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NATO is losing the war among intellectuals; Russia continues to win;...

Any movement that deprives itself of practical reason—the metaphysical substratum upon which the political and moral universe is based—will eventually end up committing moral and intellectual suicide.

A Case Against the New World Order Ideology

The NWO equation simply does not add up.

ISIS and other NWO agents are sinking faster than the Titanic...

"There is no crime America will not commit in order to maintain its political, economic, cultural, and military domination of those parts of the world where it predominates."

New World Order Doctrine Continues to Crumble Morally and Intellectually

Obviously NWO agents are leaving in a fantasy world in which logic and reason play little or no role, and it is no wonder that even some Pentagon officials are not convinced by the demonization of Russia.

How Putin Decimated NWO Agents and Satanists with a Bang (Part...

Obviously Putin was going back to practical reason and the traditional history of the West when he asked his listeners to have a frank dialogue, where arguments and counter-arguments presented, refuted, or defended.

How Vladimir Putin Destroyed the New World Oder and Brought Practical...

"It’s something that has become sort of status quo with American manipulation of foreign governments. It’s not something that comes as a surprise to me.”

Russia Rises—New World Order and Satanists Fall

People are basically tired of what Robert W. Merry has recently called “the dying dream of globalism.”

Russia is Politically and Militarily Castrating Erdogan in Syria

It is quite obvious that people are rising up against this New World Order agenda. Russians in particular do not believe that Putin is a Hitler.

Vladimir Putin: New World Order Agents and Satanists Make Me Laugh

NWO agents live in an irrational world, in which good is evil and evil is good. In that sense, NWO agents are following John Milton’s Satan as described in Paradise Lost.

CNN is catching up with Vladimir Putin on Erdogan

CNN and other NWO organs were wrong for years about Erdogan and failed to report Turkey’s involvement in supporting ISIS. Putin was right all along.

Russia to Benjamin Netanyahu: Take Your Pick—Carrots or Sticks?

Whatever you may think of Putin, you will be dishonest to say that he did not really challenge the New World Order in Syria.

Vladimir Putin Morally and Intellectually Humiliates Mass Murderer Madeleine Albright

For Madeleine Albright, killing at least 500,000 children is a good thing.

Vladimir Putin Implicitly Attacks the Neoconservative Mafia and the Neo-Liberal Ideology...

Vladmir Putin has called a spade a spade in the political realm again!

The New World Order Is Universally Chaotic (Part II)

Oligarchs exist and flourish all over the world. Particularly in the unsettled or rebellious countries, they play a useful role.

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: NWO Agents and Satanists Now...

Despite all the media manipulation, the masses were not really convinced by the Panama Papers.

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter: Russia Weakens US Hegemony in the...

Carter wants global domination on a daily basis and at the expense of everyone else, including decent Americans who are doing their best make ends meet.

The New World Order Is Almost Certainly Behind the Panama Papers

The so-called Panama Papers were supposed to demolish Vladimir Putin and Russia, but it probably will show that the New World Order is vacuous.

John McCain Received Money from Terrorist Regime Saudi Arabia

Bloomberg has implicitly agreed with what VT has been saying for months: John McCain is a terrorist apologist.

Donald Trump Has Officially Become a New World Order Agent

When Donald Trump starts talking about making America great again, he means to say that America will be great again if we start torturing people.

Vladimir Putin Declares War on the Zionist Media

Putin should get two cheers again for telling New World Order agents that they ain’t seen nothing yet.

Erdogan and ISIS Are Still Concentric Circles

Zionist media such as Newsweek, the New York Times, and the Atlantic obviously are aware that Erdogan is sleeping with ISIS.

Vladimir Putin to New World Order Agents and Satanists: Assad Is...

Whatever you may think of Putin, at least he didn’t allow Satanists to destroy Syria—like they have done in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya.

Mr. Erdogan: How did you know something was going to happen...

New World Order agents are creating monsters out of thin air and are asking American soldiers to go kill them at the expense of virtually every single American.

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: New York Times, Washington Post,...

As we all know, NWO agents do not have to provide evidence for their spurious notions. All they have to do is repeat a mantra over and over in the media and people will begin to believe it.

Obama: New World Order Created a “Shit Show” in Libya

If Obama is right—that Libya is now a “shit show”—what is the United States currently doing in Syria? Creating another “shit show”?

Beyonce Is A New World Order Prostitute and Puppet

Whether Beyonce likes it or not, she is being used like a puppet. She and the Dreadful Few are in cahoots.

74 Percent of Russians Would Vote for Putin Again—NWO Agents and...

We have a situation here. If Putin’s approval rating was 86 percent last year, then who was polluting the airwaves saying perverse things like Putin was a dictator?

The Rape of Japanese Men and Women After World War II

The fiery deaths of civilians in Tokyo and other cities and the vaporization of 200,000 mostly women and children in Hiroshima and Nagasaki remains an evil black smear on the human soul for all time to come; they provide a clear and terrible testament to man’s inhumanity to man.

Thomas Goodrich Against the New World Order—A Dialogue (Part I)

Thomas Goodrich: "Savage and sadistic as the war and ensuing Jewish 'peace' in Germany was, nowhere was the terrible price of propaganda more evident than in the war with Japan."

The Neo-Bolsheviks and Zionist Media Make Donald Trump Look Like a...

The American people are rising up against Zionist stupidity, the New World Order, and the Neo-Bolshevik ideology!

Megyn Kelly Is a New World Order Prostitute and Political Slut

Megyn Kelly spent minutes talking to Howard Stern about her breasts and her husband’s penis but she declared that she was shocked about Donald Trump’s remarks. Something fishy is going on here.

New World Order Agents Are Psychopaths

Have you ever witnessed the reaction of a thief at a local store when he suddenly discovers that he is standing next to a police officer?

The New World Order Is Losing the War in Syria Really...

Hegel’s “cunning of reason” has come back with a vengeance. You simply cannot fight reason and expect to win.

Obama: New World Order Agents Must Take Their Hats Off and...

Putin was right about many things. He was right about Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria.

John McCain Continues to Be a Fool

Could it be that McCain is just jealous that Putin continues to win, despite obstacles?

Lt. Gen. Vincent R. Stewart: Russia Changed the Calculus in Syria...

I have no choice but to applaud Vladimir Putin—at least for resisting the New World Order and its diabolical ideology in much of the West and the Middle East.

Did Henry Kissinger Kill the New World Order by Saying Russia...

"Any effort to improve relations must include a dialogue about the emerging world order."

General Joseph F. Dunford: Russia Humiliates the New World Order in...

New World Order agents are so desperate at this present moment that they even showed “footage of Russian airstrikes passed off as American”! Russia should sue them for plagiarism.

Ban Ki-moon: It’s Time to Confront the Israeli Gangsters and Hoodlums

Does anyone doubt that Benjamin Netanyahu should be in a padded cell? Who will object to the fact that he needs some tranquilizers?

Zombie Enabler David Petraeus Is Back (sort of)!

Recently, the Washington Post has located David Petraeus’ political corpse and sort of resuscitated him.