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Syrian National Dialogue Congress is Decisive Step towards Peace

There are some countries that seek the escalation of the Syrian conflict. We need peace for Syria.

Trump’s National Security Strategy: A Strategy of Thuggery and Intimidation

“America first” and “peace through strength” are means for Trump’s administration to control and suppress American people through police state under the guise of national security, and to control foreign countries through nuclear military intimidation and bullying. It is the US that is threatening world peace not Iran or North Korea.

National Coalition Against Censorship Condemns Trump Administration’s Censorship of the Centers...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NEW YORK, NY, 12/16/2017–The National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC) today condemned an effort by officials of the Trump administration to ban the Center for...

Report: Jared Kushner behind removing Bannon from National Security Council

US President Donald Trump removed White House chief strategist Steve Bannon from the National Security Council on advice from his son-in-law Jared Kushner, a report claims, citing a long-running fight between Kushner and Bannon

Trump’s New National Security Advisor Implicated in Sex Coverup

The Washington Post reports: President Trump’s new national security adviser, Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, was investigated by the Army and admonished two years ago...

Trump Names Another General as National Security Adviser

U.S. President Donald Trump named Lieutenant General Herbert Raymond McMaster as his new national security adviser Monday, again turning to the U.S. military to play a central role on his foreign policy team.

Fake Presidency Follies: Stephen Miller Leaks National Guard “Immigrant Roundup”

Editor's note:  The "plan" leaked to AP, which had 100,000 National Guard under presidential control to be used in "Blue States" where governors and...

UPDATED: FBI interviewed ex-US national security advisor Flynn

The Federal Bureau of Investigation interviewed ex-senior White House aide Michael Flynn on his phone calls with the Russian ambassador days into his job, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

Michael Flynn resigns as National Security Advisor

Jim W. Dean - General Flynn might be gone, but the question remains, "for how long"? The House Intelligence Committee has opened the door for Flynn to make his own case for the record, which could see this whole thing flip around.

Democrats forward bill to force Trump to remove Bannon from the...

At least 14 Jewish Democrats are among the sponsors of a bill in the US House of Representatives that would force President Donald Trump to remove Stephen Bannon from the National Security Council.

Russia starts developing national space threat warning system

© Yuri Smityuk/TASS MOSCOW, November 23. /TASS/. Russia’s space corporation Roscosmos and the Russian Academy of Sciences have started drafting the concept of a future national...

WSJ: National Enquirer Shielded Donald Trump From Playboy Model’s Affair Allegation

JOE PALAZZOLO, MICHAEL ROTHFELD and LUKAS I. ALPERT The company that owns the National Enquirer, a backer of Donald Trump, agreed to pay $150,000 to a former...

Make Pakistan Free Afghan/Pashtun National Hero, Shabat Gula

I am writing on behalf of the Afghan villagers like Sharbat Gula because the U. S. installed Afghan administration only works on behalf of...

Trump is a national disgrace and an international pariah

In a trove of newly leaked emails, former Secretary of State Colin Powell calls Donald Trump “a national disgrace” and suggests his own Republican Party is “crashing and burning.” “To go on and call him an idiot just emboldens him,” Powell said.

Top GOP National Security Officials Rebuke Trump’s ‘Risky’ Behavior, Worldview

When 50 top Republicans turn on you because you are, in their eyes, a clear and present danger to the country's security and well-being...

Papers on U.K. Role in Israeli Nuclear Program Missing From National...

The Israeli nuclear programme has always been cloaked in secrecy, officially Israel does not acknowledge nor admit it possesses an arsenal of nuclear weapons.

Files linking Britain to Israel’s nuclear weapons go missing from National...

Official documents on Britain’s relationship with Israel, including papers on “military and nuclear collaboration” in the 1970s, have disappeared from the National Archives in the last four years.

Six EU States to Resurrect National Borders in Mid-May

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The authorities of Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden are in favor of extending the temporary border controls within the European Union, which are due...

What’s Behind the Creation of Russia’s New National Guard

jim W. Dean - Unsaid in all of the coverage below is this restructuring is putting firewalls up for avenues where "foreign influence" might want to effect a change in government in terms of a Putin coup.

Egypt Strengthens National Security

Egypt is struggling to strengthen its special and security services in order to counter destructive actions of the foreign backed militant groups, especially in Sinai Peninsula, and the underground resistance of the Muslim Brotherhood.