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Saudi Arabia executed 37 people: Here is who they were

A Shia academic, a disabled protester and a number of detained minors were among 37 people that Saudi Arabia executed in its recent mass execution on "terrorism" charges...

The growing Syria-Iraq alliance and its role in the Axis of...

The US decision to invade Iraq and unintentionally deliver it gift-wrapped to the Axis of Resistance was one of the worst strategic blunders in history. (It worked OK for Israel though...so far.)

Press TV anchor Marzieh Hashemi arrives in Tehran after 10 day...

Warning: very strong comments here about the former USA's 9/11-instigated Constitution-shredding party.

Press TV’s Marzieh Hashemi Freed after Grand Jury Testimony

Jim W. Dean - We will be watching closely whether this issue builds momentum or fizzles, based on a correct structure that attracts wide support, and then a professional execution.

Is Press TV Journalist caught in crossfire as Trump intensifies Iran...

Jim W. Dean - These can be dangerous times to visit Iran unofficially if you are an American as the US has clearly stated it has an extensive regime change operation inside Iran.

Trump kidnaps world’s top African-American international news anchor for MLK Day—DEMONSTRATION...

Trump regime PR geniuses John Bolton and Mike Pompeo have really stepped in it this time.

US court confirms detention of Marzieh Hashemi (Barrett on...

Every big media outlet in the US (like most of Congress) is dominated by Israel. So who's the "foreign agent"?

US court confirms Marzieh Hashemi’s arrest as material witness in unspecified...

Jim W. Dean - Reuters is reporting that a government source has said the investigation involves PressTV being an unregistered foreign agent for Iran, a strange twist indeed.

US government-wide cover-up of Saudi complicity in 9/11 revealed in new...

Soufan and many other former national security officials have said that 9/11 was a bigger event than the assassination of John F. Kennedy, because “9/11 changed the whole world.”

Putin-Trump summit shadow boxing already begins

Iranian military advisers will continue their presence in Syria to help the Arab country defeat an all-out foreign-sponsored militancy.

The Debate – Alleged chemical attack in Syria

Kevin Barrett vs. pro-Saudi flack Jihad Mouracadeh on the latest chemical weapons false flag

Israel tried to link Las Vegas shooting to Muslims

Israeli elements are spreading misleading information that Muslims were responsible for the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history that occurred on Sunday night in Las Vegas, Nevada, an American scholar says.

Venezuelans Vote, Duff on Press TV

Venezuela’s electoral body announced the turnout at over 41-percent, with more than eight million people voting for the new assembly.

The Engineered Refugee Crisis and the EU, Duff on Press TV

Rights groups speak out against the European Union over its response to the ongoing refugee crisis. Member states have been accused of deliberately letting asylum seekers drown in the Mediterranean.

US Air Strikes and the Oil War (Duff on Press TV)

Fresh US-led airstrikes in Syria have claimed civilian lives.

Zionist meltdown! Frederick Peterson collapses in ad hominem apoplexy (re: Press...

If you can't refute the message, attack the messenger.

Debate: Saudi vs. Qatar (Kevin Barrett vs. Frederick Peterson)

Why are the Saudi-led GCC countries REALLY ganging up on Qatar?

SitRep Iraq, Duff on Press TV

Iraqi people have thronged the streets of Mosul, after the city was finally announced liberated from Daesh terrorists.

Press TV Debate: ‘US deep state staging false flag chemical attacks...

“The deep state in the United States is stockpiling chemical weapons, biological weapons, ignoring the treaties and then waging false flag attacks or nodding and winking as its allies in Syria wage false flag chemical weapons attacks designed to demonize President [Bashar] Assad.”

Duff on Press TV: The Defeat of the Caliphate

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has announced the end of Daesh’s so-called caliphate after the liberation of Nuri mosque in Mosul.

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