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Dumb Fucks! ‘Anti-5G’ Necklaces Worn by Trumpers Are Radioactive, Nuclear Experts...

BBC/London: Necklaces and accessories claiming to "protect" people from 5G mobile networks have been found to be radioactive.

False prophets: When preachers defy COVID — and then it kills...

What happens when religious leaders support beliefs or prevailing social customs that significantly harm others?

On the Road to 500 Million – Kentucky governor declares emergency

Severe shortages threaten “not only the health of patients but the entire health care delivery system.” Nursing students being tapped as health care providers.

God Did It! Anti-Vaxx COVID-Election Denialist Dies in Agony from COVID

Daily Beast: A local Michigan Republican official who refused to certify Joe Biden’s presidential victory in his county and who vehemently opposed vaccines has died of COVID-19.

Nazi Militia Setback? Patients at this hospital are dying like flies…in...

Project 500 Million - This week Michigan had more patients hospitalized for Covid-19 than ever before.