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Followers on Spotify: You May Need Them – Or Not!

Do You Really Need Spotify Followers to Have Success on the Music Platform?

South Pacific Is Coming to Houston Texas in February

South Pacific is a must-see show for anyone that loves the performing arts.

6 vinyl albums loved by US military veterans

Veterans’ Day is nearing and one great way to commemorate the sacrifices of our heroes is through good ole music.

The Forgotten Man: Meet The Grandfather of Rock N’ Roll

Johnny Punish Celebrates The Life And Legacy Of Robert Johnson, a man who influenced everyone from Muddy Waters to The Rolling Stones, and shaped the future of rock’n’roll with a new song "The Forgotten Man"

COVID-19: Still Out of Control

Self-Quarantined at home; angry, depressed, and pissed, I wrote this song called OUT OF CONTROL as a way to deal with all of this disruption.