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“Converted Jew’s letter to Pope Francis”: Is this Fake News?

Here is a Fake News Intelligence Test. Below is a story I came across on the internet. Is it fake news? Why or why not? Your answers in the comments section will be graded.

Why Russia Will NOT Be Dedicated to the “Virgin Mary”

And Why The Native Americans in Dakota are up Against the Same Enemy as the Russians - What the people in Dakota are fighting for is the same as what Russia has fought for for 1,000 years. Freedom from a "One World Order".

Independent Pope Promotes Peace Better Than Corrupted Politicians

Sofia Iliadi - Bishop of Rome Francis's humanity based on deep faith is a far cry from pseudo humanism of political elite who wishes to bomb peaceful cities, villages and hospitals under the guise of "human rights".

Reverse Speech: What people are really thinking

The Pope Versus Trump... Who is the real Christian?

Climategate Still The Issue as Carbon Pope Lauds Corrupt Climate Science

The Laudato Si' (PDF): It's more than a disgrace that the Vatican would censor alternative climate perspectives by highly respected scientists from inclusion in...

Julianna Forlano Show: The Beatification of Oscar Romera & Mansplaining exposed...

- Tonight’s show features the wonderful Blase Bonpane, Human Rights activist and co-founder or the Office of the Americas. Blase has special insight on one...

TRUTH JIHAD: Popes environmental encyclical can save world – Rabbi Michael...

A rabbi and a Muslim get together to praise the Pope!

Pope, Climate Change and what they are not telling you

Before we can even begin to discuss “climate change,”perhaps a full and open investigation into the secret workings of geo-engineering should be called for by the Pope

Taking Netanyahu orders treason to US (Press TV interview)

"There is really almost no support around the world for this extremist right-wing Israeli Likudnik program to accelerate the genocide in Palestine."

After The Humiliation of the Last Papal Visit

Or should he, too, boycott Israel until Jerusalem and the Christian and Muslim communities are freed from occupation?

Petrus Romanus Just Popped Up on Radar!

The current Pope Francis chose a new Secretary of State, Monsignor Pietro Parolin who is scheduled to replace Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone on 15 Oct 2013.

The Jesuits Take Over the Nation

The appointment of Pope Francis was the worst thing the Vatican could have done.

The Real “Pope Crisis”: Sexual Freemasonry and the New World Order

Is the Vatican "gay mafia," a.k.a. the "sexual freemasons," part of a New World Order satanic conspiracy?

Vatican sex scandal shows the West has lost its way

Has the Catholic Church - like the USA - been taken over by an organized crime ring of embezzlers and sexual deviants?

“American Genocide”: John Hanke revises holocaust revisionism

Can you be jailed for revising holocaust revisionism?

Intel Dump, Wednesday February 13, 2012 – Updated

In honor of our beloved ally, we include this parody of the Senate hearings on the confirmation of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense.

Was Pope Benedict fired by the Knights of Malta?

What's the real reason behind the "unprecedented" resignation of a sitting Pope?