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NEO – So who is the Real Winner in Afghanistan?

Jim W. Dean - If anyone does end up in control of Afghanistan, then they would also end up with all the tribal problems there.

NEO Attacked by US Cyber Command at Fort Huachuca, Arizona

NEO has been down for at least two weeks, after Gordon Duff published the following article, which was deemed a threat to rogue elements of the Pentagon hierarchy

NEO – Even Americans are afraid of America

What I am writing today I write inspired by the death of my good friend Andre Vltchek. He pushed all of us, we needed pushing. Now he is gone.

NEO – NATO in danger of falling apart with an identity...

NATO is now only an alliance on paper, as members are on the verge of war with each other, with little NATO 'brotherhood'. The newest bad boy on the block is neo-Ottoman strong man, Erdogan. NEO's Kulikov gives us an analysis. Does Washington intend to benefit from conflict among NATO members?

NEO – The strange case of Trump’s new ‘Socialist Republic of...

Gordon Duff - No one knows who is pulling the strings, or if Israel or Saudi Arabia or the United States still exist as nation state entities, though every sign indicates that government functions in each are non-existent.

NEO – “Who are the Judges?”

Jim W. Dean - For the State Department to consider NEO to be fake news is a case of it needing to look in the mirror itself.

Andre Vltcheck – IDF and Hezbollah stare each other down, for...

Jim W. Dean - Andre Vltchek gives us a combat journalist view from the front lines in the Golan Heights, as the world waits to see if the IDF is willing to risk a major conflict with Lebanon after its drone assassination attack in Beirut triggered a harsh Hezbollah retaliation.

NEO: Boomerang – The West oppressed the 3rd World for so...

It is sad being a writer in New York City or in London, and just as it is frightening to be poor, or different. All over the world, the roles are being reversed.

NEO – Russia or America: Who Is Really the Aggressor?

Jim W. Dean - Phil Butler has a great piece on the flexible ethics being practiced by both civilian and serving military to justify an aggressive US foreign policy as a defensive one.

NEO – China and the Conclusion of American Power

Jim W. Dean - Christopher Black has another solid article for us on the three way China-Taiwan-Western neo-colonialist bruha.

NEO: If Iran is Destroyed, Can the Human Race Survive?

Iran, the country that has been giving countless cultural treasures to the world for millennia, is standing against the mightiest nation on earth. Iran is facing tremendous danger; of annihilation even, if the world does not wake up fast, and rush to its rescue.

Qatar, the Heart of the US Policy in the Middle East,...

The recent visit of the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani to the United States and the contracts and agreements signed there allow one to analyze US-Qatar relations and Washington policy. The Emir of Qatar held successful negotiations with President Trump and with high-ranking administration officials.

NEO – Georgia, Not what’s on the surface but the real...

Déjà vu - Could Joe Biden be ready to use Georgia for his “doomed” presidential campaign, in much in the same vein as John McCain in August 2008?

NEO – Election Interference vs Rand Corp. full spectrum assault on...

by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor,  ...with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow - First published ... July 09, 2019 - Americans have endured endless media coverage about...

NEO – What shape will a military standoff take in Asia?

The World is a Battlefield: Participants of CICA highlighted that the world, first and foremost from the perspective of economic ties, is becoming a battlefield where no rules apply, primarily because of U.S. actions.

NEO – The West’s losing battle for Hong Kong

Jim W. Dean - What both sides want might be unobtainable, so the big question is, can a compromise be reached that both can live with?

Will Joe Biden’s “Greedy Tracks” in Ukraine derail presidential bid?

It is interesting that the Washington Post is weighing in on some allegations, and why the alleged Joe Biden ‘Ukraine conspiracy’ doesn’t hold up.

NEO – Failing grades from the CIA, a Dogfight of Straights...

The aggressive public promotion of Gay Pride, which always comes with political and financial strings attached, is simply another means of gaining control of resources. What good is chaos theory if you can't export it?

NEO – US Coalition Boot Remains on Syria’s Neck

Maybe 2019 could be the year to see full independence for Syria and Iraq from their long suffering at the hands of the international criminals that run some of the respective governments, who did their dirty work under cover of immunity from prosecution.

NEO – American Political Circus is Rocked Again

"In a ring where vultures of every stripe have been caught in a choke hold, Special Counsel Robert Mueller is not thinking of finding a dignified solution anymore – he is simply trying to find a way out of a difficult situation."

NEO – In Iraq, as US Influence Ebbs, Iran’s Flows

Jim W. Dean - The VT team had proposed to the Iraqis how, if they caught the attacking ISIS columns in the Anbar desert, they could be destroyed in place with with minimal cost and losses.

NEO – The US has Locked China as its Enemy No....

Jim W. Dean - The US love-hate relationship with China continues on like a battered marriage.

NEO – Would the US destroy Venezuela to punish Russia and...

Jim W. Dean - The good news is both Columbia and Brazil have stated that their countries will not be used as a staging ground for a military intervention in Venezuela.

NEO – Can China and Russia survive in this unharmonious world?

Does it pay ‘to be good’? Is it still possible to play by the rules in this mad world, governed by brigands?

NEO – Iran: New Realities and New Challenges

Now that we have had the chance to carefully review and analyse the new, much-anticipated document, we are left in some doubt as to the Special Purpose Vehicle's real purpose -- is it meant to benefit Iran, or the USA?

NEO – How Come the World is Suffering from Stockholm Syndrome?

Jim W. Dean - Andre is out in the field in Syria, getting out more than Gordon and I do. He is younger, and we have been there and done that, but it brings up all the memories of faces and places long past.

NEO – An Official Anti-Iran US Military Build-up in Iraq

Jim W. Dean - The US coalition is in a what-next mode, and wondering about its rebound from not taking Assad and Syria down after their long proxy terror war.

NEO/Exclusive: The Deep State’s Secret War on Russia

Is Russia targeted by a thousand-year-old criminal conspiracy that, so very long ago, built a system of central banks and set monarch against monarch, century after century? Is this the Deep State Trump tells of, a network of “oligarch,” central banks and industrial cabals? Do they now stage terror attacks, down airliners and own the world’s press?

NEO – Trump Pulls Out of Syria – Why the Surprise...

Washington NeoCons are in a rage over the Trump news of his reported pull out of all American troops from Syria. First we must go over what was said leading up to the surprise move to get some clues as to why Trump pulled this trigger now.

NEO – Who is Winning the US-Chinese AI Arms Race?

Jim W. Dean - Advances in artificial intelligence are both a blessing and a curse to humanity, as all new technology has been weaponized as fast as possible for both good and evil purposes. AI evil could teach us a final lesson.

NEO – INF Meltdown, America’s Doomsday Drone Force Revealed

The Trump administration is threatening to roll back a slew of protections and safety precautions, and restarting the arms race, with a full nuclear modernization plan that could cost up to $1.6 trillion over 30 years.

NEO – Khashoggi’s Message in a Bottle, Will We Get It?

Jim W. Dean - Until we build a defensive mechanism to be able to punish state actors for extra-judicial killings, we will see the carnage continuing to grow.

Can Russia, Iran, Turkey, Iraq and Syria form a counter NATO...

Jim W. Dean - VT readers know how much time we have spent watching Turkey with its roller coaster policy of supporting Syria.

NEO – China Aims to Convert Syria into a Strategic Territory

Jim W. Dean - Could Syria end up like an occupied Germany after WWII, to be divided for decades before being made whole again?

NEO – Saudi Arabia: Wherever one looks, Failure Abounds

Enduring criticism that Saudi Arabian policies suppress basic freedoms and curb its citizens’ rights to express themselves, Riyadh responds with the proverb “The dogs bark, but the Saudi caravan goes on.”

Lapis Lazuli Corridor, Afghanistan, China, Eurasia – NEO

A new international port opened as a stepping stone for the Lapis Lazuli corridor (LLC). Although there are benefits to Afghanistan's economy from the LLC, we find the ports of call on the route to be of no less interest.

NEO – Can America’s Neo-Manifest Destiny be Opposed by a Bigger...

Unilateralism, which the US champions, is an outdated way of conducting global politics.

NEO: Past Time for Israel to set aside their Outdated Pipe...

Reality Check: The Israeli Army is no longer what it used to be. Its failure in the 2006 war with Hezbollah made that clear.

NEO – Is Turkey fighting the European Union?

“The biggest mistake is that the Turkish military is not coordinating its operations with President Assad.”

NEO: Will Israel Be on the Table at the Trump-Putin Summit

Israeli planes, operating out of bases inside Saudi Arabia and Jordan, have been bombing Syria and the Houthi regions of Yemen using “roundabout” routes to evade air defenses.