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New laws make Israeli apartheid official

Apartheid is a crime against humanity under international convention. The Israeli regime doesn't care; but politicians in the UK, EU and US should.

Israel’s March of Folly

How does a group of a few hundred thousand "destroy" one of the world's most heavily armed states that possesses nuclear bombs and submarines to deliver them? With kites?

Exposed! How Britain’s anti-Semitism scaremongers operate

Zionists continue their genocide of Palestine thanks to "lawfare" against activists and truth-tellers.

God’s Precious Immigrant Children and Parents in the Hands of the...

God’s Precious Immigrant Children and Parents in the Hands of the Monstrously Cruel and Indifferent Americans seem to have a short fuse memory when it...

Trump-Kushner Palestine plan is dead on arrival

In the “deal of the century”, there is not a single mention of the United Nations’ solutions and resolutions.

TRUTH JIHAD: Freedom Flotilla is Heading for Gaza!

Once again, the Freedom Flotilla is attempting to break Israel's genocidal siege of Gaza.

Al-Quds is NOT Jerusalem

Middle East will never escape colonial project and resurrect true identity unless history and religions are freed from politically and religiously manipulated and erroneous Torah narrative.

Prince William says ‘Occupied Territories’

Oh my, the Prince goes to Israel, mentions "occupied territories", and is not smeared as an anti-semite and/or a holocaust denier.

Gaza: What it needs is Freedom

There is a need to establish a port and an airport for Gaza direct to Cyprus under international supervision via UN- and NATO-monitored corridors.

Understanding Jewish Power

"One of the best articles ever written." -Preston James

The US: The Enemy of Peace in the Middle East

But for the US and the leadership of the American Jewish Zionists, the Israelis and Palestinians could have achieved peace a long time ago.

Is Anti-Zionism Rising in Korea?

The Israelis can solve the anti-Israeli or anti-Jewish reactions overnight by simply denouncing their essentially diabolical/Talmudic activity. Until they do that, then anti-Jewish reactions will continue to spread like wild fire around the world.

Are North Korea and Iran Deceiving the West?

If Israel plays by the same rule, then Israel would have told the world that it does have at least two hundred nuclear warheads down its basement.

Israeli minister to EU: You “can go to a thousand hells”

Can you imagine any leader of the entire Western world saying that “Israeli officials can all go to hell”? What would happen to that leader? Wouldn’t the Zionist regime and the Neocon machine ask for his head on a silver platter?

Coultergeist Activities for Israel

Ann Coulter is paid to say crazy things, weird things, dumb things, and diabolical things.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s son: “Fuck Turkey”

Yair Netanyahu takes American tax dollars to the club and spends it on strippers. In short, your money is supporting Yair and corrupt Israeli officials.

“Jerusalem al-Quds: Eternal Capital of Palestine” conference in Mashhad, Iran

Jim Dean and a bunch of other ex-military, intel, and State Dept. folks made it to Iran – to stand in support of Palestine.

Nakba, the Great Tragic Comedy and Forgiveness in the Face of...

The opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem on May 14, 2018 marked yet another finger in the eye of humanity.

Forgiveness in the Face of Israel’s Great Global Arrogance and Cruel...

A US Embassy opened in Jerusalem in violation of four Senate ratified treaties and the forth Geneva Convention, Netanyahu decided to strike.

55 Palestinians massacred by Israeli gunmen

Israeli Snipers have today killed 55 Palestinian Peaceful demonstrators, injuring 2,771.

Dozens of St. Louis Businesses to Shut Down in Commemoration of...

Al Nakba remembrance ceremony will be held in downtown St. Louis.

Jewish Guilt is the Discourse of The Goyim

True Antisemitsm is when IDF snipers film themselves shooting unarmed Semite protestors* like sitting ducks while laughing their heads off!

Should we bomb Israel for using chemical weapons?

If you think that the Israeli/Neocon/Zionist equation can work in the political landscape, then you are in deep trouble.

TCK RADIO: Gilad Atzmon “Palestine, Puppet State of Israel & Prepare...

TradCatKnight Radio, Gilad Atzmon "Palestine, Puppet State of Israel & Prepare For Persecution" Talk given 4-11-18 (aprx 45 minutes) VISIT TRADCATKNIGHT.BLOGSPOT.COM DAILY! TCK PODCASTS ARE NOW FOUND...

Superstar Musicians Support Gaza with “2UniteAll” Benefit Album for Middle East...

As the 2UniteAll album rolled out it would receive endorsing quotes from Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Noam Chomsky, Film Director Oliver Stone, former Bethlehem Mayor Vera Baboun, Palestinian Entrepreneur Sam Bahour and famed Palestinian soccer player Alaa Ismail and many more.

Deir Yassin outrage remembered: 70th anniversary

One hundred innocent civilians murdered, 50 children orphaned in systematic slaughter of peaceful village

Uri Avnery – It’s the Occupation, Stupid!

The only thing missing from the latest Zionist crime against humanity in Gaza was IDF planes bombing and dropping napalm on the unarmed peaceful protesters.

Palestine at a Cross Roads, Freedom or Perpetual Imprisonment

"For the first time in 70 years, nations around the world, not a few but the vast majority representing 90% of the planet's population, are declaring Israel a "rogue state."

Iran’s IRGC Ready to Help Palestinians Restore Rights

In a statement released on Saturday, the IRGC strongly condemned the heinous crimes against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, and said, "The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, as the Iranian nation's powerful arm, will spare no effort to help the Muslim people of Palestine and will further activate its available capacities to restore Palestinians' rights”.

Facebook blocks Congress candidate’s website—because he supports Palestine!

Such censorship is treason — a capital crime — against the First Amendment of the Constitution.

Benjamin Netanyahu hacks California…thanks to Kamala Harris

...by Jonas E. Alexis You simply cannot make this stuff up. If the people who are pushing the Russia-gate ideology is right, then Netanyahu has...

The AZZ Freak Show starring Tom Pessah

Who is more antisemitic: the Zionists who kill Palestinians or the 'Anti-Zionist' Zionists (AZZs) who kill Palestinian resistance on behalf of their Zionist twins?

Carter warns of ‘catastrophic’ consequences Trump’s policy on Palestine

Jim W. Dean - There will never be an agreement that the Palestinians can accept without a lot of US pressure being put on Israel to do it.

Russia to Israel: Stop demonizing Iran

...by Jonas E. Alexis Russia has done it again. They have recently declared that they are not in favor of obliterating the Zionist state. At...

Lock him up–indefinitely

...by Jonas E. Alexis We have been saying from time immemorial that Benjamin Netanyahu is worse than a suicide bomber. He seems to have been...

Monika Schaefer: Letter from a German Prison

...by Jonas E. Alexis and Monika Schaefer Jonas E. Alexis: Studying Jewish political and ideological movements never ceases to fascinate me for various reasons. On...

The Jewish Timeline – From Moses to Bibi

The Jewish timeline is an anti-historical narrative that inevitably begins at the point when Jewish suffering is detected and ignores the prior circumstances that may have led to that suffering.

Trumped Up: How Alan Dershowitz Endangers Democracy

Dershowitz continues long history of criminalizing political differences which endanger his worldview.

Anti-Semitsm: Reality or Merely Statistics?

Before Israeli Minister Naftali Bennett complains about the Poles who don’t want Jewish citizens in their country, he should tell us what is the percentage of Israeli Jews who aren't happy to live next to Arabs or African Immigrants....

RIP Alan Hart: Giant of honest journalism and Middle East peacemaking

I got to know Alan after he saw my work on 9/11 and decided to speak out, for the first time, on my radio show.

Thank You Donald Trump for the 51st U.S. State of Israel

Trump's pro-Israel Jerusalem actions make clear the US is biased in favor of Israel over Palestine

Former CIA Official: End the unconditional support for Israel now

…by Jonas E. Alexis and Mark Dankof Jonas E. Alexis: Former CIA official and historian Philip Giraldi is politically marked for death. The Neocons and...

TRUTH JIHAD: Brendon O’Connell celebrates release from political prison, recounts ordeal

Political asylum seeker Brendon O'Connell was recently released from a New Zealand immigration prison, where he had been languishing in atrocious conditions since October....

Truth: The Moral and Political Death of Zionism

Editor's note:  We had tried to give Israel some room for a bit, it is too easy to hyperfocus on Israel as the root...

Interview with an Israeli General’s Son

…by Jonas E. Alexis and Miko Peled * Miko Peled is an Israeli-American activist and author of the best-selling book The General’s Son: Journey of an...

Jerusalem belongs to us all!

2018: World must save Holy City from Israel, fearlessly confront false claims, challenge cruelty and expose the lies. Campaigners for justice, including civil society in all countries, need to re-frame Palestine-Israel narrative and demolish Zionist fantasy

TRUTH JIHAD Christmas special! Mazin Qumsiyeh reports from Jesus’s birthplace, Sander...

Subscribe to Kevin Barrett's Radio Shows Two of Truth Jihad Radio's favorite Christians – Palestinian-American professor Mazin Qumsiyeh and New York congressional candidate Sander Hicks...

Trump is heralding the ethnic cleansing of Palestine

…by Jonas E. Alexis, the Balkan Post, and Mark Dankof Mark Dankof is the former 36th District Chairman of the Republican Party in King County/Seattle. He...

Ivanka Trump to Steve Bannon: You are a “f**ing liar”

...by Jonas E. Alexis There seems to be a battle between Steve Bannon, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner again. Bannon called Ivanka the “queen of...

Israel’s Samson Option and the New Santa Claus Effect (Part 2...

A Freedom Series by BraveHeart The Santa Claus Effect - The Samson Option  Does Israel have a secret gun pointed at the head of the rest...

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