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‘More wars in the pipeline: Bannon exit bodes ill for US...

With the firing of anti-globalist Steve Bannon, neo-conservatives and hawks may take complete control of US foreign policy, says investigative journalist Rick Sterling, adding that it’s not a good sign when hawkish Senator John McCain is smiling.

Turkey and Russia Advance on S-400 & Pipeline

Turkey controls the Bosphorus Strait, the link between the Black Sea to ultimately the Mediterranean and Syria. The control maintained by Turkey on this waterway is powerful leverage in its relationship with Russia.

Climate Emergency! Trump Approves Keystone Pipeline, Opponents Vow to Fight on

The project will create 50 permanent jobs, just 27,950 less than Trump estimated. Meanwhile, it will accelerate climate change.

Protesters Win: US Army Corps Denies Route for Dakota Pipeline

The US Army Corps of Engineers decided to deny the route for the Dakota Access pipeline that passes through Native American lands in North Dakota, handing a major victory to the Standing Rock Sioux tribe after months of protests that gained national and international solidarity.

Veterans Arrive to Stand Against Trump’s “Pipeline of Death,” Dakota Access

Scores of military veterans have begun arriving to take part in the North Dakota pipeline protest, with hundreds, possibly thousands more expected, including a...

Pedophile Terrorism is Running Rampant in America

Cover-up of major Sex Trafficking pipeline of minors in Minnesota.

Poseidon gas pipeline route over Black Sea bottom possible — Russian...

Alexandrova Lyudmila Gazprom set to team up with Italy, Greece in Europe-bound natural gas deliveries MOSCOW, April 8. /TASS/. The route of the Poseidon natural gas pipeline...

RFK Jr: ISIS Created By Washington Over Syria Pipeline Refusal

Washington military planners decided to remove Bashar al-Assad from power using seasoned jihadist fighters because the Syrian president refused to back the Qatari project...