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US Politico-Media ‘Incestuous Relationship’ Driving ‘Wartime Propaganda’

Over the last 20 years, US corporate media outlets have populated their 24-hour news cycles with a bevy of commentators from the military-industrial complex, including former Pentagon chiefs, CIA directors, and directors of national intelligence, all while purging their airtime of antiwar voices such as Phil Donahue.

Ukraine War: When Tyranny, Jew Hating and Nazi Symbols become ‘the...

Former Israeli soldiers fought alongside known neo-Nazi militants who now claim to reject antisemitism. This sends the paradoxical message that neo-Nazism is somehow acceptable. Instead of condemning this abnormal alliance, the ADL sees a glimmer of hope in the “promises of Right Sector and Spilna Sprava”, groups that the Israeli media itself qualified as “fascist and neo-Nazi”.

How Ukrainian Nazi/Nationalist Movement Post WW2 Was Bought by the CIA

The birth of Ukrainian Nationalism as it is celebrated today has its origins in the 20th century. However, there are a few historical highlights that should be known beforehand.

Bucha: British intelligence operative’s involvement in Ukraine crisis signals false flag...

“The ‘red line’ was an open invitation to a false-­flag operation.”

“Gallows and executions – without counting, without edge and end.” How...

The surge of anti Russian sentiment in Galicia in the wake of the revolution of 1848 and the victories of the Russian army in the Balkans during the Russian-Turkish war prompted the Austrian authorities to pursue a policy of discrimination against the indigenous Western Russian population. This led to repression and executions of civilians.

Ending Christianity: Soros and the Occult Nazification of Europe Through Ukraine...

The ideology of Nazism, since the Third Reich, is closely connected with occultism and neo-pagan rituals, contrary to civilised society. That is why the chevrons of "Right Sector” militants depict magical signs, runes that were popular in Nazi Germany.

Pretending to be a Refugee: Notorious Nazi Taira captured in Mariupol...

At one of the checkpoints in Mariupol, they detained Yulia Paevskaya (nickname “Taira”), known in Ukraine as a staunch supporter of the EuroMaidan and an Azov regiment fighter.

‘Mengele of Ukraine’, Now Russian Captive, Begs Her Nazi Friends to...

At one of the checkpoints in Mariupol, they detained Yulia Paevskaya (nickname “Taira”), known in Ukraine as a staunch supporter of the EuroMaidan and an Azov regiment fighter.

Former Inmates tell of Torture in Zelensky’s CIA-Nazi Gulag

Sputnik: Ultranationalist and openly neo-Nazi paramilitary groups are now integrated into the Ukrainian National Guard, and have been accused of war crimes by the UNHCR and Amnesty International.

Western Media, Israel Lobby Join to White-wash Nazi War Crimes in...

Multiple media outlets use the same talking points, quotes, and ‘experts’ to whitewash Ukraine’s notorious “Azov” regiment.

Behind the Azov-Brazil Connection: How Neo-Nazis Are Pushing to “Ukrainize” Brazil

A small group of Brazilian bolsonaristas have become social media celebrities as they crossed the border into Ukraine to fight against Russia, but as Brian Meir reports, Ukrainian Neo-Nazi groups have had influence in Brazil for years.

‘Nazism is Disease’: Texan Came to Donbass to Protect People &...

Sputnik: VT Bureau Chief Russell Bentley, a 61-year old American from Texas, is a war correspondent helping the people of Donbas in their confrontation with fascism.

Nazi High Command Dead in Failed Zelensky/CIA Rescue Attempt (warning/graphic)

VT Report from the Scene: 3 helicopters were shot down but Russians chose to let the 4th land where Azov commanders who were hiding in an underground bunker popped out and loaded themselves on, thinking they were going to be brought to Biden's side.

Ukraine’s Nazis thank ADL and Jewish Lobby for Support, Weapons, Propaganda,...

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the powerful US pro-Israel lobbying group, published a Q&A defending Ukraine’s neo-Nazi groups on the grounds that they “don’t attack Jews or Jewish institutions.”

New Holocaust: Nazi Gulag Found in Ukraine, Prison Camp for Ethnic...

This is what a concentration camp for Russians looks like. Polovinkino – base of Ukrainian nationalist battalion.

Azov (A30B) Downed MH17

‘Ukrainian mafioso boss, Igor Kolomoysky is the main financer of Azov Nazis and Zelensky. In a 2014 video, he talks about the MH17 shootdown, calling it "a trifle", giving the game away about what happened.’

Visit the Home of Ukrainian National Nazi Hero Plotnikov

Viktor Plotnikov, head of Right Sector in Berdiansk remains untraceable. He has a track record to his credit, with 70 criminal episodes, including murder, rape, torture, and is known for his atrocities against civilians and captive soldiers. Viktor is on Vladimir Putin’s list.

Enlightening: Tour the US Financed ‘Resort’ for the Israeli Trained Nazi’s...

Azov bases near Mariupol. Books about Mussolini, swastikas, portraits of fascist leaders and much more. Such findings were discovered by the DPR militaries during the inspection of resort villages near Mariupol, where the Azov neo nazis had occupied cottages.

VT Was Right: Mariupol Liberated, Russia Parades Captured Nazi’s for Jeering...

Mossad trained rapists and torturers are paraded though the streets and jeered by the Ukrainian people. The city is open, their is no siege anymore and the evacuation is complete except, of course, in the NATO press.

Far from all Americans Are Blind

As more eyewitness testimony about Ukrainian nationalist atrocities appears, there is an epiphany and an increase in civic engagement by US citizens.

Refugees Continue to Expose Ukrainian War Crimes (30m video)

Mariupol was a Donbas city with a Russian population that fought being forced to join Nazi Ukraine as seen above. Now it is being freed…as Nazi Azov, now with their commanders in chains and heading to Moscow, ordered the city razed and its population eradicated.

Report: Biden Directly Funded by Azov/Zelensky Founder, Israeli Citizen Kolomoysky

The boss of Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden at Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings is Ihor Kolomoysky, who was part of the Ukrainian Government installed by the Obama Administration in 2014, in what the head of the “private CIA” firm Stratfor called “the most blatant coup in history.”

Ukrainian Nazis Begin Ethnic Cleansing! “Russian Prisoners will be Castrated”. Kyiv...

It is still early to understand whether the statements of a Kiev Regime doctor on the front line in the war between Ukraine and Russia are a form of psychological intimidation towards the Moscow army or a deliberate orientation shared by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Syrian President Assad Speaks Truth on Zionism and Naziism

Brief overview of Ukraine's neo nazi backstory by Syria's Assad.

Updated: Zelensky’s Promised Nuclear War: Ukie Nazi’s Plan to Slaughter US/NATO...

VT: Originally sourced from Russian state controlled media but confirmed by highest US sources who are lying to the MSM.

How Ukraine’s Jewish President Made Peace With Neo-Nazi Paramilitaries

Zelensky failed to rein in neo-Nazis, wound up collaborating with them.

A History of NATO and Nazis with Asa Winstanley

Asa Winstanley explores post-WW2 European history and reveals how Nazis were rehabilitated and dispatched as Cold Warriors.

Mariupol Resident Says Azov Regiment Neo-Nazis Destroyed City Pool, ‘Killed a...

Mariupol resident Nina Kulayeva, who fled Ukraine, has told Sputnik that scores of people died after neo-Nazis from Ukraine’s Azov Regiment deliberately destroyed the Neptune swimming pool in the centre of the southeastern coastal city currently surrounded by Russian and Donetsk People’s Republic forces.

The Longer and Fiercer the Ukie Resistance the stricter their surrender...

At some point, Zelensky may simply no longer be recognized as president of Ukraine. At the same time, one can say that Russia is in favor of “Finlandization” of Ukraine, i.e. turning Ukraine into a neutral country and banning neo-Nazi units.”

Blackwater is in Donbass with the Azov Battalion

CG: The CIA and MI6 are reorganizing NATO stay-behind networks in Eastern Europe. Altough the Nazis were plethora in the 1940s, they are very few today and only exist thanks to the help of the Anglo-Saxons.

Ukraine: TV presenter Quotes Eichmann and Calls to Kill Russian Children

During a live broadcast, a Ukrainian presenter quoted Adolf Eichmann and called for the killing of Russians, especially Russian children. Like many other incidents in the past, this had no consequences.

Silent War: Reformatting Ukraine

Once war is over will Ukrainian people remain hostile to Russia or get re-absorbed into its federal mindset? Russian author takes a deep dive into Russian strategic thought on the Ukraine war.

Blockbuster: Under the Wolfsangel: The uncomfortable truth about radical ideologies in...

The Nazi influence on modern-day Ukrainian politics is clear, tangible, and willfully ignored by its Western supporters.

Ukraine Fake Aid Funds, Bitcoin Donors May Face Charges for Arms...

Ukraine opened up anonymous and crypto donors from over 50 countries to the possibility of facing arms dealer charges and war crimes investigations for their donations to Ukraine’s multitude of fake humanitarian charities. The donations in question went to the support of Ukraine’s Territorial Defense groups, i.e., funding neo-Nazis like Right Sector, Azov Battalion, Donbas Battalion, Aidar Battalion.

Concerns as British-made weapons paraded by Ukrainian neonazi battalion in Kharkiv

Morning Star: CONCERNS have been raised after what appeared to be British-made anti tank missiles that were paraded in the besieged city of Kharkiv by members of the neonazi Azov Battalion, a Ukrainian fascist militia.

Guess Who is ‘Defending’ the Nazi Stronghold of Odessa from Liberation

It does not matter even whether the prince of darkness exists in reality or not – people like him perform his duties with great success, and in some ways, perhaps, surpass the original. This is the 73-year-old French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy.

Ukie War: Denazification, how and by whom?

Before even thinking about what awaits Ukraine in the future, after the end of the special operation, it is worth plunging into history.

At the Peak of Nazi Terror in Ukraine

The Ukrainian regime is doomed precisely because no one wants it alive.

Australia Sanctions Media for Reporting about Ukrainian Nazis (Twitter Storm)

RT: Australia has brought new sanctions against Russians accused of spreading “disinformation” about the conflict in Ukraine, including claims about “Nazis” in the country and civilian deaths in the Donbass region.

Ukraine’s Nukes and Weapons of Mass Destruction

Before the military intervention in Ukraine, Russian President Putin announced that Ukraine was using Soviet know-how to create its own nuclear weapons.