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Paris Journalists attend Press Conference for 68th Festival de Cannes

Paris journalists attend press conference for Festival de Cannes.

Charlie Hebdo & Copenhagen: Netanyahu war crimes?

Was Bibi behind the slaughter in Paris two months ago?

Paris: Fallout After Staged Suicide of “Charlie” Investigator

Perhaps the world's dumbest false flag attack...

American Masterclass in Paris presented by pianist Jay Gottlieb

Jay Gottlieb, an international American pianist presented a Masterclass in Paris to a French audience in the tradition of the private musical salon.

Caught: The Backstory on the Paris Anti-Semitism Hoax

When we look at this story, a "perp" who spends his life it seems, spraying swastikas all over Paris, caught again and again, a virtual "one man holocaust," we take note.

Zionists linked to “Charlie Hebdo terrorists’ escape”

Coincidence theorists are going to have a field day with this!

NEO – A Murderous Fraternity

Jim W. Dean..."Terrorism does not spring from poverty, but from a pathological compulsion of the puppetmeisters to coordinate mayhem."

Fiasco Paris II: The Wrong Car Gambit

Another humiliation for a nation of bunglers...

NEO: Paris Terror, the Smell of False Flag

Originally published in New Eastern Outlook, Moscow.

The Ideology of 9/11 Travels to Paris

Regardless of what you believe about what happened on 9/11, one thing is for sure: the attack was not good for America, but it was good for Israel.

Hypocrisy In Paris

Hypocrisy was all over the front line leading the march in last Sunday’s big event in Paris. Bibi Netanyahu decision to push his way to the front line in Sunday’s march against terrorism was not only “Chutzpa” but also hypocrisy.

Netanyahu Got Busted Again

Recep Tayyip Erdogan: "How can a man [Netanyahu] who has killed 2,500 people in Gaza with state terrorism wave his hand in Paris, like people are waiting in excitement for him to do so?"

Taking the mickey: war crimes suspects led Paris anti-terror march

17 dead at the hand of Muslim terrorists. And how many thousands of Muslims slaughtered in their homelands by French military?

‘Paris terror suspects long on London’s watch list’

The Charlie Hebdo patsies: Pawns of Western intelligence agencies.

RT – French Jews ‘Come Home to Israel’ pleads Bibi

Jim W. Dean..."Zionist Supremacism was on full display in Paris, hogging the spotlight via Jewish victimhood. Shame on Bibi."

Zionist Show in Paris–and Netanyahu Will Be There

Will world leaders head to Gaza and demand that Israel end the occupation? Will they pick up a history book on Israel’s terrorism?

Intelligence gaps cited in Paris attacks

When it comes to terrorism, there are huge, gaping holes in our intelligence.

Amidst A Religious War in Europe Or Is It Just another...

It is possible that the attack yesterday had nothing to do with ‘Jihadi terrorism.’ It is quite probable that this was another false flag operation. Who could be behind it? Use your imagination...

Charlie Hebdo False Flag Story Goes Viral

It took me about five minutes to figure out that the Charlie Hebdo shooting in Paris was probably a false flag. So I whipped out a quick blog entry that went viral

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