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Is Israel exposing its nuclear program for attacks like on Iran’s?

The New York Times proclaims that Trump's maximum pressure strategy on Iran was a failure.

Nuclear Explosion in Ukraine

There was a spectacular series of explosions at an ammunition dump in the Ukrainian city of Balakleya, in territory held by the Kiev government.

Nuclear Terrorism 101: Weapons So Simple Cheap and Clean Everyone...

Jeff Smith - Why do depleted uranium anti-tank rounds produce temperatures in excess of 4000 degrees centigrade if they are only made of depleted uranium U-238?

ISIS Nuke Proofs Part 2: Science of the Small Clean...

Jeff Smith delivers truly devastating information bomb, one that will lay waste to entire paradigms that have become increasingly anachronistic in the modern age.

Information Bomb: Electrodynamics and Cold Fusion

Jeff Smith is a man who knows a lot about bombs of all kinds, especially nuclear ones; but here he delivers a bomb of a very different kind, an information bomb.

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