June 30. /TASS/. The Washington Post’s article on alleged use of force against...

US destroyer gets dangerously close to Russian patrol boat in Mediterranean...

The US guided-missile destroyer Gravely breached international navigation safety rules by coming within dangerous proximity of the Yaroslav Mudry, a Russian frigate, in the eastern Mediterranean, the Russian Defense Ministry has said.

Russian Activists Caught Collaborating with US Embassy in Moscow

US embassies in countries with governments the US disapproves of have become little more than Trojan horses

Pat Buchanan puts the whammy on NATO moves on Russia

Jim W. Dean - These are tough times for Paleo-conservatives, as the NeoCons do not like them getting press coverage contesting the NeoCon aggressive foreign policy, because the Paleos can slice and dice it to shreds.

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: New York Times, Washington Post,...

As we all know, NWO agents do not have to provide evidence for their spurious notions. All they have to do is repeat a mantra over and over in the media and people will begin to believe it.

Moscow accuses Turkey of hiding illegal activity near border

Turkey is trying to hide illegal activities near the border with Syria by denying a Russian observation flight over its territory, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Thursday.

Moscow shared MH17 radar images, Dutch probe ignored evidence, Russia tells...

Wreckage of the MH17 airplane is seen after the presentation of the final report into the crash of July 2014 of Malaysia Airlines flight...