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Erbil Based Pro-Saudi/Turkey Propaganda Outlet Banned by Syrian Kurds

- The following is a statement issued Thursday by the Rudaw Media Network regarding a ban imposed on its journalists working in the canton of...

NEO: Erbil, Western Propaganda and Two Parallel Realities

A writer is the conscience of his nation... If a writer omits the truth, he is a liar!” Writers and true thinkers are obliged to defend reality: that real one, that shy and genuine one.

UK Guardian Laments Russia’s Key Role in Terror Fight, Lies and...

Our new mascot, "Mr Bullshit" visits only the most obscene cheap propaganda and fabrications.

Will Kiev’s New Foreign Propaganda Network be Able to Stave Off...

Last week, President Poroshenko signed a law 'on the foreign broadcasting system of Ukraine', aimed at "defeating the lies of the aggressor" (guess who that is?) and creating a new state-funded channel – Ukraine Tomorrow.

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