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Finally, 2012 Documentary ‘Gilad and all That Jazz’ is on Youtube

One hour with Gilad Atzmon and his Ziocon detractors.

Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi got fired for exposing warmongers and...

Philip Giraldi has been putting the Neocon war machine on a frying pan over the past decade or so, and they certainly don’t like him.

E. Michael Jones: Trump is in cahoots with New York Jewish...

Trump has also surrounded himself with political gangsters who are in cahoots with the Israeli regime’s relentless liquidation of the Palestinians.

Arafat, Oslo, Sabra and Shatila – The Betrayal of Palestine

"Arafat was a narcissist self-serving, incompetent, corrupt fraud and a lie who did irreparable damage and harm, to the Palestinian people and cause. History will prove me right."

Labour Party betrays Palestine

The Labour Party in the United Kingdom has made a huge switch in its policy leaving many followers of the Jeremy Corbyn headed Party in disappointment and disbelief.

Uri Avnery – Crusaders and Zionists

Jim W. Dean - Uri has a great piece for us today, as he shines when he goes digging into the history of his current home country, that has belonged to so many others for its many years of human habitation.

Turkey says Israel must end occupation of Palestine

Jim W. Dean - We must look at Erdogan's new announcement to cooperate more with Russia, Iran, Iraq and now Syria on security issues. He can see that his trying to exploit the Syrian situation has backfired, with a possible Kurdish State being declared on his southern border

Israel is still grabbing Palestinian lands and building a beautiful, powerful...

Is using urine during a protest part of being democratic as well?

Balfour’s shameful legacy: UK Government must say sorry and protect Christian...

To: Rt Hon David Mundell MP, Secretary of State for Scotland

Gaza, this ‘poor desperate place’: Waiting for the end?

Every Palestinian I met on my visits to the Holy Land urged me to tell their story when I got home. Some have written to me with very moving accounts of misery and excruciating hardship under Israel's brutal occupation, reinforcing the appalling truths I'd seen for myself.

Straight outta Zionism

The Zionist Kingdom has obviously used the media to perpetuate their own agenda, and the fact that the State Department has written a long report on how the Palestinians are being mistreated by the Israeli regime shows that US officials know that Israel is a problem child

‘Peace process Israeli scam to steal Palestine’ – Kevin Barrett vs....

Israelis have “engineered” the propaganda that they are under constant threat in order to pave the way for their expansionist agenda.

US Senators Deny Bill will Criminalize Boycotting – Response to ACLU

The bill would amend laws to bar U.S. persons from supporting boycotts against Israel, and it would broaden the law to include penalties for simply requesting information about such boycotts. Violations would be subject to a minimum civil penalty of $250,000 and a maximum criminal penalty of $1 million and 20 years in prison.

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu: Leave No Palestinian or Arab Alive

Israeli politician and Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked: “Who is the enemy? The Palestinian people. Why? Ask them, they started…”

Opposing Zionism not racism – says Court in Scotland – The...


How should the Palestinians be supported to resist against Israeli atrocities?

The Palestinians should always apply the moral order or practical reason when challenging Israeli atrocities. Practical reason is our only defense against warmongers, Zionist puppets and marionettes, and the Israeli regime.

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman: We want Assad out of Syria...

“[Assad] opened the country up to foreign trade, to tourism within the country and from abroad, to freedom of movement and of education for both men and women. Before the protests started, the number of women in the professional world had been constantly increasing, the university was open to all, and there was no discrimination on the basis of sex."

J-TV Documentary on the ‘Antisemitic’ Goyim (must watch)

Why do they do it to themselves, why do they repeat the same mistakes time after time? The answer to this question may explain the true meaning of the Jewish tragedy once and for all!

Palestine: Another Desperate Cry For Help

The National Coalition of Christian Organizations in Palestine (NCCOP) has just issued a final plea for help in the form of an open letter to the World Council of Churches and the ecumenical movement.

The Deaths of Others: The Fate of Civilians in America’s Wars

The Bush administration never intended to reconstruct Afghanistan, and Rumsfeld knew this. The billions upon billions of dollars that were spent in Afghanistan went to the oligarchs and elite, while ordinary Afghans went to abject poverty and suffering.

The Great Satan in the Middle East

That Israel was built on raping, pillaging, and plundering Palestinian men, women and children is just a historical fact. But the problem is that Israel has no intention of collaborating with the Palestinians in order to bring about peaceful resolutions in the Middle East.

Israel planned to set the world on fire in 1967

Israel’s plan to detonate a nuclear bomb was called the “Samson option.” Samson, as we recalled, died with his enemies in an act of suicide.

A “Liberal” who never trusted “Main Stream Media”

The "Fourth Branch" is unelected and never accountable to the people, yet it decides for us and for the nations. It decides whom we should vote for, and it decides which wars we should support, and it decides which criminal regime or countries we should support. We are never free to make up our mind.

Norway’s trade unions vote to boycott Israel over Palestine

Norway’s largest trade union body has voted in favor of economic, cultural, and academic boycott of Israel over its treatment of Palestinians. In response,...

Former Israeli Defense Minister Bogie Yaalon: Israel continues to work with...

The US and Western leaders are helping Israel. They want to give much of the Middle East to the regime, which never ceases to plunder and massacre Palestinian men, women, and children.

Uri Avnery – Marwan Barghouti, the Palestine Nelson Mandela

Jim W. Dean - This is Uri at his best today, going to bat for an abused underdog with whom he is politically aligned, Marwan Barghouti, who has been spending much of his life in prison for resisting the Zionist occupation, as the Zionists did with the British mandatory government before them.

Ivanka plans to “mourn Holocaust victims”–but not Russian or Palestinian victims

Charles Krauthammer: “It has become increasingly common for American Jews to locate their identity in the Holocaust."

Nikki Haley is a political maniac and psychopath

There are many crazy politicians in this world. And if you haven’t figured that out yet, then start studying the Israel/Palestine conflict. The astonishing hypothesis is that many of those people seem to be deliberately insane.

Lindsey Graham and John McCain: We want to bring the apocalypse...

Both Lindsey Graham and Donald Trump are helping the Israeli regime to bring “creative destruction” in the Middle East and Asia. We must not let that happen. The American people and much of the world have every right to say no more for Israel.

To save America, purge the Neocons and warmongers from the White...

Certifiably Neocon programs have been receiving taxpayer money to influence the U.S. public in ways that have undermined all initiatives at diplomacy and constructive engagement with Russia, with China.