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Pakistan in the Firing Line

Asif Haroon Raja War against the Soviets Fearing takeover by the fundamentalists, 40th Soviet Army intervened and occupied Afghanistan on December 27, 1979, killed Hafiz Amin...

Iran’s IRGC to treat US troops like Daesh if blacklisted

Jim W. Dean - US support for proxy terrorism is the most open secret in the history of clandestine warfare, yet when corporate media report on the stories, we find a key component, the US-NATO use of proxy terrorism to promote desired regime change, is flagrantly absent.

Indo-US-Afghan agenda against Pakistan

Asif Haroon Raja Motivated origination of war on terror Drama of 9/11 provided a readymade excuse to George W. Bush and his team of Neocons to...

Contemporary undercurrents in Pakistan

Asif Haroon Raja The ongoing political polarization between Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI) led by Imran Khan and Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) has brought back...

9/11 Tragedy & the US Double Game with Pakistan


Pakistan, Considering Suspension of NATO Supply to Afghanistan

Pakistan’s National Assembly (Lower house of parliament) has unanimously passed a resolution on August 30, this year, calling on the government to consider suspending supply lines to the US-led NATO mission in Afghanistan in response to the recent US accusations that the country is harbouring militant groups.

NEO: Pakistan Another “Major Strategic Partner” Now Fighting For Its Life

So the Trump White House is really on the ball now. After suddenly discovering what North Korea has always been, it has done the same with Pakistan, and is trying to cover its essential ignorance by saying how unhappy it is about it.

US’ Tillerson issues stern warning to Pakistan

'If I were the Pakistan government I would have growing concerns about the strength of the Taliban,' top diplomat says

Pakistan Says US Must Not Make It A ‘Scapegoat’ for Afghan...

Pakistan rejected on Wednesday US criticism of its efforts to fight terrorism saying it should not be used as a scapegoat for the failure of the US military to win the war in Afghanistan.

Trump vows victory in Afghanistan, stays silent on troop levels

Jim W. Dean - Trump is setting himself up as he always does to be able to blame someone else for the failure, or just declare political bankruptcy, which worked so well in his real estate career.

Who is Behind Afghanistan’s Blame Game against Pakistan?

        By Sajjad Shaukat for Veterans Today Terrorist outfits such as the Islamic State group (Also known as Daesh, ISIS, ISIL) and...

Pakistan: Panama verdict announced

Panama case which emerged in April 2016 was fully exploited by Imran Khan (IK) led PTI. Once IK refused to accept the offer of PM Nawaz Sharif (NS) to hold a commission of retired judges to probe the case, the Parliamentary Committee couldn’t make any headway since PML-N, PTI and PPP failed to frame consensus Terms of References (TORs).

India’s Bloodless War against Pakistan


Is Panama gate a foreign conspiracy to derail Pakistan?

After splitting Pakistan into two in 1971 under an international conspiracy, Pakistan was once again marked as a target by Indo-US-Afghan-UK-Israeli nexus after 9/11.

Pakistan: Dangerous Turn in Panama Leaks Case

Asif Haroon Raja Panama Leaks case that had surfaced from nowhere in April 2016 has reached a critical stage. It has become the most hyped...

Book: ‘The Contractor’, Continued Propaganda against Pakistan’s Security Agencies

Loyal Pakistanis must not be misguided by this book, which is part of the continued propaganda campaign against Pakistan’s security agencies so as to create a rift between the general masses and these key security institutions.

China to build military base in Pakistan as US influence declining

China is set to build a military base in Pakistan as US influence over its once strong ally continues to decline.

Stop the Funds to Afghanistan and Pakistan

Jim W. Dean - Kadir is nothing if not a dedicated and passionate man. The exposé below is a lot to absorb for those who have not followed the Afghanistan descent into hell, where once again gangsters end up running the show. If you want to learn a lot quickly, here it is.

Tora Bora: The Emerging Redoubt

New York Times reported on 14 June 2017 that, “Tora Bora, the mountain redoubt that was once Osama bin Laden’s fortress, fell to the Islamic State early Wednesday, handing the extremists a significant strategic and symbolic victory”.

Inspired political instability in Pakistan

On October 11, 1999, a democratically elected government of PML-N was toppled by the military under Gen Pervez Musharraf.

Pakistani Commander of Saudi-Led Anti-Yemen Coalition Mulling Resignation

Former Pakistani army chief, Raheel Sharif, who was appointed to head the Saudi-led military coalition against Yemen is attempting to find a way for leaving and returning home.

Pakistan: Indo-Bangladesh Defence Deal, Hasina Wajid’s Puppet Regime 

Since the Prime Minister of Bangladesh and leader of the ruling party, Awami League (AL) Sheikh Hasina Wajid came into power, India has been employing various tactics to entrap Bangladesh by manipulating her pro-Indian tilt to fulfill its strategic interest

Pakistan: How Imran Khan Plotted to Overthrow Sharif’s Government?

 Nauman Sadiq for Veterans Today During Imran Khan’s four months long Dharna (sit-in and political demonstrations) in front of the parliament in Islamabad from August...

Pakistan deploys troops to Saudi border with Yemen

Pakistan is deploying a brigade of combat troops to Saudi Arabia as the kingdom is struggling to keep its southern borders from retaliatory attacks conducted by Yemeni forces, security sources say.

How is Pashtun Insurgency being Portrayed as Terrorism in Pakistan?

Nauman Sadiq for Veterans Today In Pakistan, there are three distinct categories of militants: the Afghan-centric Pashtun militants; the Kashmir-centric Punjabi militants; and the transnational...

Blockbuster: Russiagate II, The Saga of Treason

Our own sources not only confirm Homeland Security's claims but take it a step further, naming a pattern of contacts between the President of the United States and the intelligence agencies of Pakistan, Israel and Russia, a president seeking blackmail "dossiers" on key Americans for reasons we outline below.

The Afghan Connection of Terrorism in Pakistan (Updated)

Pakistan’s Armed Forces have broken the backbone of the foreign-backed terrorists by the successful military operation Zarb-e-Azb, which has also been extended to other provinces of the country.

Pakistan: Who is Behind Lahore Terror Attack?

                                          By Sajjad Shaukat...

Pakistan: Uproar over Missing bloggers

The recently approved Pakistan Electronic Crime Act by the Parliament and promulgation of cybercrime law specifying punishments to the wrongdoers operating in the world of media with absolute callousness has alarmed the dissidents

Pakistan accuses India of developing nuclear submarines

Pakistan has accused its longtime rival India of developing nuclear submarines, claiming the development had forced Pakistan to remain on alert. Pakistan’s Additional Foreign Secretary Tasnim Aslam made the rare claim while addressing a seminar in Islamabad on Tuesday, insisting New Delhi was building its “atomic stockpile day by day.”