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How Zionist is the New World Order? and How Biblical Is...

Are we still allowed to ask such questions?

Terrorism and the United States of America

“CIA officers and their political bosses are never punished for engaging in terrorism. As we recently learned, they even get away with planting explosives in a Virginia school bus..."

TCK RADIO, “Latest False Prophet & Antichrist Message (December, 2017)

TCK RADIO, "Latest False Prophet & Antichrist Message (December, 2017) Talk given 1-17-18 (aprx. 40 mins) Join me as I discuss...

Dark Secret of the Wizards of Oz and Your Hero With...

Part IV:  Witches and Warlocks of Controlled Opposition, PSYOP and False Flag Deceptions. A Braveheart article This is an important conversation about how you and the...

Dark Secrets of the Wizards of Oz and Your Hero Within...

Part III: Wizards of Mind Control and Their Attempt at Full-Spectrum Dominance A Braveheart Article Hang onto your hat Dorothy, journey bravely into the eye of...

One World Religion Watch: Joy of the Gospel Unites Us?

One World Religion Watch: Joy of the Gospel Unites Us? By: Eric Gajewski Just a day later after my last write up...

Dark Secrets of The Wizards of Oz and Your Hero Within...

Part II: Wizards of the Scofield Reference Bible, Israel's Trojan Horse of Christian Mind Control

The Power of Hierarchy and the Psuedo-Truth Monopoly

Hierarchical power is a major threat to human life it controls the creation and distribution of money and is evil too. That is what we have here in America right now.

TRUTH JIHAD: Kevin Barrett interviews Peter Myers on fake news,...

Did newly-elected Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz eject George Soros's foundations from the country? And is Kurz a 9/11 truther who was "red pilled" by watching Loose Change?

TradCatKnight Radio, “More Catholic Than the Pope?”

TradCatKnight Radio, "More Catholic Than the Pope?" Join me in this episode as I discuss the following; Vatican Legitimizing Evolution?, Patriarch Kirill Warns it...

TradCatKnight Radio: Ways New World Order Deceives

Get the Latest False Prophet Message

Part VI: Big Picture of Global Politics, Change We Must to...

The Freedom Series by Steve Robertson The Freedom Series of articles are intended to bring light to the manipulative control of the secret Cabal (Khazarian...

Part 2: The West is Disintegrating

The rise of Ronald Reagan and the new right had promised an ideological revival and a return to core conservative values. In practice, Reagan’s anti-government policies, his massive and unnecessary defense buildup and reckless trickle-down economics hastened America's decline by decades, and in the end destroyed the fabric of American society.

The Operation Barbarossa II File: But Who Will Prosecute?

Jim W. Dean - Christopher Black shows his roots in this piece with its historical framing, and reminds us once again that the people who make the wars are alive and well only because we allow them to be, when so many others have suffered at their hands.

The World Order – How It Works

A Dutch whistle blower from the banking/financial sector, Ronald Bernard, has recently revealed that the globe is controlled by about 8000-8500 people...

Ongoing and Accelerating Neocon-American-Zionist-Imperialist (NAZI) Destruction of USA and the World

Neocon-American-Zionist Imperialism (NAZI) has killed 1.3 billion people, half of them Muslim, since 1950. Have a look at the men behind the curtain who did this.

Big Stories the Controlled Major Mass Media refuses to report truthfully

As the Internet's Alternative Truther Media grows in popularity, the Controlled Major Mass Media becomes exposed for its habitual lies, false-narratives and USG propaganda, and is now rapidly losing share.

NEO – Welcome to Dubai and Globalist Insanity 2017

Jim W. Dean - Oh my, no more lurking in the closet for the top down one world government crowd. When do we all get our free Koolaid so we can be ready for our big space ship ride.

TradCatKnight Radio: Mark Dankof “NWO Universal Jewish Conspiracy”

An expose of the Jew World Order. The world is being prepped for the Jewish Antichrist.

The Zionist-Christian Alliance and the Great Deception

Tens of millions of Americans, including Trump's closest advisors, belong to a satanic cult.

Down Here on the Farm (Part II)

We are being "farmed" and asset stripped by the Banksters. How did this ever happen?

Obama Commutes Whistleblower Chelsea Manning’s Sentence

After years of being detained for exposing war crimes committed by US forces that got completely swept under the rug, Chelsea Manning's sentence is commuted by President Obama.

NEO – RT’s Bank Accounts Closed – It’s Nothing to Do...

Seth Ferris - The real reason for this move is not sanctions against the Russian state. It is because a seemingly unimportant event has the potential to shake the foundations of the United Kingdom – and those in the corridors of power have just woken up to it.

Alla Pierce – ‘Motorola’ was the Donbass Dick Winters in Band...

Jim W. Dean - Americans are hardly familiar with who Motorola was, but I can zero them in very quickly. Just think of Lt. Dick Winters in the Band of Brothers movie and you will have it.

Rules of Engagement for the Exceptional Nation

Economic Destruction, Social Upheaval and “Terrorist” Incursions - Finally World War

Core Edicts of the Khazarian Mafia Top Command (Part I)

To transform Americans into self-hating, self-defeating Sheeple.

Globalists and Neocons Prove Incapable of Understanding Reality

The “global elite” persists in marginalizing common men, their interests and concerns.

Are you willing to become a NWO Global Citizen ?

Are you willing to become everything you should hate and detest?

BREXIT victory shocks NWO – were “conspiracy theories” responsible?

Did "conspiracy theorists" just knock Britain out of the EU?

BUSTED: British MP was “rescued” by Dead Man?

Thus far, I have kept quiet about the Jo cox murder, preferring to take a wider view of events and leave the nitty gritty of pulling apart the official story to others as today, whenever a suspicious incident occurs, a veritable army of sceptics immediately arises to pore over every detail.