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Vladimir Putin to Satanists and warmongers: Lying about Assad ain’t working

Vladimir Putin has cut Satanists and New World Order agents to pieces again by saying that they have no political clothes when it comes to Syria and Assad.

Part 3 – How the CIA created a fake Western reality...

What was needed to sustain the spirit of a global American empire was a permanent enemy, which would require a psychological campaign to keep the hatred of Russia alive for generations.

Part 2 – How Neocons Push for War by Cooking the...

Most Americans outside of Washington policy circles don’t know about Team B, where it came from or what it did, nor are they aware of its roots in the Fourth International, the Trotskyist branch of the Communist International.

Satanists Who Destroyed Middle East are Back in Washington

The Satanists who literally created chaos in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya are back in the White House. They are currently chilling with the Trump administration.

Government, Religion and War

When we see all the wars going on today in the Middle East, we can’t help but wonder what the root cause is.

Abandon hope all ye who enter here – Dante’s Divine Comedy...

The real villains are the hard-liners who created the concept out of an unwillingness to accept the unbiased and balanced judgments of intelligence professionals.

To save America, purge the Neocons and warmongers from the White...

Certifiably Neocon programs have been receiving taxpayer money to influence the U.S. public in ways that have undermined all initiatives at diplomacy and constructive engagement with Russia, with China.

Neocon Whore John McCain: Russia helped Assad on chemical weapons

McCain loves to make political moves—crazy and diabolical moves—but he doesn’t act independently.

Neocons are mad and sad because Tulsi Gabbard is kicking their...

Gabbard is smart enough to realize that the Neocon path leads to death, chaos, and destruction.

Did Theresa May just attack the New World Order in the...

Jonas E. Alexis--Theresa May seems to understand that perpetual wars will inevitably lead to the decline of the West. And let’s be clear: no one can keep up with the monetary cost of perpetual wars.

The Khazarian Mafia and their marionettes want to rule the world

Jonah Goldberg: “Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show we mean business.”

NEO – A Russo-Turkey War in the Cards

Gordon Duff - Behind the scenes, the NeoCon cabal that many believe staged 9/11 and that certainly fabricated the casus belli to justify what was intended to be an American conquest of Central Asia, has now emerged as the real power behind Trump.

Trump vows to end US regime change attacks

Jim W. Dean - The Trump song and dance show is on the road, and as expected he is grabbing the headlines with bold initiatives. This is nothing new, as Obama did the same thing, especially after his Nobel Peace Prize.

Exclusive: The US is up for uneasy times

The sole super power under George W. Bush Junior duly assisted by his team of neocons declared the 21st century as the American century and for the realization of this ambition had designed a new world order (NWO)

Neocons Are Stealing Our Souls

Most Americans believe many popular untruths and have a resistance to unpopular truths. Too many of us are led by popular opinions, which are usually incorrect.

Evangelical Lutheran Church Comes Under Attack for Passing BDS Measure

Neocon Elliott Abrams has published an article hitting out at the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America over its recent passage of two resolutions pertaining to Israel

Quetta bombing: False flag 4th generation warfare targets Pakistan

Even the NY Times can't suppress the fact that the Quetta bombing is obviously a false flag by the usual suspects.

Rouhani warns against any violation of JCPOA

Jim W. Dean... Almost lost in the out-of-the-blue Turkish coup coverage yesterday is this important story with Rouhani mentioning once again that, if the West abrogates the nuclear agreement , Iran will crank up its program.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak: Netanyahu Administration Needs to Be...

Ehud Barak: "Life-sustaining Zionism and the seeds of fascism cannot live together…What has happened is a hostile takeover of the Israeli government by dangerous elements. And it's just the beginning."

Donald Trump Calls Hillary Clinton “Trigger Happy” as She Courts Neocons

DONALD TRUMP DERIDED Hillary Clinton’s hawkish foreign policy record over the weekend, a glimpse into a potential general election strategy of casting Clinton as the more likely of the two to take the nation to war.

Hey truthers! Character-assassin lawyer seeks YOUR feedback

You may wish to record your voice-mail message to Hinderbaker – or your conversation with him, if he ever grows the guts to pick up his phone – so I can play it on Truth Jihad Radio. I will send a free book to anyone whose submissions are used.

ISIS swarms Europe: Who’s REALLY behind clash of civilizations?

The neoconservatives actually want this kind of terrorism in order to keep the population rushing to the government for protection.

False flag alert raised to red! Neocons running scared

Are the neocons about to "flee forward" with another big false flag...maybe a nuclear 9/11?

Rudy Giuliani nuts out on Hillary Clinton – NeoCons in panic?

Jim W. Dean - Mr. 9-11 himself now claims that Hillary started Daesh. You know I am going to say, "You just can't make this stuff up." What did Rudy do to the NeoCons to make him a disposable commodity with this silly comedy?

Gay, Neocon and Islamophobe

Yiannopoulos is actually accusing the Muslims of failing to be Jews

Neocons have destroyed academic freedom

Apparently Hawkins was forced out of Wheaton Colleges for saying that "Muslims and Christians worship the same God." But only a lunatic would question that statement.

Ukraine Falls Victim to US Neocons’ ‘Regime Change’ Experiment

The Ukraine crisis represents just another failure of neocon-driven "regime change," strikingly similar to those orchestrated by Washington in the Middle East and North...

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