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NEO – Putin’s Assassin Nuke: a bad-guy hunter by any other...

“Confirm that everything I said is no bluff, send into retirement those stuck in the past and incapable of looking to the future, [and] stop rocking the boat that we all ride in, called planet Earth.” – Putin: Checkmating Rothschild psychopathic arms merchants.

NEO – Latvia Bank Killing – Washington financial warfare on Russia

Washington has begun a new phase in its geopolitical financial warfare in the small Baltic republic of Latvia. The fact that Americans don't care will return to haunt them.

NEO – Trump’s Bosses Pushing for Nuclear War with Russia

Gordon Duff - What we now recognize is that Trump, as with so many other politicians around the “free world,” has “handlers” and serves an agenda.

NEO – Munich Security Conference, the Good, Bad and the Ugly

Jim W. Dean - The stars this year were the Three Stooges, Joe Biden, Netanyahu, and Mike Pence, with an honorable mention for John McCain.

NEO – US nuclear policy review: The world is our enemy

Jim W. Dean - NEO's Christopher Black has a thorough review of what I view as a gangster document of criminal aggression, the US nuclear policy review. He adds his international law perspective another Fake US policy.

NEO – Why isn’t Iran opposing Turkish offensive in Syria?

Jim W. Dean - While Erdogan can claim he totally supports Syrian territorial sovereignty, those are hollow words as the US can claim the same thing, but neither have been invited

NEO – Europe’s Energy Geopolitics is Getting Dicey

Jim W. Dean - Russian energy sales to the EU were a deal made in heaven. Just before the self defeating anti-Russian Ukraine sanctions were initiated the $110 billion in gas sales to the EU was all coming back to via Russia's love of EU imports.

Breaking/Exclusive: Caught, US Hiding Germ Warfare Lab Near Russian Border

The “scientific research” into animal and human diseases the Lugar Lab claims to be carrying out is a front for developing new biological strains, viruses and bacteria, and then testing them on the Georgian population and the agricultural industry, without asking for consent.

NEO – Syria Fights for Peace While China Invites the CIA...

The loss of ISIS’s main bases in Syria and Iraq where they could live off the population was the turning point where the ISIS dream was over. But many escaped, and those in training camps are awaiting their deployment to whatever conflict their handlers want to use them in, or to go back to their respective home countries as suicide bombers.

NEO – Trump Threatens Everyone To Destroy the US Before Himself

Jim W. Dean - Seth Ferris brings us an in-depth analysis of the Trump presidency with a lot of original material as is his style. He is an experienced investigative reporter who thrives on the meat and potatoes

NEO – Major Beijing BRI Security Fiasco Emerging

Jim W. Dean - Sometimes when I am reading the start of an article, like this one, I question whether I might be in a dream, as the theme seems like a total fantasy one.

NEO – The Huge Implications of Russia’s Northern Sea Route

Jim W. Dean - Mr. Engdahl has given us a thorough year end review of Russia's complex development of its northern Arctic sea transportation route, a long term investment not only for Russia.

NEO – Does the Narcotics Trade Influence US Global Policy?

Jim W. Dean - Gordon starts off the new year reviewing an old theme of US official participation in mega drug-running campaigns that went into the pockets of a large number of political, military and security officials.

NEO – Phil Butler has the last word on Putin Bashing...

Jim W. Dean - Russia has survived another year of Putin-bashing and Russia-bashing with its economy growing, having played a key role in saving Syria and building Russia's reputation for standing up to the concept of a unipolar world as a threat to everyone else.

NEO – The Real “Bad Guys”

Those of you on depression medicine, take an extra dose and wait a couple of hours before reading this, as it ain't pretty. Regular VT readers already know.

NEO – Nikki Haley morphs into Nikki Capone for Donald “The...

Jim W. Dean - Might it be time to flood the White House with calls for Nikki Capone's resignation for making the US a laughing-stock pawn of Bibi and his Likudite buddies?

NEO – A Case for Delegitimizing the Olympic Games

Jim W. Dean - Ask the average American if they agree that all Russian athletes should be banned if some of their teammates were deemed guilty of drugging, they would not know what you were talking about.

NEO – Misunderstanding America

Jim W. Dean - Today's new Gordon article on NEO caught a double header, double whammy with the events below. Nikki Haley cast the lone veto of the UNSC resolution denouncing the US attempt to torpedo a two state resolution of the Zionist-Palestinian.

NEO – Is Google’s search engine a marked deck?

Phil Butler is an angry man, particularly with Google, like many of us are for what we see going on behind the scenes with the American company that most of us were once proud of.

NEO – The US and Global Artificial Intelligence Arms Race

Jim W. Dean - AI is a defense contractor's dream come true, as it opens up massive opportunities for both offensive and defensive applications. The poor taxpayer gets whacked coming and going.

NEO – America Beaten, Down for the Count

Jim W. Dean - We are beginning to see attitudes change on the universal fear of critical reviews of what Israel has been doing and why.

NEO – World Chaos Diagnosis, Acute Zionist Infestation

Jim W. Dean - Phil Butler has the year end angries, and that is good for us, as he has a wonderful year end sounding off piece, a new perspective on a very old issue.

NEO – Gangsterism, Mob Rule and War

Jim W. Dean - Gordon delivers that bad news on how once the major international crimes rings learned how to penetrate and coopt governments, they have all those resources to protect themselves AND go after any threats to their power.

NEO – Saudi Arabia and Israel replace Syria with Lebanon as...

Jim W. Dean - The biggest Arab and Muslim hater of all time, Avigdor Lieberman, and Israeli's military affairs minister, want to form an anti-Iran coalition with Arab-Muslim countries

NEO – Is Iran Facing Greater Regional War?

Jim W. Dean - Hariri's announcing his resignation in Saudi Arabia was waving a flag to the world showing he was their puppet. If his party accepts him back in Lebanon, then the stink will be all over them, too, and the coalition members will also be humiliated.

NEO – Theresa May jumps the Russia bashing band wagon again

PM Theresa May uses Russia as a whipping boy to divert attention away from the soup bowl of political problems she may be drowning in now.

NEO – Iran vs Israel: How things went south

Jim W. Dean - It will come as no surprise that Israel, Saudi Arabia and the US will be triangulating to undermine the success of the Syrian Coalition counter terrorism campaign any way they can

NEO: Are Waves of EU Bond Migrants about to Inundate Georgian...

  By Henry Kamens for Veterans Today and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow There is always a price to pay for gaining the benefits of EU membership,...

NEO – Moscow Outmaneuvers Washington’s Kurdistan Project

Jim W. Dean - Brother Engdahl brings us a good wrapup on the Barzani-Israeli independent Kurdistan caper that never had a snowball's chance in hell.

NEO – Washington’s Think Tank Terrorists

Jim W. Dean - The issue of State sponsored terrorism is the security issue of our time, and it is one we are losing. If that is to be reversed, someone will have to do something while it is still legal to do so.

Trump and Russia – The Unasked Questions

Jim W. Dean - Trump's heavy Jewish-Russian oligarch mafia ties have not been touched, nor his Jeffrey Epstein sordid connections, because it involves that special little country, so even the Dems won't touch 

NEO – Could new British political sex scandals expand to more...

Jim W. Dean - Seth Ferris once again wanders into a "no go" area, how the political world attracts flawed people into public service, where their flaws can be used to control them.

NEO – New Revelations in Syrian War

Jim W. Dean - We are now arriving at the later stages of the exposure of so-called free and democratic nations, of their involvement in supporting state-sponsored terror as part of their foreign policy tool kit.

NEO – When RussiaGate Goes Really Viral

Phil Butler jumped right on this strange public tender for Russian DNA by the US Air Force. The first question that came into my mind when I heard the story was why were they doing this publicly when they could do it undercover?

NEO – Private Military Companies: How Do You Close Pandora’s Box?

Jim W. Dean - What we can agree on with Valeriy Kulikov is that PMCs have definitely become a Pandora's box, where once let loose, there is no way to get the monsters all back inside .

NEO – Mystery of the never-ending ISIS Hordes on the Iraq...

A private security company establishes and secures Iraq’s first "toll highway". Will this mercenary action facilitate state-sponsored terror aimed at regime change?

NEO – The Big Brother Bombshell Set to Blow

Jim W. Dean - Phil Butler has both feet in the growing war of the technology giants and their marriage to the Intel powers to rule the world, or how the world thinks anyway.

NEO – The SAA Deir-Ezzor Euphrates River Battle: a Tactical Review

Jim W. Dean - When Veterans Today traveled to Syria in the fall of 2015, where one of the briefings was on the ISIS complete order of battle, we could never have foreseen what has taken place.

NEO – Globalist Counterpunch: Going for the Media Knockout

Jim W. Dean - Phil Butler is coming at the attack on internet freedoms from a different angle than VT, but our roads intersect with Google and the tech giants.

NEO – The Telltale Signs the Western Oligarchs Are Doomed

Jim W. Dean - Phil Butler's article is currently number one on NEO. He also has a book coming out soon on the timely topic of Putin standing against the Neo-Cold war Deep Staters

Breaking: NEO – BLACKLIST – Monsters Among Us

Jim W. Dean - This is another VT-Gordon classic. No one currently employed in corporate media would dare write such a thing. 

NEO – They Killed the Tsar – Now the Globalists Target...

Jim W. Dean - Today is a trip down memory road, with an older NEO - Phil Butler article that got lost in the shuffle. The theme is an often used one, how history repeats itself and Russia is front and center for today's lesson.

NEO – Israel’s Role in the Cataclysm to Come

The Art of the Big Whopper... or New Adventures in Propaganda

NEO: AFD Germany Gives Birth to New Monster, Wet-nurse of...

Now the dust has settled after an extraordinary week in Germany, we can see that this country is setting a new and disturbing agenda. What other countries had nightmares about, Germany is doing. A bandwagon has begun to roll which could steamroller all Europe, in a disturbing echo of that country’s inglorious and deadly past.

NEO: America’s Institutional Stupidity, More than Trump

Gordon Duff - There are a dozen wars going on today, none are real, all are orchestrated by intelligence agencies and their partners – oil, banking, the arms industry – all backed by the puppets of the American and British governments, by Tel Aviv, and by the graduates of Annapolis and West Point.

NEO: A Scorching Hot Cold War

Jim W. Dean - I chose this title and the subject matter to get onto the table that it might be time to take a new look at our using the term "New Cold War", because it is anything but that.

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