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Obama Destroyed Netanyahu’s Plan to Attack Iran

The mass hysteria regarding Iran has nothing to do with reality and everything to do with extreme lobbying of the US Congress and Senate by the Saudi and Israeli organized lobbying groups.

The Israeli Mossad, George Ratterman, and John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy was almost certainly marked for death by the Powers That Be.

Russia to US officials: Get that through your heads—we’ve got nukes,...

When Oliver Stone asked Vladimir Putin whether the US will dominate or not if a nuclear war breaks out, Putin responded, “No one will survive such a war.”

Condoleezza Rice is still a liar and a psychopath

Jonas E. Alexis--Condolezza Rice has progressively become a political zombie, an intellectual coward, and a useful idiot.

Realistic solution needed for NK nuke issue – Official Chinese editorial

Jim W. Dean -There are some surprising gems in this official Community Party editorial, including the direct threat to North Korea concerning if its nuke program endangers Chinese in the region.

Clinton Bastin: Nuclear Weapon Iran a Falsehood – update

Jim W. Dean - Neither Clinton Bastin nor VT were ever challenged by anyone with standing on any aspect that we have published on the Iran nuclear weapons hoax. Government people knew we would just offer them a two-hour debate, which to date, they have never wanted to do.

Shimon Peres: Israel’s Nuclear Weapons Architect

Is the Samson Option a Flakey Idea? ...One of these articles from the Jerusalem Post praises Peres and states his "greatest achievement" was seeing to it that Israel was able to build nuclear weapons of mass destruction at its nuclear facilities at Dimona.

ISIS Nuke Proofs Part 2 – the science of the small,...

Once again, Jeff Smith delivers a truly devastating information bomb, one that will lay waste to entire paradigms that have become increasingly anachronistic in the modern age.

Duff on Rense: Nuclear Threat on America, the Hard Proof (updated...

Intelligence received by Veterans Today has led to making a startling and unpleasant announcement. We have reason to believe that the US and/or any nation of Europe, including Russia, may well be attacked by ISIS using a nuclear weapon, not "dirty bomb," at any time including today.

NATO and the Oligarchs Want Mutually Assured Destruction—Interview with Mathematical Physicist...

Nations possessing nuclear weapons threaten each other with ‘Mutually Assured Destruction,’ which has the very appropriate acronym MAD.

G7 ministers in Hiroshima call for world without nuclear weapons

Jim W. Dean - If only if this were true, we could all get excited, but it is not. It is a bad joke really, a geopolitical psyops to steer the public nuclear threat onto others, while giving themselves a pass.

The Debate: US Nuke Scars with Jim W. Dean

Jim W. Dean: Japan's pity parade for the WWII nuclear bombings was a bit too much this year, so it was time to expose its nuclear weapons story, particularly now that they are re-militarizing.

NEO: A Look at Current Strategic Analysis for Middle East

Gordon Duff - You can kiss global nuclear non-proliferation goodbye because of the nuclear attack on Yemen. The IAEA will go the way of the League of Nations

Princes Fleeing Saudi Arabia after Yemen Scud Missile Attacks

After being pummeled by airstrikes for weeks, including nuclear weapons being used on them, the Yemenis are showing they can counterattack with missile strikes.

German Security Council approves submarine delivery to Israel

Jim W. Dean..." It has always amazed me why Germany keeps producing these offensive Dolphin submarines for Israel, and at a subsidized price to boot."

Iran, Human Rights, and the Nuclear Issue

Compared to Iran, the P5+1 nations are nuclear rogues and, arguably, human rights outlaws.

NEO – Has the US Nuked Syria?

- "My guess is it is a test for micro nukes of some type, also called “uranium deuterium triggers.” ...Jeff Smith, ex-IAEA Non-Proliferation investigator.

NEO – 9-11 Plus Thirteen Years – A Decline Into Madness

- The American congress is willing to vote away constitutional rights, authorize insane wars using illegal WMD - including tactical nuclear weapons - in what they openly admit is a religious crusade.

What AIPAC Doesn’t Want You to See

AIPAC-Rules-AmericaThe US-Israel Special Relationship Timeline That AIPAC Doesn’t Want You To See The Bilzarian Report 2012 May 14, 1948- Official Recognition- The United States of America becomes the first country to officially recognize Israel as an independent nation.

Nuclear Roundtable: America’s Nuclear Arsenal

Below are responses to questions and statements made in a roundtable. These are in answer to a US Navy nuclear weapons officer's comments and questions.

VT Nuclear Education: Mossad/N. Korea Links, MOX

The materials below were selected from a huge archive I have been given, some public, some less so, to publish. In general, minimally, it exposes the US government as dangerous, incompetent and deceitful in its handling of both nuclear materials and our national defense.

Black Sun Rising Part 4

In 1974 I had seen a family I grew up with slaughtered in their beds while they slept the sleep of the dead. My best friend, even though he was only fifteen years old at the time, was suspected of being the perpetrator, until the drug-addled surviving son confessed.

PressTV: Iran nuclear deal foils Israel financial scam: Analyst

Iran’s groundbreaking nuclear deal with the six world powers thwarted Israel’s efforts to bag money by brandishing fabricated threats over Iran’s peaceful nuclear energy program, an analyst says.

Avenge JFK – Send Weapons Inspectors to Dimona!

The Iran "nuclear crisis" is over. So now let's deal with the Israel nuclear crisis.

Saudis Nuclear Weapons Program Revealed

A week ago, Israeli intelligence leaked stories to the media that Pakistan was to supply Saudi Arabia with nuclear weapons. That story was false.

Israel Behind US Pressure on Iran

The whole so-called crisis over Iran’s nuclear programs is really a gigantic hoax.

Syrian Crisis as Opening to Global Disarmament

Let's Up the Ante by Demanding that the World's Most Powerful Polities Hand Over Their Arsenals of Chemical Weapons Too

Jericho Ballistic Test, Saudi Missiles, and an IDF Brave New Plan

On July 12, 2013, Chanel 7 reported that the IDF carried out successfully a test flight of a new ballistic engine.

Al Gore Lied

"All that was necessary was to, literally, fool most of world. That and intimidate the rest. All people had to do was “To Believe;” or, at least not speak up...."

Did Syria Sink an Israeli Submarine?

A story out of Syria claiming it sunk a German built nuclear armed submarine operated by the government of Israel has not only been partially confirmed, but that a fully confirmed nuclear attack on Syria is now believed to have been Israeli retaliation for that sinking.