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Pope Francis Warned that “Transgenderism” is one of the “most Dangerous...

Pope Francis reiterated his opposition to transgenderism on Friday, warning that it’s a “dangerous ideology” and arguing that its proponents are naïve if they...

Pope Francis not afraid to challenge NATO’s war justification

Pope Francis told an Italian newspaper that NATO may be partially to blame for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, saying the alliance encroached on Russia’s borders.

Special operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and...

High precision long-range air launched weapons destroyed the production buildings of the armored plant in Kyiv and the workshop for the repair of military equipment in Nikolaev.

Welcome to the terrorist state of Israel – What Palestinians have...

Jim W. Dean - We read today that Putin says his military has 2000 drones. Would he want to risk losing 500 of them for the Syrians and Kurds?

Trump: I will build a wall in the sky to keep...

Trump vows to stop extraterrestrial immigration.