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U.S. Officials: Russia and Assad Won Syrian War, New World Order...

New World Order argument is getting old—really old. People of reason no longer buy it, and it is one reason why a large section of the U.S. population and even around the world is waking up.

Former German editor Udo Ulfkotte: German journalists are puppets of the...

Udo Ulfkotte: "The masters in the background are pushing for war with Russia and western journalists are putting on their helmets."

An Open Letter to President Vladimir Putin

The genetic theorists owe people like Brother Nathanael Kapner a serious explanation.

New World Order agents attempt to assassinate Rodrigo Duterte

What we can say for sure is that New World Order agents hate Duterte for numerous reasons. They hate him even more for striking an alliance with Russia and China.

Russia: Syrian rebels/terrorists used chemical weapons—but NWO agents will not attack...

Has The Cabal and its fawning paid agents in the Western media forgotten that Russia, unlike Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, and Iran, is a nuclear power with a bona fide army and navy to match?

George Soros: I carry potent messianic fantasies

George Soros: "I am sort of a deus ex machina. I am something unnatural. I'm very comfortable with my public persona because it is one I have created for myself."

President Obama responds to VT writers

“The United States needs to wean Israel off its welfare dependency and end the unconditional commitments that enable self-destructive behavior on the part of the Jewish state”.

Putin and Obama briefly square off in Peru possibly for the...

The logic is pretty clear here: New World Order agents cannot perpetuate the promiscuous and perverse idea that Assad is a dictator and is killing his own people.

Rodrigo Duterte meets Vladimir Putin—terrible news for the New World Order

Western nations, says Rodrigo Duterte, “are making attempts to attack small states and to intimidate them.”

Vladimir Putin: The International Criminal Court ain’t worth it—and that’s true

Jim W. Dean: "All the public attempts to demonize Russia as an impending threat are believed by no one with a lick of sense. Even the world cab drivers know the US is creating chaos to take advantage of it."

Professor Stephen Cohen: The Zionist media gets it completely wrong about...

After more than four years of perpetuating colossal hoaxes and deliberate lies about Russia and Vladimir Putin, New World Order agents and their lackeys are still having a hard time convincing much of the world that Putin is the “new Hitler.”

Exclusive: The US is up for uneasy times

The sole super power under George W. Bush Junior duly assisted by his team of neocons declared the 21st century as the American century and for the realization of this ambition had designed a new world order (NWO)

Vladimir Putin to Donald Trump: Did you get my beautiful letter?

It appears that we are indeed going to have a different foreign policy on Syria in 2017, and that’s really good news.

Russia wins the Syrian war; New World Order agents are becoming...

If the Washington Post is correct, then New World Order agents are the greatest jokers on the face of the planet.

Will the Powers That Be assassinate Donald Trump?

Hopefully violent protesters will start learning to live with people with whom they disagree. Hopefully they are learning that the whole world is watching them acting like monkeys in the streets of America.

Trump is the Anti-Obama, Just Like Obama Was the Anti-Bush (But...

Trump's superficial anti-globalist anti-New-World-Order facade is going to be set up to take the blame for the bad stuff that's coming.

Did Russia really invade Crimea? And what hath Donald J. Trump...

To say that Russia invaded Crimea is like saying that the United States invaded California!

Vladimir Putin: Who will protect young boys from pedophiles and rapists...

Neoconservative Mafia and their marionettes are largely responsible for the rape crisis in Europe.

George Soros wants to create color revolution in Southeast Asia

"Mr. Mahathir specifically blamed Mr. Soros for orchestrating Malaysia's economic crisis—he told the assembled bankers and economists that Mr. Soros's ilk had to be stopped."

Russophobia is intellectually imploding

We have a bunch of rather ignorant ideologues in the State Department, and equally ignorant scriveners in the mass media, who simply act upon the latest policy paper received from the top floor and then spin it to the public.

The New World Order is melting in the heat of its...

New World order agents simply cannot have it both ways: they cannot allow people like Bush and Cheney to get away with their crimes and hypocritically call Assad a “brutal ruler.”

Vladimir Putin: The United States continues to sleep with al-Nusra

Vladimir Putin: “Where is the logic? How will it all end?"

Russia continues to destroy the New World Order morally and politically

The Chicago Boys and other economic thugs used capitalism, “freedom,” and ultimately “economic policies” to covertly “alter social structures” in Chile, which was considered as a lab experiment for the CIA.

Are George Soros and Saul Alinsky Satanists?

George Soros, like Saul Alinsky, is against metaphysical reason. He is right in line with oligarchic companies like Goldman Sachs.

Assad: New World Order agents (like John Kerry) have no political...

Vladimir Putin: "I invite you to publish a world map and mark all the U.S. military bases on it. You will see the difference between Russia and the U.S."

Rodrigo Duterte: I am officially through with the New World Order

Rodrigo Duterte: “I announce my separation from the United States. America does not control our lives. Enough bullshit.”

Rodrigo Duterte to New World Order agents: “I’ll humiliate you”

Perhaps Asia is heeding Vladimir Putin’s call to promote a frontal attack on the New World Order and its agents.

Russia to New World Order agent Jens Stoltenberg: Do you have...

New World Order agents want to impose their wicked and destructive decision upon the whole world.

Russian FM Zakharova to NWO agent Boris Johnson: Stop your false...

There is no doubt that Johnson is also a New World Order agent who has a penchant for things diabolical.

From Russia with Love

Dear President Obama, take a breath of fresh air and do what it takes to make your Nobel Peace Prize count.

Vladimir Putin: Dear Hillary Clinton, Time for Round III

There is no need for Obama or Hillary to get into a real confrontation with Russia at all.

Bashar al-Assad to New World Order agents: Stop sleeping with terrorist...

if you think that Assad is a mad man who will not listen to reason and wants only destruction in Syria, then you’ll be surprised to see how he politically and intellectually vaporizes the New World Order propaganda in the Western media.

Vladimir Putin to George Soros: Didn’t I politically kill you already?

NWO agents are desperate to destroy Russia and Vladimir Putin and are trying every stupid method they can possibly imagine.

Vladimir Putin to NWO agents: So, you want to kill Assad?...

If the US is deliberately bombing both the Assad government and Russian soldiers, then US soldiers are going to be greeted with fireworks

John Kerry: Russia really screws up our plan in Syria

John Kerry cannot string two logical thoughts together because he is living in an essentially diabolical matrix which uses words such as “democracy” and “freedom” in a promiscuous way.

Pentagon paid firm millions of dollars to create false flag

“The Pentagon paid a UK PR firm half a billion dollars to create fake terrorist videos in Iraq in a secret propaganda campaign exposed by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism."

Russia to New York Times editorials: We ain’t scared of you

New World Order agents aren’t interested in arguments and counter-arguments. They are interested in pursuing an essentially wicked ideology.

Vladimir Putin intellectually humiliates flaming Neocon Max Boot

If you don’t think that NWO agents have already gone to the nuthouse and started acting like wild animals, then perhaps Flaming Jewish Neocon Max Boot will change your mind.

US and NWO agents get caught red-handed supporting ISIS in Syria–again

Russian and Syrian officials have obviously shown NWO agents that they are a complete joke.

Did Russia’s missile kill 30 Israeli and NWO agents in Aleppo?

The so-called war on terror again is a smokescreen. Any group that supports the New World Order agenda is no longer a terrorist!