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Intel: US stands down on Europe’s new trade mechanism with Iran

Jim W. Dean - Maybe this was a barter transaction where the German plane delivering goods to Iran flew home with some of Iran's new coronavirus test kits.

Press TV’s The Debate – US Afghanistan policy

Jim W. Dean - The Taliban's strategy has always been to drag the war out until the US got tired of it and the Kabul regime would collapse.

NEO – Saudi Arabia and its future

Jim W. Dean - The Royal family adds no value to the country whatsoever, but that said, with the history of corruption in the region, anyone replacing them might just pick up where they left off.

Holistic Evaluation of Assassination of General Sardar Suleimani

Robert David Steele responds to questions from Iran that get us past the assassination and back toward rapproachment.

NEO – Armageddon, Determinism and Rage

Gordon Duff - As we move into February 2020, the tensions, the hate, and the anger can be felt around the world. 

NEO – Do all countries have the Right to Fight Terrorism?

All Democratic countries need to wake up and smell the coffee, and quickly. For those who think they can sit this fight out, thinking it is none of their business if the US uses proxy terrorism to achieve US and Deep State foreign policy objectives, they are putting all of us at risk.

Vital: Russia’s Gen. Konashenkov ‘schools’ Pompeo (new video/updated)

Jim W. Dean - The US backed jihadis have broken so many ceasefires it would take a Phd. dissertation effort just to compile them all.

Pompeo “Goes Nuclear” or rather “Full Trump” on NPR team (excellent...

Good explanation on impeachment and why Pompeo, Esper, and Trump will do anything up to and including launching a nuclear attack to cover their tracks.

Scholar: U.S. Officials must face execution for ordering Soleimani assassination

“That makes the murder of General Soleimani completely illegal, and clearly a war crime..."

Iraq senior cleric urges protest to expel U.S. forces

Jim W. Dean - Politically the Democrats have the votes for the "no war with Iran resolution," so Iran will see how all that plays out, and the Trump impeachment trial.

NEO – Stepping Back from the Brink of War in the...

Jim W. Dean - While heads of state enjoyed their few minutes of limelight at the UN podium last week, the Persian Gulf continued to sizzle.

Three US House committees subpoena Pompeo for documents over dealings with...

Trump made a big mistake by piling on all of his heavy hitters, as they all are subject to UkraineGate subpoenas, something a wiser president would have used one person for.

Blocked by Google on orders from Attorney General Barr: “NEO,...

...by Gordon Duff with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow (Est. 1816) Exactly as with Watergate, it is a simple thing. Trump, aided by Rudy Giuliani, his...

Who will help Saudi Arabia go nuclear? Or have they already?

Earlier this year, after discovering that the Department of Energy had greenlit six authorisations to allow US companies to assist Saudi Arabia with its nuclear programme, a bipartisan group of lawmakers in the US Senate attempted to put together a bill to block Washington from providing funding for the transfer of US nuclear technology to Riyadh.

A Secret Meeting to Plot War?

Jim W. Dean - Phil has his guns blazing as he goes after the Democratic Senators who gave a private meeting to major Jewish groups to get their wish list and swear fealty to whatever Israel wants.

Robert Steele: War on Iran? No. Fire Pompeo & Bolton? Yes

Iran's President Should "Make the Call" Here's How...

Who is working to push Bolton out?

Jim W. Dean - It comes as no surprise that Bolton has enemies, not only outside the administration, but inside.

Did Mogherini just drop a bomb on the US over Iran?

Jim W. Dean - There was no more talk of the EU renewing sanctions if Iran leaves the JCPOA, seeming to indicate that Iran did not kill the deal, the US did.

Robert Steele: Counterintelligence Failure by CIA & NSA in Venezuela

Counterintelligence Failure by CIA and NSA in Venezuela An Opportunity for President Donald Trump to Reform US Intelligence by Javad Heirannia republished from American Herald Tribune...

US alarmed as China flexes military muscle with bases

The Trump-Bolton-Pompeo axis views the US as having the right to deploy the military anywhere it wants to accomplish its unipolar dominance.

Netanyahu calls for war with Iran

Jim W. Dean - Bibi came right out and declared he was there to get a war going with Iran, thinking that would beef up his political standing back home

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