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‘Israel will eventually back down due to Palestinian resistance’

“The Palestinian people are likely to prevail” and “the Israelis are going to have to listen and finally back down...”

Duff on Press TV: Putin Diplomacy “Trumps” US, Israeli Plans

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says the Kremlin stands ready to work with the White House to help settle the Syria crisis. Lavrov's deputy Mikhail Bogdanov also expressed hope that the opposition in the Arab country will take part in the Syria peace talks slated to be held in the Kazakh capital, Astana, on the 3rd and 4th of May.

PressTV: Large blast hits Damascus International Airport

A large explosion has hit the area of Damascus International Airport, with some reports pointing to a possible Israeli airstrike.

Yemenis will never succumb to occupation

Jim W. Dean - Despite the endless claims of Iranian support, no one has shown us the secret Iranian invisible planes and ships that are bringing in the supplies, despite the Saudis and Arab coalition having control, or despite the air and the naval blockade.

The Debate – US nuclear weapons policy

Jim W. Dean - The shadow-boxing on testing and deployment of allowed weapons systems has been with us for a long time. All kinds of games are being played to block those.

Israeli “apartheid” – or something much worse? (Press TV Debate)

"The garbage I just heard out of the mouth of someone in Seattle is an embarrassment!"

CIA grants “terrorism” medal to Saudi Crown Prince

No government of any other Muslim-majority country even comes close to Saudi Arabia when it comes to terrorism. Yet the CIA gives these guys medals. What's up with that?

Iraqi Special Operations Teams Shine Against ISIS in Mosul, Duff on...

Iraqi Special forces have made new advances against Daesh terrorists in North East Mosul as they look to build on recent gains.

Syrian army’s Aleppo advance: Press TV debate: Kevin Barrett vs. “liberal...

“Any country in the world is going to use counter-insurgency warfare to preserve its territorial integrity if there is this kind of foreign-sponsored rebellion going on.”

Will Trump stop “regime change” in Syria? (Press TV Debate)

“The post 9/11 era was an era in which the now Zionist-dominated US was out to create a new American century” through waging wars of aggression and regime change operation all over the world.

PressTV: Chemical Warfare as a Political Tool, Duff Interviewed

Russian military experts in Syria have detected evidence of a toxic chemical agent inside an unexploded shell in Aleppo province. The toxic agent was used in an attack on a government-controlled area. But this is not the first time that militants are accused of using chemical arms.

Press TV: Duff Buries the Trump/ISIS Lie Machine

As a teenager growing up in Philadelphia, Benjamin Netanyahu became a naturalized U.S. citizen. Two decades later, upon his appointment as a senior Israeli diplomat, he was forced to give up his dual citizenship. Netanyahu has no vote in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. But had he still been eligible to vote, his preference remains a mystery.

Iranians had every right to take over US embassy

The 13th day of the Iranian calendar month of Aban, which falls on November 3, is known as the Student Day in Iran, marking the National Day of Fight against Global Arrogance.

Press TV: Duff on UN Condemnations of “Moderate Terrorists”

The UN's special envoy for Syria has condemned militants' deadly rocket attacks on residential areas of western Aleppo.

Press TV: Duff interview, Russia’s Permanent Military Presence in Syria

In a further sign of Russia’s long-term commitment to Syria, Moscow says it plans to establish a permanent naval base at the Syrian port of Tartus.

Press TV: America, a runaway train heading for themonuclear war with...

Germany says the rising tension between the United States and Russia is more dangerous than the Cold War.

Press TV: Gordon Duff on the Yemen Negotiations

The formation of a new government in Yemen is expected to be a proper move to uphold the Yemenis’ stance in bargaining for peace with militants loyal to resigned president, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, Veterans Today's senior editor Gordon Duff told Press TV’s 'Top 5.'

Debating a Zionist on “Israel’s role in the US presidential election”

Press TV reports: "In this episode of The Debate, Press TV has conducted an interview with Kevin Barrett, an editor of Veterans Today from Madison, and Frederick...

Press TV: Interview with Gordon Duff

There are no accidental bombings by the US. The lines at Dayr al-Zawr, where the bombing occurred and where 83 Syrian army were killed, have been within 100 meters since 2015. They've been very standardized. The US and Britain bombed clearly long-established lines, using guided munitions, satellite surveillance and drone surveillance. They had a full surveillance package on this.

Press TV: Duff on the Syrian “Accident” that Killed so many

More countries acknowledge their participation in the airstrikes that killed 83 soldiers in the Syrian city of Dayr al-Zawr on Saturday.

Duff on Press TV: Trump Ready to Help America Burn it...

Funny having an orange Oompa-Loompa who has had half a ton of fat liposuctioned out of his face alone discuss health. At 25 he was 4F for Vietnam. What is he now?

Press TV: Gordon Duff on US Duplicity on ISIS Threat

A top US official says upwards of hundred and ten people have been publicly charged in federal court on counts related to the Daesh terrorist group since late 2013.

Israel major player in Syria destruction: Analyst

"Israel blew up the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 to get the Americans into the Middle East to destroy their enemies and pursue this Oded Yinon plan for the destruction and balkanization of the Middle East."

Debating the Saudi-Israeli courtship on Press TV

Since the Saudis and Zionists are practically identical, why not merge the two countries into a new entity called Saudi Israelia?

PressTV: West must push Saudis to stop Yemen war

The Saudis are "dead set on trying to take over Yemen so they can build a pipeline through Yemen and bypass the Strait of Hormuz; and thereby get around that choke point that Iran has a lot of power over."

The Debate: Assad’s amnesty for militants in Aleppo

Jim W. Dean - Here we have ISIS counterattacking Syrian troops in Aleppo, and the Western pro-Jihadi whiners screaming that not enough humanitarian aid is being delivered in the middle of a battle.

Press TV: UK envoy sees no fault with Hezbollah in Syria

Britain’s ambassador to Lebanon says the Lebanese resistance movement of Hezbollah cannot be blamed for fighting terrorists in neighboring Syria.

Press TV: Parliament to Judge Blair for “Serial Deception” as...

British MPs have been given a date in September to debate a motion in the House of Commons to find former prime minister Tony Blair in contempt of parliament for involving the UK in the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Washington may not defend NATO allies: Trump

Jim W. Dean - Shock jock presidential candidate Trump continues to show his allegiance to his media god of "there is no such thing as bad publicity".

Press TV: Duff Debates Police Shootings

In this episode of The Debate, Press TV has conducted an interview with Gordon Duff, the senior editor of Veterans Today from Ohio, and Lawrence J. Korb, a US foreign policy and national security analyst from Washington, to discuss the recent shooting incidents all across the United States targeting police officers.

Jim W. Dean – The Debate: South China Sea tensions

It's good to be back. Thanks to Gordon for my release from my North Korean renditioners. The VT team wins once again. The doctors have removed all the implants they could find, including places that were hard to reach.

Bahrain is burning! Days of Al Khalifa regime numbered

Bahrain is one big US military base and the Al Khalifa monarchy is in place as the local puppets of the empire.

Press TV: Orlando shooting false flag event aimed at demonizing Muslims

Meet yet another "radical Islamic terrorist" whose lifestyle was radically un-Islamic – like Mohammed Atta, that lover of pork chops, cocaine, whiskey, prostitutes, and gambling junkets.

Terrifying truth about terror finally told on TV

“The word terrorism ... is now being used by the world’s biggest terrorists in Washington DC and Tel Aviv to demonize the people who are fighting terrorism..."

The Debate – State sponsored terrorism is the real enemy

Jim W. Dean - If you extrapolate the Syrian dead to the US population, we would be talking over 4 million killed here... like a dozen WWII KIAs. Add to that 30 million refugees. What impact would that have on us?

Press TV DEBATE: Anti-Semitism tool for excusing Zionists’ crimes

The "anti-Semitism" scam is wearing thin.

Syria crisis political solution drawing closer: Iran

Jim W. Dean - Iran's anti-terrorism efforts in Syria are being officially credited by de Mistura, which is something the US cannot take away.

Press TV: Telling The Truth About AIPAC, Jewish Political Lobbying And...

Calling a spade a spade is the way forward...

Debating Maxi-the-Zionist on Israel’s domination of USA

All major corridors of power in the United States are completely under the domination of a genocidal foreign entity called Israel.

Debating a reptilian on international TV

Did Frederick Peterson fall to earth yesterday? Or is he lying like a psychopathic space lizard.

Press TV: UK Anti BDS Bill is a Spectacle of Jewish...

Time is ripe for BDS to tackle Jewish power

Press TV: Trump conducted controlled demolition of Bush candidacy

"Donald Trump recognizes this as do many Americans, who half-consciously understand that things have gone terribly, terribly wrong. And where they began to go utterly disastrously wrong was during the presidency George W. Bush with the 9/11 false flag event."

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