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Puppet Masters of Media Propaganda (Part I)

Puppet Masters of Media Propaganda (Part I), BANKING and WAR PROFITEERING (Part II), Tactical Diversions and False Flag Deceptions (Part III), Boogieman Terrorists (Part...

Puppet Masters of Media Propaganda, Banking and War Profiteering,

By Steve Robertson for Veterans Today Part I Puppet Masters of Media Propaganda In this day and age of vast amounts of news and media that...

Trump UN speech drooling with Deep State propaganda

Jim W. Dean - While it is always a good break to catch getting historic shows like a state of the union address, or a UN one in this case, it was sheer torture having to listen to Trump's entire diatribe.

Part 4: Ceaseless Propaganda, Outright Lies and Distorted Facts

NO CONTROVERSY HAS HALTED the ongoing meetings of the Corporate Fascist Global Elite... and Bilderberg continues to be the place where the Elite’s Elite gather once each year to manage their ongoing Takeover of the Planet.

Islamic State’s latest propaganda video features 10-year-old American boy threatening US...

Islamic State [IS] group released on Wednesday a video featuring a 10-year-old boy, who claims to be the son of an American soldier, threatening US President Donald Trump.

NEO: Vladimir Putin and the Hamburg Testament

Phil Butler - Vladimir Putin acts in Russia’s behalf, and exactly in the manner western neocons and Cold War psychopaths know he must. What kind of journalist or historic idiot ignores this crystal-clear nugget?

The Kurds: Washington’s Weapon of Mass Destabilization

The pop singer, HellyLuv is a willing marketing tool for the Kurds. The Kurds are often portrayed by mainstream media as gallant freedom fighters, with cute girls fighting in their ranks. By and large they have cast their lot with the US in its efforts at regime change in Syria. This places the Kurds in what would seem to be some atrocious alliances, including with Israel, the Saudis, and… ISIS.

Book: ‘The Contractor’, Continued Propaganda against Pakistan’s Security Agencies

Loyal Pakistanis must not be misguided by this book, which is part of the continued propaganda campaign against Pakistan’s security agencies so as to create a rift between the general masses and these key security institutions.

Journalistic Fraud: How Politico Magazine Inverts, Subverts, and Perverts the Truth

The State Department is monitoring VT? I thought Politico Magazine said that VT was a fringe group? Why would US officials want to snoop on a “fringe American website”?

Arab NATO reserve force to fight terrorism is myth and propaganda

Jim W. Dean - Peter Ford is out in front once again, debunking mass-media fake geopolitical news, which the airheads in Saudi Arabia have taken the lead on with their paper Arab NATO.

Zionist Propaganda Machine Targets Russia

12-minute Russian-language video, released on the day Russia celebrates the anniversary of the 1945 victory over Nazi Germany, shows man dressed in a black jump suit kneeling in a desert scene.

Trump “Fake News,” War Propaganda Aims to Eliminate First Amendment, Control...

The cleanup team for the Broadcasting Board of Governors is actively making their case for a repeal of the First Amendment to quash a free press.

RT caught regurgitating Israeli lies and propaganda

We have been saying so for quite some time, but now we feel we have to really hammer the point home - Russia Today has been utterly and fatally infiltrated and compromised by foreign assets who do not work for Russia and do not have Russia's best interests in mind.

Embarrassing: Horrid Russian Propaganda for Trump

Log out   ... by Gordon Duff,  VT Sr. Editor A presidential election was rigged, we know that.  Every mathematical norm was violated and Trump's own people...

Russian Propaganda Fun: Lock up England in jail or an insane...

Once again the world is told what to think and what to believe. But, were England a person, operating in a normal society, it would be either in prison or in a mental institution. The same could be said about the rest of The West.

DARPA computer simulations target social media to root-out enemy disinformation and...

U.S. military researchers are asking industry for new ways of using computer simulations to study how information spreads online via social media as a way to neutralize enemy disinformation and propaganda

Artillery Duels In Eastern Ukraine: Propaganda And Reality

...from SouthFront Media coverage of the recent escalation in the Donbass region in eastern Ukraine has once again shown that mainstream media provides a slanted...

NEO: RT and Sputnik -The Double-Reverse Ploy

Jim W. Dean - Putin came out publicly today criticizing the treatment that Trump has gotten from Obama, hardly playing it safe by laying low until after the inauguration.

Propaganda intended to incite Americans: John McAfee on ‘Russian hacking’ claims

Jim W. Dean - John McAfee is certainly having a good time. The election is over, and he is still getting lots of air time for his debunking of the claimed Democratic party hack.

Syrian Activist Says Aleppo Girl ‘Bana Alabed’ Twitter Account ‘Propaganda Stunt’

Is anyone really surprised that the 'Aleppo Girl' turns out to be nothing more than a cynical hoax? Just more fakery in a world now saturated with fake news where propaganda lies have taken the place of reportage. One cannot help but recall the words of Former CIA Director, William Casey: “We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

Anti-9/11-truth propaganda film “Sully” was produced by Steven Mnuchin

Sully distorts the real story of the Miracle on the Hudson – the amazing emergency river landing of Flight 1549 in mid-January 2009 – to propagandize for the false official version of 9/11 and smear those who question it.

US Lawmakers Move to Criminalize ‘Fake News, Propaganda’ on the Web

The witch hunt for “fake news” and “Russian propaganda” has been kicked up a notch, after the House passed a bill quietly tucked inside...

US Congress Exposes CENTCOM Propaganda Scheme: Cooking Intel on Syria Fight

A joint task force has determined that defense intelligence appraisals provided by US Central Command systematically provided a distorted "rosy" picture, in stark contrast...

NEO – The hot war with Russia began a while ago

Gordon Duff - Using actual bullets is so “yesterday.” Our message is simple -- soft-war is war -- and always ends up with real dead people, real destruction, real chaos.

Propaganda Lite: Russia to Build Leader-Class Destroyer That Will Outgun Largest...

The Leader-class destroyers, expected to be equipped with Kalibr-NK cruise missiles and S-500 air defense systems, could soon be added to Russia's impressive arsenal of cutting edge military equipment.

Exclusive: The Propaganda War Heats Up

Shrimpton The propaganda war against my country is heating up. The Bad Guys must be seriously worried. In the last week alone we have had more...

Democracy Now Outed As Turkish/ Israeli Black Propaganda Site

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor One by one, Israel has, out of increasing desperation, burned their propaganda assets.  Only hours after an Alawite village near...

US lawmakers seek federal agency to dilute Russian & Chinese ‘propaganda’...

This is perhaps the most disturbing story I have heard in quite some time; a nightmarish scenario seemingly lifted whole from the pages of...

The Propaganda War Against the UK

By Michael Shrimpton   The near-hysterical propaganda war currently being waged against the UK population in the run-up to the “Independence Day” referendum on June 23rd...

Countering the British Government’s Propaganda on the EU Referendum

The Lie Big and Lie Often technique is used with “the UK has secured a 'special status' in a 'reformed EU'.”