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Forensic acoustic proof of SECOND shooter in the Las Vegas massacre

This video contains the best scientific analysis of the audio recording from the Las Vegas shooting yet done, and most likely, will ever be...

Blockbuster: Russian Satellite Proof, America is ISIS!

Jim W. Dean - The Russians have obviously had these photos for days and maybe even weeks now, so why have they been hiding them at this critical stage of the war with the SDF now coming deep into traditional Arab territory.

Putin: ‘No proof’ Assad behind chemical weapons assault

Russian president says West is blaming Syrian ruler for gas attack in order ‘to continue to impose measures to pressure’ regime

Malaysian Hacker Publishes Proof of Khan Shaykhun Attack Planning

Today, on April 13, Middle East Panorama published an article, related to the fact that the chemical attack in Khan Shayhun was staged by the White Helmets...

Proof: Turkey Did 2013 Sarin Attack and Did This One Too

Editor's note: The western press, sometimes called the fake news or MSM is in total lockstep with the supposedly "new" and totally "neocon" Trump...

German Intel finds no proof of Russian ‘disinformation ops’ against Berlin

Jim W. Dean - This having Intel agencies making reports of influencing elections is getting entertaining, as they all do it when and where they want, for whatever reasons they deem necessary.

PressTV: Perhaps Proof of Election Fraud? Trump Inaugurated with Historically...

A four year neocon gala in Washington sets to begin...while the nation waits, aghast.

Turkey agrees to pull back troops from Iraq, proof of foreign...

Jim W. Dean - VT has been watching the shifting Turkish foreign policy claims with a skeptical eye based on Erdogan's history. As we have often said, "watch what he does, not so much what he says".

UFO Proof? Flashing Lights Spotted Near International Space Station

UFO enthusiasts are over the moon, after strange lights were caught on camera passing by the International Space Station. The fascinating footage has lead UFO expert Scott Waring to declare that the lights are proof that aliens are monitoring the International Space Station (ISS).

Trump lawyer calls ‘rape’ lawsuit a HOAX and says there’s no...

Donald Trump's lawyer says there's no indication that a lawsuit plaintiff who claimed Trump raped her when she was 13 is a real person

Death Proof: Russia’s T-90 Tank Withstands US Missile Attack in Syria

Russia’s T-90 battle tank ‘Vladimir’ has become a celebrity of the blogosphere after it survived getting hit by America’s TOW anti-tank missiles in Syria...

RT Proof: Turkey Loots World’s Antiquities Aided by ISIS

A new trove of documents obtained by an RT Documentary crew exposes jihadists’ lucrative trade of looted antiquities along their well-established oil and weapons transit routes.