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Killing Iran nuclear deal will lead to war, Merkel warns Netanyahu

Merkel shows Bibi that Germany is not on its knees to Israel, nor walks in fear. Not only did she effectively say this to him, but added Britain and France in with it.

Keeping Trump and Netanyahu Out of Jail: Israel Plans Sneak Attack...

Related Stories: https://www.veteranstoday.com/2018/03/13/syrian-war-report-march-13-2018-us-officially-threatens-to-strike-syrian-army/ https://www.veteranstoday.com/2018/03/13/will-the-us-coalition-attack-syria-and-russia-to-stop-peace-process/ ...by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor with Sources The US and Israel plan to use secretly developed tactical nuclear weapons to decapitate Syria. ...

Trump vs. Bibi: 9/11-Iraq war catastrophe for US, stroke of genius...

Trump just called the 2003 invasion and occupation of Iraq the “worst decision ever made” by Washington...but his buddy Netanyahu has repeatedly celebrated 9/11 and the Iraq war as the best thing that ever happened to Israel.

Netanyahu nuts out on Iran at AIPAC

...from Press TV, Tehran Netanyahu launches another tirade against Iran at AIPAC - First published ... March 06, 2018 - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claims...

Russia’s Bust Up with Israel, RT Goes After Trump and Netanyahu

Israel is happy it has shot down the drone. Iran and Syria are happy they have shot down an Israeli war plane. Each side is left standing where it stood

Breaking: Israel makes arrests in new probe linked to Netanyahu case

Jim W. Dean - Israeli police are using Chinese water torture on Bibi now. The more he denies he has done nothing wrong they just open another case to tie around his neck.

Bibi gets banged by Israeli court on indictment referrals

Jim W. Dean - The real hoot in this thing is Bibi posing that by making the police report public and the ensuing public outcry, the prosecutor would not be able to make an independent decision on moving forward to prosecute.

Breaking: Police Recommend Israeli PM Netanyahu Indictment For Corruption, Bribery

The ninth Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, is facing an increasingly likely indictment after a police investigation reportedly urged the official be charged...

VP Pence Versus George Washington in the Knesset

Cadet Bonespurs Trump, Mike Pence, John Hagee and all people who believe in showing favoritism to Israel are described by U.S First President and esteemed General George Washington as "ambitious, corrupted, or deluded citizens

Uri Avnery – Netanyahu son caught whore hopping with billionaire sons

Jim W. Dean - Uri fills us on Israel's "Hooker-Gate" scandal involving bibi's dead beat son and his billionaire son pals where an audio tape has emerged with him wanting his buddies to pay for his girl for the favors that Bibi had done for their dads.

Pearl Harbor Day false flag alert! War party about to stage...

Trump just handed over the Holy City to Antichrist on the Eve of Pearl Harbor Day. HUGE false flag on the way!

Saudis convert to Zionism – re-circumcized at Paris synagogue

The real story behind the Saudi surrender to Israel.

Israeli MPs to pass ‘Netanyahu bill’ banning police from publicizing corruption...

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu © Global Look Press Israeli MPs have backed a law to prevent police from publishing recommendations on whether to charge...

Bush, Putin and Netanyahu – stone builders for a devastation oriented...

Americans need to examine the origins of the Bush Family closely and re-examine the Sherf(f) relationship, including DNA testing to identify if George H....

‘Felt like a slave’: Cleaner sues over alleged abuses at Netanyahu...

  Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has hit out at claims by a cleaner that she was treated like a ‘slave’ while employed at his...

Netanyahu to London Next Week For Balfour Declaration Centennial

__________ Jerusalem Post Netanyahu To Go To London Next Week For Balfour Declaration Centennial Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will travel to London at the beginning...

Netanyahu says Israel won’t allow Iran military presence in Syria

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has held talks with the Russian defense minister in East Jerusalem al-Quds, saying Tel Aviv will not allow Iran...

Trump rips up Iran deal – false flag on the way?

Is the USA crazy enough to follow Trump and his boss Bibi into a losing war with Iran and its allies Russia and China? There is only one way the public will ever swallow another big war for Israel: Another false flag, modeled on 9/11, designed to make the public think Israel's enemies are America's enemies.

Netanyahu behind Trump’s decision on Iran deal

“So that’s the real issue here and Trump’s extreme hostility towards Iran, which is all based on this non-existent problem around nuclear weapons, is really reflection of the fact that Netanyahu controls Trump’s White House."

Trump NOT Iran Deal is the “embarrassment”

Donald "We Will Totally Destroy You" Trump just bombed even bigger-time than Bibi.

Israel premier support Kurdish independence vote in Iraq

Jim W. Dean - More in-your-face Netanyahu duplicity here, pushing for the Kurds "to attain a state of their own", while he has always blocked such for the Palestinians, despite the UN resolutions supporting it, and none for the Kurds.

Israeli Leader Netanyahu Depicted as Hitler Ahead of Upcoming Trip to...

Palestine sympathizers in Argentina have apparently started disseminating posters depicting Benjamin Netanyahu as Hitler ahead of the Israeli PM’s visit to the country.

Israel will not evacuate more settlements, Netanyahu pledges

Israel will not evacuate any more settlements, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged. “We are here to stay forever,” the prime minister said at an event in the northern West Bank settlement of Barkan. “There will be no more uprooting of settlements in the land of Israel.”

Netanyahu to meet Putin over Iranian presence in Syria

Netanyahu and Putin have kept in close contact in recent years, with the Israeli leader visiting Moscow four times in the last 16 months.

Netanyahu Backs Partitioning Iraq for Kurdish State

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani recently warned about bids to break up Iraq, saying the partitioning of Arab countries serves the interests of Israel.

Majority of Israelis Say Netanyahu Should Suspend Himself if Indicted –...

Two-thirds of Israeli residents participating in a recent poll on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he should take a temporary leave of absence from his post if prosecutors indict him over allegations of wrongdoing.

How Long Can Netanyahu Continue to Serve as Prime Minister?

With Netanyahu's former aide turning state's evidence, PM is likely to face charges. Will a police recommendation lead to his ouster? And when if the coalition rallies behind him? Here's what we can expect

Israelis rally against corruption-tainted Netanyahu

Hundreds of Israelis have held a demonstration against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who is embroiled in two corruption investigations.

Uri Avnery – Soros’ Sorrows

While in Budapest, Netanyahu took part in a closed meeting with the leaders of Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Some fool forgot to cut the line to the journalists outside, and they could listen to 20 minutes of Netanyahu's secret speech. To his East European soul mates, our Bibi poured out his heart, "The liberal West European governments are 'crazy' when they impose conditions regarding human rights on their aid to Israel. They are committing suicide by letting in masses of Muslims."

Mic blunder: Netanyahu ‘admits Israel carried out dozens of strikes on...

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has admitted that Israel carried out dozens of attacks against Hezbollah arms convoys in Syria, oblivious to the fact that his remarks were being picked up by a live mic and relayed to reporters, Haaretz reported.