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Russia and China propose a new New World Order to US...

Russia and China ask for “diplomacy” and dialogue. As we all know, dialogue presupposes that there is indeed a moral plumb line upon which rational discussion ought to be based. Neocons do not like dialogue; they do not want to diplomacy. They want to bomb, bomb, and bomb.

Trump urges more sanctions against North Korea

Jim W. Dean - The North Korean story is beginning to show signs of the classic exploited event. Trump is hyping the threat about a nuclear missile strike on the US, which is ludicrous.

Was Otto Warmbier an American Student or an Israeli Spy?

Was Warmbier an Israeli spy? Who knows, but it is likely that someone in North Korea thought he was.

Zio-American Empire Declares War on Planet Earth

We are lurching toward World War III. Here are the data points.

Vladimir Putin to US: Peaceful resolutions, not war, are going to...

Jonas E. Alexis--International Zionism is still using the United States to oppress people and assault the moral and political order, and this is why people of good will are reacting to it.

Moon Jae-in: War with North Korea ain’t gonna happen—bad news for...

Jonas E. Alexis--Moon Jae-in, South Korea's new president, has implicitly cut New World Order agents to pieces by declaring that he has no interest in heightening the conflict between North Korea and South Korea.

North Korea crisis: US should apologize THEN negotiate

Trump should hold a press conference with Kim and tell the world about the “American genocide” and recognize Washington’s mistakes towards Pyongyang and many other nations.

Anyone Home at US State Department? Turkey, India & Korea

While Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was "taken aback" when he arrived on the job to see how much money the State Department was spending on housing and schooling for the families of diplomats living overseas" according to Bloomberg, the decision to cut as many as 2,300 employees may cause the US to loose diplomatic capabilities on multiple fronts.

South Korea to the US: No more wars for you

What we now desperately need at this juncture is good old practical reason in the political landscape.

The Trump Administration, Israel, and North Korea

The current conflict with North Korea suggests that there are some ideas that are so dumb that only a Neocon Puppet or NWO agent will believe them.

Realistic solution needed for NK nuke issue – Official Chinese editorial

Jim W. Dean -There are some surprising gems in this official Community Party editorial, including the direct threat to North Korea concerning if its nuke program endangers Chinese in the region.

Lindsey Graham and John McCain: We want to bring the apocalypse...

Both Lindsey Graham and Donald Trump are helping the Israeli regime to bring “creative destruction” in the Middle East and Asia. We must not let that happen. The American people and much of the world have every right to say no more for Israel.

The Trump administration is lying about North Korea for Israel and...

For those of you who still think that Trump is about “America First” and keeping American soldiers out of the Middle East and around the world, then I have one thing to say to you: keep dreaming.

Trump Wags the Dog in Korea

China expecting war between US and North Korea. Possibility for nuclear confrontation between the US and Pyongyang increase daily.

NEO – North Korea: The Grand Deception

Jim W. Dean - We are a suspicious bunch here at VT, about things we don't know, and why, and about things we thought we knew. We have swallowed, like others, more than a few over our many years and try to become wiser in the process

Best US weapon against North Korea and Iran: A 100-megaton apology

A highlight of last week's Tehran Conference on the Palestinian Intifada, which I had the great pleasure of attending as an unofficial US representative, came when the head of North Korea's parliament urged Palestinians to develop a nuclear deterrent...

NEO – North Korea turns the Asian Pivot upside down

Jim W. Dean - North Korea makes a dumb move that pushes China and the US together on controlling North Korea with quick new sanctions, while the Pentagon slips in new weapon systems closer to China, and the South China Sea issue goes to the back burner.