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Trump Capitol attack is ongoing via Republican attempts to gut investigation

"The political imperative at this point is to discredit any investigation", said Norm Ornstein, an emeritus scholar with the American Enterprise Institute.

NEO – Trump Reemerges as Prosecutors circle his Fading Empire

Despite Trump's problems, he is still recognized as the major power in the Republican party, where anyone not in his favor would stand little chance of being elected in 2022 and 2024.

Who Secretly funded the very ‘Publix’ Coup, and is now protected...

We now know the coup was funded, not through Trump extremists, but through GOPAC and Lindsey Graham, meaning Trump is the "fall guy" for what was a GOP attempt to overthrow the government.

Exclusive: Russian ties to DC coup through deep penetration of GOP,...

Justice has moved to have all charges dropped against Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, according to our sources.

Terror Group that attacked our capitol had funding help from Krogers

The Indiana Oath Keepers listed its affiliation with the Kroger program on its website.

Ohio GOP Oath Keepers accused of communicating with Rep. Lauren Boebert...

“All members are in the tunnels under Capitol,...“Seal them in, turn on gas.”

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