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Analysis of American Intelligence and Military Operations: The Tet Offensive

Preparations for the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong launched Tet Offensive started months before the evening of January 31, 1968. In 1967 the Vietnam-American...

False Flags, Covert Operations, and American Exceptionalism

The game plan is this: Attempt to destabilize the Iranian government with draconian economic sanctions and black intelligence operations there. If that fails, utilize a false flag operation to falsely pin something on Iran that would sell the general public in the United States and the West with an overt military operation against Tehran. This is the Netanyahu plan. This is the plan of his operatives in the American government.

Analysis of Nixon’s Expansion of Military Operations During Vietnam War

In article II, section 2. of the United States’ Constitution, provisions were made for the President of the United States to be Commander in...

US Army Continues Rescue Operations for ISIL in Eastern Syria

TEHRAN (FNA)- Military helicopters of the US-led coalition carried out another heliborne operation in Southeastern Deir Ezzur, carrying 20 senior ISIL commanders on board,...

Afghans Fear US Army, NATO Operations More Than the Taliban

On Wednesday, 12 civilians were killed and 16 wounded in American airstrikes in Afghanistan's eastern province Logar. Afghan politicians commented to Sputnik Afghanistan on the issue, noting that civilians fear US army and NATO operations more that the Taliban.

Operations to free Iraq’s Tal Afar officially begin

Jim W. Dean - What Abadi is doing is allowing all combat groups to participate in the battle so they can share the credit. The US fear of the PMUs gaining more combat experience was silly, as they are already are a proven counter-insurgency force.

Syrian War Report – August 4, 2017: Army, SDF Boost Cooperation,...

...from SouthFront Modern 9K333 Verba man-portable air-defense systems (MANPADs) have been spotted at positions of the Russian military servicemen in the Eastern Ghouta region near...

Trump to Silence Flynn over Turkish Death Squad Operations in America

Gordon Duff - Flynn was lead in a White House deal with Turkey and other nations to allow rendition and assassination programs inside the US, not just against dissidents but American journalists and possibly political leaders including members of Congress.

Iraq to continue operations against Daesh positions in Syria

Jim W. Dean - This Abdi move could be a big game changer. Is he getting ready to use the Bush doctrine of attacking and destroying terrorists wherever they can be found in neighboring states?

Syrian Army Suspends Combat Operations in Aleppo

Jim W. Dean - The Syrian coalition makes a snap decision in Aleppo to stop offensive operations to focus on getting civilians out of the newly taken territories. We will have 8000 more witnesses who can tell their stories now.

General Soleimani in Mosul Operations Room, Cutting off ISIS Retreat to...

TEHRAN (FNA)- Commander of the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Qassem Soleimani has arrived in Hashd al-Sha'abi (popular...

Syria & Iraq War Report – October 17, 2016: Military Operations...

...from SouthFront Since previous military report, the Syrian army, Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba, Liwa al-Quds Lebanese Hezbollah have achieved more gains in Aleppo city. They took...

Must See: Crushing American Exceptionalism in Syria

...from SouthFront To put Russia’s one year of peacemaking operations in Syria in perspective, one should think back to what the situation was like on...

Chinese Air Force to Join Anti-Terrorism Operations in Syria

Media sources disclosed that a Chinese military delegation in a visit to Damascus explored avenues for the dispatch of a number of warplanes to Syria to intensify war on terrorism in the Middle-Eastern country.

Top US commander warns Syria & Russia against operations near American...

Counter measures will be taken by US troops in case they “feel threatened” by Syrian or Russian air forces, according to a senior US military official. The warning comes in the wake of a recent incident with Syrian warplanes attacking areas close to US Special Forces.

No air strikes or offensive operations planned in Syria’s Aleppo

Jim W. Dean - As the US and NATO see their terrorist and rebel proxy forces on the verge of losing, they know what a mountain of horror stories will be coming out of Aleppo when the jihadis are driven out, and it is safe for people to talk.

War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery – NATO Information Operations

The beginning of interest in post-Cold War information operations can be traced to the UN intervention in Somalia and the Rwanda Genocide.

Top Secret Khazarian Mafia Human Disposal Operations (Part II)

ISIS is just another top secret KM human disposal operation, with associated multi-faceted secondary goals.

Top Secret Khazarian Mafia Disposal Operations for American Soldiers

The American people, and especially American Soldiers, were never supposed to find out about these top-secret Khazarian Mafia operations to dispose of US Soldiers after they are no longer needed for cannon-fodder to fight KM foreign wars for profit.

Iran: US Delaying Kurd’s Military Operations in Raqqa to Save ISIL

A senior Syrian military expert said Washington is trying to save the Takfiri terrorists in Raqqa province by delaying the Kurdish forces' military operations against the terrorist groups there.

Russia Defense Report: Special Operations Forces Command

Russia’s special ops troops have demonstrated that ability when, under their “polite people” guise, they ensured the people of Crimea were able to exercise their right to vote on their future.

DESI: US special operations forces to Syria to prepare for a...

US-Russian showdown is looming in the horizon after the arrival of 250 US special operations forces to Hasakeh, Syria, and the number is believed to reach 500 in the coming days.

NEO: Poland, A New Route for ISIS Weapons Smuggling Operations?

By Konrad Stachnio for New Eastern Outlook, Moscow After bringing Ukraine to the stage of complete disintegration, the country has fallen into mired corruption, ruled by...