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War, Terrorism, Subjugation and Colonialism vs. Peace, Security, Freedom and Sovereignty

... by Ann Diener for Veterans Today Colonialism - the policy or practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it...

‘We’ll never have peace’: Philippines leader Duterte wants to boot US...

The Philippines president says US troops “have to go” from the south of his country. He blames American soldiers for inflaming tensions with the local Muslim population, saying they would “never have peace” with a US military presence.

Suu Kyi’s peace promise, intensified crime against Myanmar Muslims

Aung San Suu Kyi on Wednesday described Myanmar as a great opportunity to put an end to ethnic tensions in several regions of the country, promising that in historic negotiations held by the government under her leadership, equal rights and respect will be guaranteed.

Yemen’s Ansarullah says ready for peace talks

Jim W. Dean - The Yemenis are making history with not only the resistance they are putting up against the Saudi coalition, but also the sophisticated political moves they have been making.

Aleppo – the ‘Ultimate Ace Up the Sleeve’ Ahead of Geneva...

About ten days ago, the militants were forced to flee towards Aleppo’s northern boundary, towards the border with Turkey, after their only supply route which heads to the militant-controlled areas of Aleppo city, the Castello Road, was cut. - Hassan Shemshadi

War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery – NATO Information Operations

The beginning of interest in post-Cold War information operations can be traced to the UN intervention in Somalia and the Rwanda Genocide.

Riders on the Storm – Avnery on ‘Hatred Unlimited’

Ehud Barak - "We have no partner for Peace." Pragmatically this means, "We will be at war with anyone who sees through our deception." This dogma can only stoke hatred and war.

Chilcot, Israel and the Lobby

The Chilcot Inquiry wasn’t just destined to fail. It was designed to subvert any scrutiny of Israel and the Jewish Lobby lobby.

Independent Pope Promotes Peace Better Than Corrupted Politicians

Sofia Iliadi - Bishop of Rome Francis's humanity based on deep faith is a far cry from pseudo humanism of political elite who wishes to bomb peaceful cities, villages and hospitals under the guise of "human rights".

Uri Avnery – Can Lightning strike America Twice?

Mastermind of triple towers demolition resurrected - Ehud Barak

My MacArthur Foundation World Peace Proposal

My whole life has been a journey, a quest, to find a lost little boy within myself who once knew, and longed to share the truths that I am now sharing with you; a 4 year old boy who profoundly experienced at the deepest level within himself, a love and joy that indelibly connected him to everything around him. That experience was my first awareness of a Unified Field of love which I was an integral part of ~ and I fully surrendered to the bliss of being in the Unified Field of love and soul consciousness and never forgot it.

Moment of Truth: This is how Syrian Peace Process may Continue

Jim W. Dean - The ceasefire dirty dancing continues in Syria despite Lavrov being assured by Kerry that the Pentagon is not supplying arms to the militants. It does not need to because Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the other Gulf States can handle that just fine.

Netanyahu tells France’s Ayrault he still opposes peace conference

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told France's foreign minister on Sunday that Israel remained opposed to a French initiative for an international conference to try to revive peace talks.

Taliban’s Split, Peace and War

Nazar Mohammad Mutmaeen Afghan writer and political Analyst based in Kabul First of all the Pakistani media and then the Afghan media reported the detention of...

Peace OR War; One of Them Should be pursued

Nazar Mohammad Mutmaeen for Veterans Today Afghan writer and political Analyst based in Kabul Some of the media employees and analysts were jabbering names of the...

5 reasons to believe Turkey wants no peace in Syria

The Turkish army’s latest shelling of Kurdish and Syrian army positions in northern Syria comes just days after a meeting of world powers in...

Israel/Palestine: Is it too late for peace?

Before I offer my own answer here's ag quick review of how things are and look like going.

Syria crisis plan: Cessation of hostilities, humanitarian airdrops, peace talks laid...

According to US Secretary of State John Kerry, leaders have reached a ceasefire agreement that could be implemented within days. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov...

Russia Will Not Allow Exclusion of Kurds From Syrian Peace Talks

Russia will not allow certain participants of the intra-Syrian talks in Geneva to exclude Kurds from participating, Russia's envoy to the UN Office in...

Jim W. Dean interview – Saudis want full control over Syria...

We are on the eve of the talks and who is really coming seems to still be up in the air. But Staffan de Mistura did not humiliate the UN by letting the extortionists hijack the invitation list from the UN.

The Afghan peace campaign is peppered with strikes

Last week, Afghanistan and Pakistan went through the same-day attacks amid peace talks. In Kabul, the suicide bomber targeted a bus carrying crews of a best-selling TV channel, prompting a relatively heavy uproar against Taliban’s anti-media hostile act.

Russia, US agree to have 2 rebel delegations at Syria peace...

Moscow and Washington are close to reaching a compromise on the participants of the Syria peace talks set to start next week. Two separate...

Key Reminders about Afghan Peace Process

Afghans desperately need peace, since Afghanistan has been burning of its ongoing conflicts for the past 40 years. Afghans have really suffered many setbacks due to imposed wars.

Quadrilateral Peace Talks and its Achievements

Nazar Mohammad Mutmaeen Afghan writer and political Analyst based in Kabul   On January 11, the first meeting of the quadrilateral coordination group of Pakistan, Afghanistan,...

Afghanistan: peace talks and conflict escalation

  By Masud Wadan, for Veterans Today The root cause of today’s endless conflict in Afghanistan dates back to the day when soviet forces set foot...

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