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Jerusalem belongs to us all!

2018: World must save Holy City from Israel, fearlessly confront false claims, challenge cruelty and expose the lies. Campaigners for justice, including civil society in all countries, need to re-frame Palestine-Israel narrative and demolish Zionist fantasy

UN Must Address America’s Illegal Occupation of Afghanistan

To the Honorable Secretary-General Antonio Guterres United Nations New York, New York 10017 RE: The United States is Terrorizing the Afghan Villagers and Looting Their Rare Earth...

Turkey says Israel must end occupation of Palestine

Jim W. Dean - We must look at Erdogan's new announcement to cooperate more with Russia, Iran, Iraq and now Syria on security issues. He can see that his trying to exploit the Syrian situation has backfired, with a possible Kurdish State being declared on his southern border

Iraqis Must Resist US Occupation with Every Fiber of Their Being

After ISIL is fully dislodged, the people of Iraq must resist America’s permanent war and occupation with every fiber of their being.

PressTV: Iraq urges full inquiry into 2003 US-led ‘occupation’

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has called for a full investigation into the 2003 US-led invasion of his country that was assessed as unjust by...

Should Putin liberate the Golan Heights?

Putin should immediate declare and enforce a no-fly zone over Golan. Then he should give the Israeli squatters one week to evacuate.

Israel: The Elephant in the US Election

The media does not want to address the elephant in the room, or in this case, in the US presidential election.

US State Department: Netanyahu deserves to be called a “chickenshit”

Israeli officials, most specifically Benjamin Netanyahu, cannot frame their political ideas on reason and international laws because Rabbinic Judaism does not allow that possibility.

Riders on the Storm – Avnery on ‘Hatred Unlimited’

Ehud Barak - "We have no partner for Peace." Pragmatically this means, "We will be at war with anyone who sees through our deception." This dogma can only stoke hatred and war.

How the Israeli Military’s “Justice” System Shields an Illegal Occupation

By the Open Societies Foundations of George Soros (with permissions) For almost 50 years, Palestinians have been living under an Israeli military regime that has...

Palestinians – 68 Years and Counting

It's time to pursue the One State Solution -- a state for all of its people. Palestinians have lived with others for many years; Jews have lived with others for centuries. Why couldn't the two live together?

FFWN: Hall and Barrett question Dean and Duff on Finicum killing

If the video shows a gun, why does the FBI say Finicum NEVER DREW HIS GUN?

The US Occupation of Afghanistan Has Failed

It is time that the State Department accepts the truth that the United States' war in and occupation of Afghanistan has failed.

Liberate Jerusalem! Quds Day coming soon

Get ready for Quds Day! Coming your way Friday, July 10th.

Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories ‘must end’ – White House chief...

Netanyahu hoisted on his own petard...RT report

American Hero Rachel Corrie: A Light That Never Goes Out

Team People mourns the murder of global hero Rachel Corrie who non-violently stood up to evil and was murdered by inhumanity.

Hamas, Hezbollah fighting Israeli, ISIS terror: Pundit

Hamas and Hezbollah are fighting the world's most brutal terrorist organization: ISrael.

Uri Avnery – Deif- Son of Death

- Uri Avnery - "For security agencies around the world, including the US and Russia, assassination is a sport and an art. Israel claims to hold the gold medal."

Israel changes name to Judaic State (JS)

Is Judaic State (JS) imitating Islamic State (IS) - or the other way around?

Militarized police occupy USA

Is the U.S. "homeland" just another military occupation zone?

Uri Avnery – Who is Winning?

- "Kill 'em with satire”, is an ancient political commentary tactic, and Uri shows it is still going strong below.

Israeli Prime Minister Insults Intelligence of U.S. Christians

In Response to Watershed Historic Presbyterian USA Vote to Divest from Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu Appears Unopposed on NBC Meet The Press to Send Condescending Message to U.S. Christians

Zionists celebrate occupation of USA

If you want to protest AIPAC's faltering death-grip on America, do it this year.

SUPER BOWL PROTEST: Scarlett Johansson Commerical – Punish Speaks Out!

Activist Johnny Punish reads Scarlett Johansson the riot act as she gets ready to shill for Apartheid Company Soda Stream on Super Bowl Sunday! Are you ready for some protest football?

Scarlett Johansson Doubles Down on Apartheid Resigns from Humanitarian Group

Actress Confirms Commitment to Apartheid and Ethnic Cleansing of Indigenous Peoples by Resigning From Post as Ambassador for Goodwill and Peace in Favor of a Company that Illegally Confiscates Land of Indigenous Peoples while posing as an an Ec0-Friendly Company

Convicted of genocide, Israel prepares new holocaust

It is time for the world to come together and put an end to the madness of Zionism, before the madness of Zionism puts an end to the world.

Helen Thomas’s courageous legacy: “Zionists go home!”

The utter and complete illegitimacy of Zionism and its phony state “Israel” is the elephant in the living room.

The Loopiest Zionist Flack I Have Ever Debated

My goofiest TV debate opponent yet. Compared to him, Hannity and O'Reilly almost look sane.