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Engdahl: Hasty Trump Syria Show

There are huge strategic questions needing serious responsible answers from the USG.

Russia may be supplying the Taliban: NATO commander

General Curtis Scaparrotti, NATO's supreme allied commander who also heads the US military's European Command, told lawmakers he had seen Russian influence expand in multiple regions, including in Afghanistan.

NEO – Brussels, NATO and the Globalists In Total Disarray

Jim W. Dean - Eastern Europe is hard for Westerners to stay abreast of and impossible for those in the US, as it might as well be on Mars in terms of our following its politics.

Breaking: Nut Case Trump Sends Tactical Nukes and 10,000 Troops to...

From bromance to "Putin the Madman" in 3 short weeks, as Trumps mental state continues to deteriorate.

Trump Fail: ‘Vicious circle’: Moscow warns NATO Black Sea buildup &...

  Moscow will take “all necessary measures” to protect its national interests in the Black Sea, Russia’s envoy to NATO has said, warning the alliance...

Putin predicted ‘Uncontained Hyper Use of Military Force’ by NATO a...

Jim W. Dean - If Trump keeps this "rule by executive order" binge going, he could become the most sued president in history during their first 100 days.

US defense secretary to Europe: US committed to NATO

Jim W. Dean - Trump bails out during his first week in office on his first foreign policy plank by having General Mattis reassure Germany and France not to worry about any major NATO changes. This act puts all of Trump's other foreign policy statements "in play".

NATO: Russia is making us look really bad

NATO has recently blamed Russia for spreading populist movements all over Europe. Bad move.

New Cold War: Israel Seeks Revenge

There is an interrelationship of the new Cold War, irresponsible statements of the US President-elect Donald Trump, various developments in the world and terrorism-related attacks which are part of the double game and secret strategy of Israel who is in collaboration with American CIA, FBI, and Islamic State group (Also known as Daesh, ISIS, ISIL) to seek revenge.

Turkey leaving NATO? Asserts ‘right’ to close key base for coalition

Turkey is clearly moving further away from Washington and closer to Moscow and while still a defacto member of the US-lead anti-IS coalition, it looks like it may not be for much longer.

Military, Political and Diplomatic Trends Of 2016 That Will Shape 2017

2016 marked by important of diplomatic, political and military developments around the world.

Syria-Gate: NATO weaponry and personnel in East Aleppo

Jim W. Dean - As VT predicted, the real story on who was responsible for the horrors inflicted on Aleppo will be coming out, and some of the Western media are already looking for cover

NATO ‘Might Not Survive a Donald Trump Presidency’

Donald Trump's policies may erode trust within NATO thus dealing the final blow to the Alliance, according to former deputy commander of NATO and British General Sir Richard Shirreff. Still, intrigue deepens over Trump's policy toward the military bloc and US-Russian relations.

Zio-Gladio strikes Europe! Berlin suspect, NATO auditor shot dead

Yet another "radical Islamic ISIS-linked terrorist," identified thanks to yet another "magic ID drop," has once again been shot dead by police and silenced forever.

The Concept Of The Future Fleet – Ekranoplan

The role of maritime theater of operations has significantly increased. But to create a traditional fleet of aircraft carriers, cruisers and destroyers, capable of competing on an even level with the strongest fleet today, the US Navy, is extremely complicated. For this reason, the maritime powers are looking for asymmetrical approaches in the construction of the fleet of the future.

Obama tours Europe to soothe fears over Trump’s stance on NATO,...

Barack Obama has arrived in Greece on the first stop of his farewell foreign tour as president. As the trip comes days after the...

PART III: Neoconizing the Just War Doctrine in the service of...

21st Century Armageddon - With the liberals’ policy of nuclear restraint dismissed as irrational, what justification could be found to wage a nuclear war, where millions of innocent people, including Americans, would be killed?

Russian combat experience in Syria is a major force multiplier

Jim W. Dean - The US-NATO march toward the Russian border is causing Moscow to build up its military strength and technology on a Manhattan Project scale to have the technical edge it needs to defend against superior numbers.

NATO and Turkey: Time to admit reality

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was created after World War Two to unite democratic states or Western Europe and North America against Soviet expansionism.

Syrian War Report – October 26, 2016: NATO Concerned over Al-Nusra...

On Tuesday, the Syrian army, Hezbollah and Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba fully secured the two strategic hills – Tal Ohod and Tal Bazo – and seized the Tal Mutah hill from Jabhat Fatah al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) and its allies in southwestern Aleppo.

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